Sunday , November 29 2020
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New hair laws protect people from race-based hair discrimination | USA TODAY

New natural hair laws will ban hair discrimination and may ‘help change company cultures’.
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Multiple states and cities across the US have proposed laws banning race-based hair discrimination policies in the workplace and schools.

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  1. A feel good law that affects no one. No one discriminates because of hair style.

  2. I cannot imagine living my life being told my natural hair isn’t acceptable. Who the freak is anyone to ever say that?! Very happy it’s being changed and embarrassed that it was ever a thing.

  3. I would say most women of all color feel pressured to conform to european standards of straight hair in the work place. As a whole, its just easier to manage and less time consuming. All women know this. But.. it's much more costly to maintain, that's for sure! I love seeing braids and big fluffy fros on my beautiful sisters. The bigger the better. I'm a child of the 70's ✌so I was around when they were popular. Queen of big hair in the 80's 😁 cringe.🤘

  4. I could careless what hairstyle these nappi headed hoes go with just do us all a favor and take a bath once and a while shaquita

  5. People can now use "hair discrimination" as the excuse for why they didn't get the job😵😵

  6. How embarrassing for our country. Our lawmakers are just comedy writers.

  7. It's sad that it had to come down to writing a law.

  8. the world is going down the shitter.. racial hair laws my ass

  9. Not liberal, but I support this. I don’t think hair and intelligence/work ethic correlate.

  10. You know those shows where they look back at silly laws that countries had 150 years ago? Here's one for the books: Hair Law.

  11. Exactly who forced women to cut their hair? More gov control
    Good times

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