Saturday , January 16 2021
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New Details In Ghislaine Maxwell Case, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Accomplice | NBC Nightly News

In newly released court documents, Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleges who she saw on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.
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New Details In Ghislaine Maxwell Case, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Accomplice | NBC Nightly News


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  1. gillette superbass powerrangers dazgames

  2. New details??? Don't think so! Huge coverup to protect the upper class child molesters! Brushed under the carpet surprise, surprise! To all parents protect and watch your children these pedos operate above the law! They are the law!

  3. CBSN is also own by these psychopaths, so they will never reveal the whole truth about what happen.

  4. Bill Clinton always tells the truth. Always🤥.

  5. Disgusting lying paedophiles

  6. Why is the case taking forever? Maxwells trial just got moved to next July. That’s a whole year away. The government is hoping people will just forget

  7. They probably drug that young women ..And of course she going to forget the days ..Purgatory monsters ..

  8. Wow, NBC is glossing over the Clinton's association with these criminals. Despicable

  9. Clinton should be in jail for life

  10. Ain't seen this in the news for ages looks like the higher ups are trying to burry this story using Corona as a smoke screen pedos 🖕

  11. truecolors runboyrun liverescue annmarie try ericthomas syria

  12. Why cant swamp news write abt the many lib swamp customers of Brian Epstein? Too sticky before the elections?

  13. Ghislaine , did you ever sell any trips to Chris Wallace? Did you ever meet him there? Yes or no. You have 1 minute,

  14. what I think should happen here is for Ghislaine to be left in a male prison..with no prison suit

  15. Where's the hundreds of girls at? Where's the Johns at? This whole story is disgusting.

  16. Why has this case been quite lately?

  17. charlieputh weezer mratheist whydontwe tana

  18. So… This is why the whole political distraction. To keep this quiet….

  19. no mention of who Epstein and Maxwell worked for. That's the real story here. but don't expect anyone in the western media to tell you that story, for fear of getting executed (via either a physical or a character assassination).

  20. Did we forget about this or ? Why did all this stop

  21. maciejay arianagrande prettywoman sweetdreams yogs

  22. Trump was there too let us hear about how old were the girls.

  23. Why aren’t there any new stories on Ghislain and Prince pervert Andrew ?
    Is the media covering up for the elite ?

  24. bill clinton did not have sexual relations with that… i mean he was not on that island. i believe him.

  25. I am shocked that NBC news aired this piece at all.

  26. When will these women get justice. Attorney General 2008 case republican, president to. Same when he killed himself. Smells of cover up. Vote blue, we need all people involved with this to pay

  27. Mr. President Trump, This happens all the time, and now right before the election here is another woman claiming that You sexually assaulted her! This is a lie to sway the women to not vote for You! Back in the seventies women had the laws changed so that all they had to do to claim a sexual assault was just say that it happened and the police would run with it as though it is true with no evidence to back these claims up! These women making these claims had to take a lie detector test before the police would proceed any further with the claim! Now they no longer have to back up their claims with these lie detector tests as of the seventies! You Mr. President Trump, with a stroke of a pen can create the law that brings these lie detector tests back on the books that would prevent these women from making these false claims, and will again have to take before the police will take their sexual assault claims seriously like they did and used in the seventies to weed out the false claims from the real ones! The police use these lie detector tests all the time to see if someone has or has not committed a crime! It is time for these women to be held to the same accountability as in the seventies by law enforcement agencies before they will ruin someone's life on just their accusations alone, with no other evidence to these accusations other then them saying someone sexually assaulted them! and if it is proven that these accusations are found to be false!? Then this person making the false claims should have to do the sentences that the accused, their victim would have had to do if convicted! This will stop these false sexual assault unfounded accusations when these women making them know that they are false and there is a real possibility of doing hard PRISON time for making these false allegations just to damage someone's reputation, or to take vengeance on someone they don't like! Politically motivated or not! This is also one of the biggest money makers and motivations for these women to make these false allegations out there, They have these high priced women lawyers that go after these very rich men to get millions for these accusers as this is a multi billion dollar business going on in today's society! False Accusations like this from women accusers has to do with no evidence what so ever in having to prove them, Is to just make up a sexual assault allegation and the leftist courts, man hating feminists don't care about the truth, It's all about the money, or destroying innocent men's lives these accusers are out to destroy and make millions off of! This works and has worked in child custody cases for decades that's why it's still going on today! You will also find that there are two women lawyers out of California that have been representing these women in these cases for years in high dollar value companies, In jobs claiming sexual harassment cases, etc., and make their livings off of these women's allegations today, I forget their names, but it's a mother and daughter team, Bloomberg, or something like that is their names!? There is no LEGAL justification for making these allegations and HAVING no OTHER evidence, but just "a" woman making the ACCUSATIONS, without having the accusers take a lie detector test just to see Her MOTIVATIONS if she is lying or not?! The Police use these LIE DETECTOR TESTS all the time with people accused of crimes just to see if the police are on the right track of suspects even though these lie detector tests can't be used in court of law! The police still use them! The judges presiding over these cases are still told about whether the suspect took one, and if they passed or Not! So these women should have to as well to see if they are in fact telling the truth or lying to make money on these false allegations, or just out for revenge!?

  28. Lol the flight log says differently bill 😂can’t get out of that one

  29. I released a song about Epstein and human trafficking! You can check it out on my channel if you want, I think you’ll like it 😃

  30. Yeah and where is she ? Monica Lewinsky!🤔

  31. I hope that satanism teaching, paedophille network, secret society and criminal gang who do human trafficking worldwide will be destroyed. And global elites are gone forever. Aameen

    Shud read this related to global elites actions in illumnati, bilderberg group and so many secret society :

  32. Why does the media keep sidetracking the public, who cares if Clinton was on the island or not. Ghislaine Maxwell has been under custody for a long time now, why aren’t the names of the big abusers released yet ??? Why isn’t there a follow up to this whole thing ???

  33. Wheres the update on this? I'm betting that shes gonna be fine n no one will hear about anything. All be forgotten

  34. P.s. I don't sub to vampire's

  35. Where's the waiting for you to Convicts all involved…….

  36. The capture of these foxes and wolves has been foretold:.

  37. Bull, they have video of him walking on the island

  38. A month ago was the most recent time our news outlets thought this worthy who else was involved

  39. I did not have sexual relations on that Island.
    -Bill Clinton, 2021

  40. Funny, politicians raping kids isnt all over the news. Almost like they are trying to bury the story and hope people forget. Shows how much nbc cares about kids. Not at all.

  41. What happened that ladies, now are hiper fat👰🏻, after being in that island they start eating a looooooot!!!!

  42. Oh NBC when will you stop protecting criminals…smh

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