New Jersey councilwoman shot dead in her car

30-year-old New Jersey Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was found dead in her car with multiple gunshot wounds. NBC News’ Ron Allen has more details on what neighbors are saying they witnessed.

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  1. My neck of the woods. A straight-up assassination. Is there anywhere that's safe on the planet anymore?

  2. This is just horrible. Sending prayers & condolences to Ms. Dwumfour & her family. But where is the outrage from the media mob, Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, the squad, etc.? Y'all know that if Eunice was a democrat the media would be showing this story day & night, and Sharpton/Crump would be the first ones out there blaming "radical conservatives/white extremists". And where's the squad's fake tears/outrage like the temper tantrum they put on last week over Omar's removal from a committee? "There is nothing consistent about the Republican Party's continued attack except for racism and incitement of violence against women of color in this body," – (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). To these people, it's about one thing…LEFT vs. WHITE (oops, I mean RIGHT) see how that works??? RIP to our strong, brilliant, and beautiful Council-woman. I'm so sorry your life was viciously cut short & I pray that whoever is responsible for this heinous act will be held fully accountable. 😢💔🙏🏼
    Also, this is NOT about 'guns' – NJ has the toughest gun laws in the country, so don't even try going there.

  3. Stay tuned…more to come!

  4. Radio silence it seems…and why r they always single moms nowadays… meh

  5. she's a republican so natrually left wing media doesn't care.

  6. White supremacists hate crime, more gun laws? Bueller, Bueller?

  7. She was killed for her Conservative beliefs.

  8. I bet it had something to do with a lovers triangle Someone got caught cheating here.

  9. What a shame that New Jersey prevents honest citizens from carrying a concealed weapon. This woman was completely defenseless. Not a neighbor, not a stranger, not a friend is allowed to carry concealed in New Jersey . The shooter may have thought twice if they realized everyone was concealed. The shooter shot and killed a defenseless woman. The shooter may have thought twice if New Jersey allowed concealed carry. Not only would she not have been defenseless, but friends, neighbors, and strangers, honest, law obeying citizens may have been able to protect her. Another senseless killing. New Jersey needs to take more responsibility for making her a defenseless woman.

  10. Guy knew ! A “ LARGE VOLLEY OF GUNSHOTS , WAS NOT NORMAL “ at the condo ………total rocket scientist 👨‍🔬! You would think he was smart enough to LOSE his hat ! ? 😆

  11. They killed her for been a black republican. MSNBC won't report this news

  12. This country is insane.

  13. My Deepest Condolences andmy Prayers for the Family and Friends of this lady. A terrible tragedy.

  14. Why leave out her party affiliation?

  15. Some of these comments 🤯🤢

  16. 100% politically and racially motivated. It’s basically gonna be worst case scenario for the Dems if the truth gets leaked out. She was most likely killed for being republican and black by a black thug whose either a non voter criminal who was paid by higher ups or he’s a dem voting criminal all together. Why would liberal news sources openly say right away that it’s “not politically motivated” when they have 0 info as it is???

  17. Lets stop being sorry and do something about conservatives being targeted by the terrorists Democrats

  18. This was a hit! from the sound of it.

  19. While only a councilwoman, it is extremely important to catch the perpetrator(s) because we can't allow assassinations or attacks on our politicians to go unpunished.

  20. Who is to say she didnt have it coming?

  21. Marks it down as the act of leftist scum until it can be proven otherwise.

  22. The fact that this ain’t that major know it’s sum going on they don’t want the people to know