Wednesday , August 10 2022

New Mexico county refuses to certify midterm election results

GOP commissioners in one New Mexico county are refusing to certify their midterm election results. The state’s secretary of state, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, explains why she is now suing the county.

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  1. UPDATE: NM election commissioners were threatened with criminal charges, and were FORCED to certify the results. If you're going to claim fraud, you better provide proof. Otherwise, have fun in jail.

  2. So, if the Republican candidate wins, that means he cheated, right? Catch-22 mindset…

  3. US Midterms 2022 | Will Democrats be Clobbered?

  4. 2000 Mules. Go watch it. Arizona found huge discrepancies with Dominion machines

  5. lies! There was a court hearing about these machines and investigators found Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet when they shouldn't have been and they were double counting votes and there were many more discrepancies

  6. Trump set and expanded the precedent to cry fraud when you lose, so now all the GOP is doing it.

  7. Stop Lying ABC News, a proper investigation was warranted and never happened neither with the crackdown on journalists or the son who is involved in every shady deal existant

  8. The public should be allowed to monitor every single person doing the count with video cameras.

  9. Vote red to fix election fraud

  10. So Trump was right after all

  11. Since it's obvious you have the votes, start recalling these fools. Trying to dismantle the Democratic process is a valid recall

  12. Wait…those same machines gave Trump his 2016 win. Where was their concern then?

  13. Good it's their job to make sure the election is legit

  14. they could be potentially removed from office and potentially charged with criminall offense.

    why TF does everyone else have to obey the law again?

  15. What a bunch of moronic clowns…

  16. Say goodbye to democracy!

  17. These shenanigans are always played by the anti-democratic faction.

  18. Every election should be scrutinized and certified by both parties. Those machines Have shown vulnerabilities In the past. PROVE NO TAMPERING.

  19. This should be a new trend on all side when you lose blame the voting process every single time. I still don't understand the disbelief that a old white man beat a old white man for president…

  20. Here we go again . The Dominion Voting Machine flip votes and should be audited . Fraudulent and invalid mail-in shouldn’t be counted . And not the voting machine was audited because they was taken before they could be audited in the last election . Don’t trust the machines without a transparent audit .

  21. Trump needs to be put in prison , if not all his supporters and gop buddies will keep on acting like criminals and claim fraud every time they lose…

  22. I thought republicans supported law and order. I see there true colors.

  23. No more dominion voting machines

  24. The balloting will machines are fixed still because they did not handle the problem with Trump in office. So you know that many of the key races will be rigged and what should be a republican landslide will be democratic. America is dead.

  25. Call it what it is the big truth

  26. The fact the left is so butt hurt over this proves that it needs to be done in every state

  27. Keep it up nm real Americans are with you

  28. Arrest them and certify the results. Your feelings don't matter in matters like this. Only facts and evidence.

  29. I guess the Republican lost.

  30. "Donald Trumps lies"?
    Is that what she said?

  31. 74 million votes for Trump. We all know the Big Lie is true.

  32. Now Democrats want certification. Gee sound familiar?

  33. ABC and the SHEEP. Election lies. Get bent

  34. All idiots running new mexicos political policies…

  35. Trump is living tax free in their heads.

  36. That all democrats declared the election secure and no fraud, immediately, also without the slightest inquiry or bit of evidence, is every bit as egregious as Republicans declaring fraud with no evidence. And all courts have refused to hear cases regarding the election. So who is lying? If you think you “know” the election was fair and secure, then you are lying. You really don’t know. Getting past blind denial may help you to your next phase in recovery from being a very poor critical thinker.

  37. For F's sake, none of you seem to know what you're saying. People saying we're not a democracy because we're a constitutional republic. They're not mutually exclusive concepts. We're are a democratically represented constitutional republic. We are a country with a democracy wherein we choose people to represent us through the democratic process of voting, and while that's not the same as a fully democratic country where everyone has an equal vote on policy we do vote for others to enact policy on our behalf. It is a democracy no matter what faux scholar you choose to reference. The only office that is chosen democratically is the presidency which utilizes the electoral college. The electoral college was created for 2 purposes. To add representational weight to the executive branch to sparsely populated states and to counter a popular vote for an unfit candidate, if that were to happen. The last 2 elections have proved a primary purpose of the electoral college is no longer effective and it ceased to be effective when we started nominating VP for each Presidential candidate and moved toward a 2 party system. Before that only 2 candidates ran for office, the winner was president and the loser became vice president and members of the electoral college voted independently of a party. Now the electorates are shills chosen by each party with no incentive to choose the welfare of the country over the favored candidate. News for all of you. Donald Trump was not a good President. He was incapable of making tough decisions for the good of the country without putting himself, wealth and self image, first. Joe Biden is also a bad president. He is out of touch and doesn't have the stamina and cognition necessary to fulfill his duties. Both of them have left the country in a state of statutory neglect, no captain at the wheel. If our process actually worked the way it was intended we would be better off.

  38. im so tired of hearing "misinformation, disinformation"… We know who is lying… and it aint trump