Tuesday , August 3 2021
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New Details About The Victims Of The Texas Highway Shooting | NBC Nightly News

Mail carrier Mary Granados was preparing to celebrate her 30th birthday before she was struck and killed in Saturday’s shooting, while Shauna Saxton says she was a stop light when the gunman pulled beside her car and fired.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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New Details About The Victims Of The Texas Highway Shooting | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Wonder how many people died in Chicago this labor day

  2. You can thank the cops for instigating this whole thing.

  3. The shooter will be judged according

  4. And they will just keep coming ☹️

  5. R. I. P to the five people who lost their lives

  6. White race hating trash is doing this idc if Democrats or Republican its haters killing innocent people in Texas massive shooting

  7. Don’t worry guys, trump already called it mental illness.

  8. I'll say again, we have a white male problem in Amerikkka

  9. Mafia NRA is controlling our Congress and president… Time for background checks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I don't even know how many shootings we had this year alone.

  11. Texas is turning into Los Santos…

  12. Acc to Trump it was the people's fault for coming in front of shooter

  13. More guns..more safety…

    NRA logic..

  14. NRA member's logic: "Small price to pay to be able to continue collecting guns".😐

  15. Texas : What can go wrong where you arm the stupid ?

  16. So sad for the innocent victims and their families. How can they be given justice? Hope that even if the killer had already been dead, somebody who knew him can at least enlighten people why he acted so violently.

  17. Only in america' rich get richer poor get poorer. NRA.

  18. Radical Right wing Christian terrorists. Call them that.

  19. German Military Surplus Wet Weather Jacket –

  20. How can you give a thumbs up to a video about a shooting? lol. Only in 'Murica

  21. Wow just wow fam. When will this madness end. It’s like real life gta

  22. Make America great again but it’s white peoples killing everyone for no reason

  23. These mass shootings have nothing to do with white nationalislism but more to do with our cultural lifestyles. The internet and social media is putting a number on mental health… but the media will do whatever they can to blame Nationalist and Conservatives. Everday the media politicizes a tragedy and particularly leans left. I'm over it😖

  24. this is just a taste of what we will see unfold should we do an assault rifle ban and pass the background check bill, dangerous times right now, these nationalists needs to be put down quickly, what we really need is a yearly psychological test for all gun owners, if you don't do the test you lose your guns, if you don't pass the test, you are restricted to gun access until you are deemed mentally stable with proper medication

  25. at this point just live the moment, the body is a temporary gift from god,
    and ur soul will always be there regardless, drink tons of beer

    reflect and enjoy the little that we have… thats what i'm doing,
    being myself, and having heart.

  26. Prayers – folks need to start taking a look at the history of the mental health industry in this country

    – start in the late 60s and 1970s when they opened up psychiatric hospital doors and opted for community-based programs.

    In the 1990s, they went from community-based supervised programs to on their own, managing their lives & medications, with far less supervision.

    they think giving them magic prescription pills
    I can tell you being in on those board meetings for our halfway house – the money goes to lawyers, social workers, judges Karma pharmaceutical companies – they're all cashing in on these folks.

    Vermont and Massachusetts and Maine are notorious for having agencies designed to turn you away from their services.

    The budgets are for salaries, jobs and pensions

    It's the same thing with family courts – when they take custody of your child, they get up to $250,000 per year, per child they take – do you see any foster children sitting on a quarter million dollars in resources?

    When one particular political party uses minorities, women, children and vulnerable people to gain votes, obtain tax payer monies and budgets in the name of these people… they're putting the money in their own pockets. They don't give a fig about anybody but themselves

    No one will audit any of these Mental Health, Child and Family Services funds – it's a third rail… They don't let you challenge it because it sounds like you're abusing vulnerable people when you question the money

    Why did these folks get no Services, while Family Court judges collect multiple non-taxable, non-contributory pensions out of Social Security?

    These monies are to help the people on the street, not the fat selfish egos on the benches.

    And they use loopholes that are standardized within their courts.

    So to anyone who might be a lifeguard, nurse, doctor – positions where they have human lives in the balance –

    the next time you see a judge, lawyer, social worker, politician needing your help – find a loophole to circumvent the law, protocol, and ethics

    What's good for the goose…

  27. Russia has been funding the NRA for years!!!! They’ve also been funding the GOP and now Trump. Their aim is to create a civil war in the US. Russia is an enemy nation and trump is their puppet occupying The White House.

  28. Got any official dash cam or body cam video of the traffic stop? or the chase? or the shootout?

  29. Make America great again hu thanks trump

  30. Tow truck driver happy, he's making a killing.

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