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New evidence suggests COVID-19 remains unchecked in many communities

Hospitalizations in the U.S. have now spiked to record highs with the death toll now following.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  3. (Fake-News is racing un-checked by ABC) The Hospitals are not filling up with CV19 patients, and the PCR Test Numbers are FAKE (Proof) Over 20 cycles give false positives (the CDC says over 33 cycles are useless, and Dr. Fauci says over 35 is useless) > The PCR Tests in the United States are set at 37-45 cycles "mostly 40-45 cycles" – meaning (All Cases based on this test are meaningless and useless) 100% FRAUD ~Yet, Fauci has not said a word about the FAKE PCR Tests driving the Numbers.
    Proof Links available for anyone interested, including Video of Fauci saying over 35 are meaningless. BONUS – Video of Global Court Case by Lawyer Reiner Füllmich > over the FAKE PCR Test

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  5. Trump smart he want the cases to go up so it will be to much for biden to happen

  6. As a person living in Taiwan through out this pandemic, up until today, 95% of the the population is wearing a mask, even outside! Life is completely normal in all our cities. All children are going to school. Pubs and restaurant is operation in at their normal hours. Up until today, we have 609 cases, 90% came from abroad. 7 people had died from COVID.
    So yes, mask works, wear one. It will save lives.


  8. New study dropped today. Guess what this study proved? Mouth wash can kill COVID-19 in 30 seconds, so why are we creating a vaccine? Can the fearful finally figure out they're being emotionally manipulated to give up their freedom and liberty?

    Title of NYPost article here:

    Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 in 30 seconds, study reveals
    by Amanda Woods November 17,2020

    Study title here:

    Brief Report: The Virucidal Efficacy of Oral Rinse Components Against SARS-CoV-2 In Vitro
    authors Evelina Statkute, Anzelika Rubina, Valerie B O’Donnell, David W. Thomas, View ORCID ProfileRichard J. Stanton

    Please place the title of these articles in your favorite search engine to get to the data. I would place the links, but the unhinged fearful leftists that hate truth will just flag my post to ban it…

  9. Did anyone else notice that the guy that was signed languaging did not have a mask on

  10. I like China knock your head in and shut up while lock in. Check other countries outcome. What a silly and defeated nation.

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  13. As mainstream media continues to lie and ban the Hydrochloroquine cure for patients infected by the virus. Most of the dead died from bad medical treatment and refused the cure. The mainstream media and CDC plus hospitals owners need more patients to die in order to scare the sheeple to accept the deadly covid19 vaccines. It is their restrictions that has killed the economy NOT THE VIRUS. MOST SENIORS DIED after the hospitals moved infected patients into senior home. The hospitals are not telling you that the ventilators are killing the patients who have fragile lungs. Dr Fauci is a criminal and should be jailed. These news media will keep shaming the innocent in order to sell their brain damaging vaccines. 💉☠️🚨

  14. I'll never believe a damn thing ABC news says again after this election. SELLOUTS to the American people.

  15. Don't let fear rule you.
    Yes wear a mask, and yes fight for your rights and freedoms.
    Common sense should tell you that they're trying to focus on fear tactics instead of being practical.
    The statistics show that the same amount of people die in countries that didn't lockdown.
    The lockdowns actually are causing a slight rise in fatalities.
    Education and common sense are needed now.
    Not fear tactics and control.

  16. Government should be tried for mass murder for purposely killing people during pro pandemics to cause riots to spread a virus because that's murder That's like mass genocidal murder and then for them to not shut down and keep having election rallies that's just mass genocidal murder so how long do we have to have these mass genocidal murderers over us before the planet learns and kills them??

    The COVID-19 has been spreading across the world, and countless people are suffering but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Do you think this is coincidence? The Scripture even says that people will faint from fear of the things which are coming upon the world. The day in which God brings His punishment upon this earth is this age because of the evil that people have committed in the church. Hear what the Spirit says to the churches and return to the Truth!

  18. The vaccine contains MRC-5. What is MRC-5? It is a culture whose origin is from the tissue of an aborted fourteen-month-old male Caucasian fetus. Sound crazy? Just type MRC-5 into Google and see for yourself.

  19. Man my kidneys were hurting me for the past couple months Right as I turned off the 5G on my phone the pain and my kidneys was deleted by half I shut off my 5G and man I felt the best the best within the past day of shutting it off 5G is high frequency radiation that's killing everyone giving everyone cancer along with all the nuclear leaks the radiation leaks 2500 nuclear bomb tests in Nevada constant pollution chemical leaks You're all dying quick!

    Study on my YouTube videos just follow my name!!

  20. Total BULLSHIT! The PCR test was never created to diagnose disease and the CDC and Fauci know this. The CV-19 test is complete nonsense and totally unreliable and the inventor himself stated it was unreliable and never meant for diagnosing any disease so this whole thing is complete and total fake BULLSHIT!! My own elderly mother is being abused by this BULLSHIT nonsense. She has been locked away in a CV-19 care facility while being neglected and has never had any CV-19 symptoms. Her own treating doctor said she does not have CV-19 and needs to be released even though she had a couple of positive tests. These tests are BULLSHIT and meaningless. This PCR test is only being used by a dictatorial and totalitarian world government to control the populace and push their BULLSHIT vaccine with a tracking chip to further control people and take away their freedoms. This is not political because both the Republicans and the Democrats plan on enforcing this coming mandatory vaccine on everyone. Both parties are working together and are traitors to the American people!

  21. I want a study done on how many of these people in the hospitals received their flu shot within the past 5 years.

  22. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable.
    "You know what's uncomfortable? If u die"
    Great way to scare people into wearing a mask that doesn't work.

  23. You know, when it gets cold, you're going to get sick in the United States of America, or anywhere in the world. It has nothing to do with covid-19.

    They are murdering the people in the USA and that has to stop today.

    They killed all the inmates and they're going to kill all the old people and children.

  24. Yesterday when I went to Smart Fit Gym in Albrook for the first time since March, because they open yesterday, finally, they told me I could not get into the gym, because I did not have a towel.

    They said I had to go get one; where can I buy one, I asked. Farmacia Arrocha they said. I walked for a mile inside of the mall to buy a towel.

    They are keeping people waiting in line a long time to work out.

    They are manipulating the system.

    They did not allow me to use the only machine for the abdominals, that I like to use.

    I believe they want that machine for the people that work there; for their workouts.

    Nobody was at the gym yesterday, so it didn't make any damn sense; no one was using the machine next to the abdominal machine.

    We already have to wear a damn mask, and is extremely difficult to breathe.

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