Wednesday , June 23 2021
Home / News / New Images Show Kurds Throwing Potatoes, Yelling Insults At American Troops | NBC Nightly News

New Images Show Kurds Throwing Potatoes, Yelling Insults At American Troops | NBC Nightly News

At another location, Kurds are pictured holding signs for U.S. soldiers that say: “tell our children, Kurdish children are dying, and we did nothing to protect them.”
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New Images Show Kurds Throwing Potatoes, Yelling Insults At American Troops | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Americans had it coming. But Kurds also had this backstabbing coming too. Because they trusted America.

  2. 100th comment!
    Support and Prayers for Kurds!🙏🙏🙏

  3. All of the sudden, the warmongering left (that caused the Syrian civil war and the fall of Libya) is “utterly concerned” about the Kurds…
    Oh how humane they are.

  4. With freinds like the usa who needs enemies;-)

  5. What was our commitment in Syria? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years??

  6. Time for mutiny. I think most of the American population would 100% support the military if they disobeyed orders.

  7. Some will stay in Syria to protect their oil fields…
    TRUMP..! It's all because of oil oil oil oil oil oil

  8. This is nothing big.
    50 million North Koreans are starving because of USA sanctions. Hundreds of millions of people have died all over the world because of USA sanctions because the USA wants the world to kiss their butt

  9. Civilians die. Thousands run for their lives. And the US: HEY LETS PROTECT OIL !

  10. Now the Kurds know how it feels to be betrayed.

  11. No American can ever be trusted again.
    The USA will never have any allies ever again.
    No American is welcome in my country.

  12. IF they have enough potatoes to throw them about, they obviously arent as starving as they claim…

  13. I'm sorry Kurds.
    Trump is 💯 right
    Blame on Turkey 👎👎

  14. Americans did nothing wrong, what ever kurds did they whose gating paid just like mercenaries. Everyone should get on with their boring lifes and stop being depending on others.

  15. Trumph did a great job. Yes there is no deal or agreement papers that US have to protect the kurds… Kurds can protect themselves…. America go back and protect your country from Zionists people. America's biggest enemy is their own peoples who are ruled by those Israeli Zionists…. We muslim are not America's enemy….Israeli Zionism are.

  16. One question, why don’t the Kurds fight for there kid’s,? I would mine!!!!

  17. This is tragic, I hope all that oil is safe so we can steal it later.

  18. Trump is right in a way, the u.s is not going to protect the turds all their lives, they gotta learn to stand on their own feet.

  19. How you gonna complain about us still being in the Middle East, then complain again when we start to leave? What is it that you want? Or will you just automatically disagree with anything and everything trump does.

  20. Thank God we left, ungrateful for all we did for them, sorry kurds we are not your Army

  21. its becuase they aren't white…….thats why he dosn't want to protect them, he only cares about white people

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