Thursday , May 13 2021
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New Milestone: More Than Half of American Adults Have Received At Least One Shot | NBC Nightly News

As eligibility expands to all Americans 16 and older on Monday, over half of the country’s adult population has now received at least one shot. But is there enough supply to keep up with demand? And with Johnson & Johnson’s pause, there is concern that this could lead to more hesitancy.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New Milestone: More Than Half of American Adults Have Received At Least One Shot | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Republicans and black community! You guys are all thats left.

  2. Only the walking dead have taking that 💩

  3. As people say, "my body, my choice". Also I asked my doctor if it's safe and the only response I got "It's new I don't know"


  5. We gonna call this the mark of the beast.and the blue eyed devil didn't force the other devils to wear there mask I'm not going to be forced to take a shoot.that simple.🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  6. Not an anti-vac not job. I am an anti-crazy liberal nut job. Won’t be taking this one

  7. It's a very unfortunate commentary on America…the maps showing the south and red states lagging behind in vaccinations…it's either incompetence of public health infrastructure or uninformed people because of republicans talking points. The later is most unfortunate because it speaks to the malicious disconnect between the power hungry republican politicians who are spewing lies and republican voters.

  8. Democratic controlled media fueling hatred of POLICE Departments across the USA! Border crisis continues no media coverage! Continue to be misdirected

  9. Vote straight Democrat justice matters don t force the republicans to let them get sick with covid19 if they don't want the vaccinated anyway they're all lairs and racist

  10. Glad, I had my 1st shot. Still have to wait till May for the 2nd.

  11. Why are they not telling the covid death numbers they are still rising

  12. I don't think this is true. The reason the app is hard to fill out way to long and should have shots in doctor office so stop lieing

  13. Was said a few days ago only 33% or less had the shot. Now variants of covid are bypassing the vaccine and people still catching it. Never a straight answer.

  14. How many were obese when they weighed in?

  15. Media continues to Lie to the public!

  16. Blah blah blah 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Night of the Living Dead… 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  18. No thanks im good, the government has a really evil history to be trusted with something like mass vaccinations for a brand new virus

  19. 🐂🐂🐂🐃🐃🐃🐃🐏🐏🐏🐏🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  20. Only sheep would line up to get this poison without even questioning it. This government doesn't gaf about you!

  21. Anti Vaxxers care too much about their precious bodies all while they eat red meat, eat loads of sugar, and drink ounces of liquor.

  22. I will not get a vaccine

  23. Yeah a mild Stone and without Donald Trump it would have never taken place. Donald Trump did more than four years for this country than the last 10 presidents combined.

  24. thank trump you lib losers

  25. Pleazzzze. "JOHNSON & JOHNSON IS NOW SUSPENDED"…YESSS…and B.T.W…There may be a correlation between Pfizer Vaccines and cases of Thrombosis.. We also realize, people can and ARE contracting the virus even after being vaccinated, some have died and other's have experienced serious side-effects…(ASTRA Z) Now, they're pushing Booster Shot's, as the Vaccine's are even more UNRELIABLE, in lieu of the most recent "Mutations"…??. *Twenty-three Norwegian people died after receiving *Pfizer vaccines. Thirteen of them have been assessed and common side effects may have contributed to severe reactions in them..
    According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency. But shockingly, mainstream English-language media did not report the incident immediately, and Major US and UK media were obviously downplaying their deaths..OUTRAGEOUS! No sir, dear, I would like to point out a scandal from a drug, sedative called:* "Thalidomide," which was withdrawn after thousands of mothers gave birth to disabled babies. After almost 50 years, the ageing Thalidomide generation now faces rising care bills – after a German newspaper reported that Thalidomide was the likely cause for the mysterious spate of disabled babies born in Germany since 1958. The drug's producer, "Chemie Gruenenthal," caved in to growing pressure & on 26th Nov. withdrew all products containing Thalidomide from what had been very lucrative, over-the-counter $ales.
    A few days later, Thalidomide's British licensee, Distillers, followed suit in the UK. But by then, the damage was done.
    Thalidomide has strong sedative properties and many women in the early weeks of pregnancy had taken it to ease their morning sickness, utterly unaware of its effect on the unborn child can be teratogenic, or "monster-forming". Limbs can fail to develop properly,
    in some cases also eyes, ears and internal organs. No-one knows how many miscarriages the drug caused, but it's estimated that, in Germany alone, 10,000 babies were born affected by Thalidomide. Many, were too damaged to survive for long. Today, fewer than 3,000 are still alive! I say all of this to preface the fact that these new Vaccine's are "EXPERIMENTAL DRUG'S"…and there is insufficient "long term data," clinical trials, animal testing… and some of the short-term side effects and death's being reported
    by these "Warped Speed (not 100% effective) UNRELIABLE VACCINE'S," are disconcerting, to say the least..with, "0" liability on the part of Big Pharma, which should be cause for concern, as humans should not be treated as glorified guinea pigs, in the midst of pressure some people may feel in this season of Covid. Getting inoculated should never become a virtual crap-shoot! We need to address the great number of people who have died and other's who suffered serious side effects from the Vaccine's that have not had the long term clinical trials, efficacy testing, animal testing… Don't trust these warped-speed produced Vaccine's that are administered before the efficacy and safety standards have been fully evaluated in animal models or clinical trials. Certainly, big Pharma prepares to Profit big from The Covid Pandemic & pharmaceutical companies will reap from these vaccine's..$$ we get it!! I pray for everyone.

  26. As soon as Bull Gates is satisfied then we ll rock on.

  27. I'll do it the way humans have for thousands of years, natural immunity…

  28. A day before FedEx shooting happened this guy had a shirt on that had FedEx logo but instead it had the word Fed Up….better start believing in Jesus

  29. As crazy as it sounds but think our military should be the only ones to have weapons any kind of weapons and no not even the police should carry any, .

  30. Since when do those getting vaxed need to knowthe names? AND 2 DOSES? oh America

  31. If you want to live a "normal" life then avoid this vaccine at all costs. If you want to be a part of the "brave new world" then go as you please.

  32. It's almost time to release the zombie mix

  33. I need to get job as an apprentice at funeral parlor, moratorium.
    Or, prepare for zombie APOCALYPSE. Lol. I don't trust the vaccines.

  34. Never trust a quack doctor who promotes Big Pharma nostrums.

  35. According to distinguished historian and author, Robert Gerwarth, in his landmark book, “Hitler’s Hangman”, Klaus Schwab is the illegitimate son of Reinhard Heydrich, the infamous Butcher of Prague, and architect of the Final Solution. Apparently, he was named in honor of Heydrich’s youngest son, who was killed in a car accident in 1938, the same year Klaus Schwab was born. Something to think about, considering that Soros is also a Nazi, like his father before him.

  36. I can tell the whole world that the federal and government organizations is still extorting money to relized the prize,,
    I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,

  37. Where is your heart President Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris for people in need? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,,

  38. We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations ? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,,

  39. Isn't the risk of Covid death and severe illness much higher than any with the vaccines? Especially for some people.

  40. The South is a cancer on this country.

  41. You either get the shot or you get the disease. The shot has fewer side effects than the disease

  42. I'm here to say I have immune problems and Asthma. I took both shots of Maderna over a month and a half ago. I'm still here and feel fine. Don't let public panic ruin your life. Take the shot to live.

  43. I have received mine to but sense I not sure if I just got check I have to get a test for the time is at hand the blood of Jesus

  44. I was fully vaccinated as of March 22. I’m looking forward to the booster shot. sarcasm

  45. Why is she using the long needle?🤔. 1:54

  46. Did she say they didn’t want to take Moderna? Why is that?

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