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New details of Felicity Huffman’s life in prison | ABC News

The actress reported to a Northern California prison where for the next 14 days she’ll adhere to a highly regimented schedule.

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  1. If that guy on the panel has a cold or flu he shouldn't be there spreading it around. Everyone makes light of the situation of him being sick but this behavior needs to change. He is spreading a virus that can possibly kill some people. If everyone who was sick stayed home there wouldn't be very many sick people. Seriously it is time to respect peoples health and stop spreading cold and flu everywhere.

  2. Two weeks is to long why the hell is she even in jail

  3. We learn we forgive and never forget. She only human:'(:'(:'(

  4. Felicity Huffman's New book title:

    Shawshank Redemption.

  5. Lol omg she’s not in jail she’s on vacation federal jail are health clubs she will come out making money on this talk shows book movie etc

  6. I’m so glad she only got two weeks. I wish she would have got no prison time… She confessed, she is sorry… She was humble. Lorie Laughlin is the one I want to get more time. She is so arrogant!

  7. “Luxury” doesn’t fairly describe any federal prison.

  8. Damn, can I get a few weeks of vacation. I love to crochet I can even bring my own yarn and hook.

  9. Felicity's imprisonment is a lesson, not a sentence.

  10. When she get's out she'll
    Write a book and profit
    From her two eeek's!
    What an injustice of the justice system,!

  11. Get real,! This is not the prison the average
    Person experiences!
    It's a cotton candy two week's!

  12. She got caught up on, "everyone is doing it, it's really no big deal". If the FBI & MEDIA didn't bring it to our attention, we would just accept that's the way it is & it's been going on for a long time. Why is 2019 different from any other year?🤔

  13. 14 days in prison is still 14 days. She stood up and said I did it did not deny. She handled this with class and grace but Lori she going away

  14. I still can't get over it 14-Days that's not justice it privilege WHITE PRIVILEGE !

  15. Does it depress you commissioner.. to know how alone you really are..

  16. " Life in Prison"….2 weeks in Camp Cupcake = life in prison?….what a joke. Great opportunity for her new book: "My Life Behind Bars"….🤣

  17. a humiliation towards law with the two weeks sentencing

  18. I know where this prison is.

  19. 😂 how much did she pay the judge?


  21. Two weeks is a fucking joke. Any normal person would be sentenced to multiple years in prison for this kind of bullshit. This doesn't send a message to these privileged assholes.

  22. 2 weeks with a Bible. Time to repent to the imaginary God

  23. I support her!!! Let’s not hate her she didn’t kill anyone!! The Dallas cop killed a man in his own apartment!! I support Felicity Huffman 100% two week is good she’s not the worst person is life!

  24. Omgosh the perfect troll in Martha Stewart when asked for any advice.. Martha was like, who? 😆😆😆

  25. steak and fish on the menu, wow

  26. We should care about this double standard because a women in New York changed her address to send her child to a better school away from violence and received a 4 year sentence!!

  27. For a whole two weeks… what a joke

  28. This title is kinda misleading, dont you think???

  29. Did Felicity go to jail? Who can we trust for the truth?

  30. Why does Dan say " Look" at the beginning of each sentence?

  31. Prison😂😂 white privilege at its finest! I know people who got more time for jaywalking!!

  32. In the next English dictionary issue, under the word "bullshit", this story may appear

  33. I mean I kind of saw this coming from May all the way until now there was no way they were going to give her a life sentence they were going to give her a slap on the wrist because at the end of the day money talks, and I don’t think it’s going to stop celebrities in the future because they think they’re going to get the same outcome and that’s the sad part.But The judicial system has been read for years are we really going to act surprised LOL

  34. "Prison" It's a country club with bottled water. 2 weeks? I don't really understand why she's going to jail for this. Some rich people regularly buy favors. It's normal. But I could personally do two weeks in a broom closet. lol

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