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New Dayton shooting details emerge from Montgomery County Coroner’s Office | USA TODAY

Montgomery County Coroner’s Office holds a press conference on further findings, after nine people were killed in a shooting in Dayton’s Oregon district on Sunday Aug. 4.

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  1. USA Terror Nr.1🖕🖕🖕🖕

  2. President Trump. Betrayed and deceived Americans by giving far-left democrats his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other new laws violating the US constitution 1st and 2nd amendments.Trump knows many recent staged set up faked preplanned and premeditated multiple “mass shootings” committed by far-left democrats are tricks and heinous crimes against humanity.

  3. It makes sense. 30 seconds isnt enough time for 1 ar 15 to hit over 30 people even with a beta mag, especially since he targeted his sister. If the police started shooting at him, anyone behind him could have been hit. Its unfortunate the officers were placed in that position and I hope they dont beat themselves up about it. It could have been so much worse if the good guys in blue with guns werent there. Shoot till the threat is stopped.

  4. So the cops shot two. BUT the bullets from the cops didn't kill them. 🤔

  5. Talk about the suspect being a heavy metal degenerate who oddly hate Trump 😂

  6. I'm surprised the cops didn't just use a RPG'S and Flamethrowers lol damn 😂

  7. who cares. humans are nothing more than a virus. you all hate yourselves, you hate each other, you get what you deserve.

  8. if your tired of this violent world, decaying world, your not alone.

    Dot worry because Isaiah 45:18 shows God didn’t make the world simply for nothing. Meaning it has a purpose! What purpose ? God created the world to be inhabited

    And even Jesus himself backed up this promised at Matthew 5:5. John 5:28,29. Psalms 37:9-11,29,34 . Isaiah 11:6-9

    The meek will posses the earth

    Psalms 37: 34 “Hope in Jehovah and follow his way, And he will exalt you to take possession of the earth. When the wicked are done away with, you will see it.”

    No wicked people , no fake news , no corruption will be roaming around anymore!

    If so, what would the world look like as Jesus ruling as King ? Revelation 21:4,5, Isaiah 11:6-9 stop believing satans lies. All the n”news “ you hear, is what “they want you to hear”

  9. When will silicone dolls be more real and cost less.

  10. That's some dodgy shit, yes we shot the victim, not the leathal shot though…. what happen to owning every bullet why did they put those idiots on

  11. I do but don't feel bad for these pawns. They have family's to support so I get it but at the same time….. We all have family's to support.

  12. hey. where's the shooters rights?!

  13. Damn these guys suck at public speaking.

  14. Love the lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖👀✝️

  15. So the po po shot two of the victims but the shooter's shot kill them .yeah right !

  16. Thank your Mayor for her drug infested Sanctuary City where they protect criminals / Drug Dealers against the rights of Americans. Wake up people, millions of Americans dead because of drug protected areas like Dayton!

  17. At Sandy hook the coroner gave a speech that day while the cops was still at the scene ….u guys are learning…….good job.

  18. Nothing confirmed. The time frame in other shootinga with out a press conference you had all the info. Even the shooters history ,parents hustory,who his friends are ,and jib history. Now u don't have shit on this one ….

  19. Repoters first questions are about the police firing at the shooter and bystanders catching flack in the cross fire. Yah dumb ass, in a shootout bullets, glass, concrete fly everywhere. Innocent people were saved by those cops you want to blame for accidentally hitting a bystander.

  20. Why is the audio only on the right side, you would think they had someone smart enough to edit

  21. This is crazy hearing this kind of shit daily. Hearing about bullets tearing through kids body's. Really this country can't come together to stop this crap. Is this really a great country or what.

  22. i live in Dyt. This makes more sense now. Ppl i talked to that were down there said cops just turned corner firing. Most ppl were hurt by police bullets, there just afraid to admit it!

  23. Maybe the reporters should have read them their miranda rights before they started looking for answers.
    The officials came across looking like they were trying to cover up.

  24. We already know he was a anti Trumper

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