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New details revealed in Amber Guyger trial l ABC News

The first day of the trial offered the most detail to date of what allegedly happened the night former police officer Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean inside his own Dallas apartment.
READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2moVYWK

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  1. Manslaughter or murder? Confusing terms.

  2. Is it just me or this chick is ugly. Ugly face, flat chested and most of all pancake ass.

  3. People are so naïve. She KNEW that wasn’t her apartment. She meant to kill him. She knew she would get off easy.

  4. Really? A trained pseudo military police? Do you know that the constitution has no freedom for swat nor para military police force? Posse commatatis ? Not in our bill of rights. Ask yourself just whom gravitates to law enforcement nowadays. Similar to priests that are not called What can go wrong?

  5. This bitch is getting ready to get fucked up in jail.

  6. Damn right he was yelling. "Bitch the fuck are you doing in my house"


  8. Bitch got 10 years. Deserved life

  9. Just don’t know why the first reaction is always to shoot. Why can’t tasers be used for goodness sake!

  10. I must get this out…I went to a parking garage this morning and I thought I parked on the 4th deck…my heart was racing… I'm like oh No, I gotta pay 300.00 to get my car back…I think they towed it…I was so sure I parked on the 4th deck…so Then I checked the 5th deck…then I checked the 3rd deck and my car was sitting there just the way I left it…so it can happen.

  11. Leave the becky's alone black men they will turn on us if it came down to it and we would have no defense

  12. Just out of curiosity, how did she open the door? My front door is locked at all times especially if I’m home

  13. I don’t think she meant to shoot him

  14. What loss have we suffered for this one person having been murdered? Holy overreacting from some of you

  15. No one makes all those mistakes all at once I hope she gets life

  16. Becky has overplayed her hand many times since the whole “Me Too” movement started but this is over the top. How in the hell do you defend entering another person’s property without a warrant or consent, shoot them and claim self defense? White people have lost their minds in the war on black men in America. Stay tuned for the response.

  17. So we can't get another light on this crispy colored brother?

  18. It's time cops leave their weapons in their lockers at their precinct, when off duty! This never should have happened! NEVER!

  19. It's simple. With gun ownership comes great responsibility. Make a 'mistake'. It's still murder.

  20. I wish she would have walk in my apartment I would have put this big penis in her mouth..

  21. She was found guilty of murder today

  22. She knew him,she filed 4 noise complaints against him in only 2 months,she knew his name and apt#

  23. That b** had dick on her mind with a married man

  24. Yes bro! He was yelling HEY! Hey! What the fuck are you doing in my apartment with a gun pointed at me? ….. I know women get mad when I say this but, women shouldn't be cops!!! Period!! Remember the girl that shot the guy in Minnesota, and he was unarmed, she said she shot him cause he was big, and looked crazy!!! WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE COPS!!! IF YOUR SCARED, THEN YOUR ALWAYS SHOOTING AT PEOPLE

  25. This woman should not ever have been a police officer.

  26. What an obsurd excuse. The bullshit made up excuses must stop. She should pay for her crime of murder like any other murdered. What a fucking slap in the face to say she thought she was in her own apt.

  27. These cops come up with the worst excuses 🤦‍♂️

  28. In all honesty I'm a fair person but with the way the LAW is now, had he been walking into her apartment and shot her, they'd try his ass cuz hes a black man… ijs. Law ain't fair never has been

  29. She had to be totally wasted or a murder plot in a love triangle.

  30. Stupid girl. Really feel bad for her, And for the man's family. They're the ones who will have to endure his early passing.

  31. She looks like a drinker…

  32. and martin rivera punishment is his wife going to divorce him

  33. YESSSSS INDEED!!! Justice has been served!!! Praying for Bo’s family that they receive blessings and protection from the Most High! Welcome to Dayton Amber!!!

  34. They have the same fuckin' furniture too???!

  35. The Dumb AF Cunny should've pled "no contest," Judge only.
    She'd only gave gotten MS, suspended sentence or 2yrs.

    But she didn't deserve Murder….There was no intent….But MAN…..She screwed the Pooch!

    Mistakes happen.

  36. this dumbass defense attorney. she wasn't in her apartment you goof..

  37. Justice has been served….guilty of murder….RIP Botham Jean 😢


  39. Why the fuck is she not in handcuffs??

  40. If the key didn't fit, you must NOT acquit !

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