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New movement urges Millennial Democrats to #WalkAway from their party

Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens on millennials shifting towards the GOP—with social media as a platform to present their values.


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  1. i commend that black nagger for not wearing her fake white wig on network tv

  2. Black,, you are not Black,,dark gray. anthacide

  3. The Left's Plan for America:
    Donald Trump is Racist.
    Illegal Aliens are more important than Legal Immigrants and American Citizens.
    Donald Trump should be impeached.
    Donald Trump.

    I can't support a party that has NO plan for our country's future.

  4. Mexico proplem not USA get you story straight $dummys llook at what she selling

  5. America will wake up once Trump is out of office

  6. I will never walk from my party just because Candice open her mouth. Republicans are the radical voting for an insane president

  7. Leaving the democratic party is like leaving Islam. A lot of similarities in both their agendas.

  8. Well done Candance Owen. You talk a lot of sense. 🙌✌ Don't back down to the bullying. ❤

  9. Your "social values" are self-contradictory.

  10. How do you "walk away" from something you were never IN?

  11. Thank you Ms. Owens, for your insight and your courage. And also congratulations on your engagement, and to the lucky young man as well.

  12. Thats gret why did they not think sooner dont tell me they are growing brains.

  13. Dems are sitting pretty but don't care much if you are!

  14. I was a life-long moderate Democrat until recently. All this false stuff they have been spewing since Trump was elected has nauseated me and the crap the MSM puts out on the news everyday is disgusting. The far Left, which seems to be many Democrats these days, have become treasonous and completely delirious, filled with nothing more than hate and rage that has brainwashed them. And all of this is not getting any better. The only Democrat that can speak logically and honestly appears to be Tulsi Gabbard and she is only garnering about 1% in the Dem polls. I think you can make a conclusion about how far the Democrats have sunk based on that statistic.

  15. There are 45% registered independents in the US, 30% dems and 23% reps. What does that tell you. The right and the left cannot be trusted.

  16. People under the 1st amendment have the right to choose their belief, including political identity. Corruption affects the right just as much as the left.

  17. Escaping the Democrat Plantation is hard… but so rewarding.

  18. I walked away. I would come back if we get another JFK

  19. O lala, I love this young Lady! She speaks for ALL Americans (not race)….Amen😊

  20. Not a millennial but I walked back when I 1st found out Hilary & Bill were treasonous,, corrupt, lying, vindictive, felonious swamp creatures with blood stains leading to their door. Also no women's rights leader would ever represent a rapist and smear the 12 year old victims reputation the way Hilary did, saying the 12 yr old introvert wanted it. Lock em all up.

  21. If anyone was going to be a president . She is overqualified

  22. 333 liberal clowns don't like this video

  23. , Rose here. It is so sad that people are so brainwashed by the Democrats, they need to take time and listen to Candace Owen. Really, what have the Democrats done 4 the black, Spanish and poor people of this world. Trump is right about these politicians that govern their states most of the areas are so run down and the people are suffering because they got to pad their pockets. Trump calls it as he sees it, that's why the Democrats don't want him in office because he is making a difference and they want to keep everybody down as low as they can get them. If they want the immigrants here let them move into their million-dollar homes with them, how about those apples.

  24. Yet another token black person. How much did she get paid?

  25. Candace is such an awesome spokesperson!!

  26. Look at the numbers of the thumbs up and down…. I am not a mathematician but l believe it's 1000 to 1 for the conservative…. I always checking these numbers and spend hours reading your comments and l love guys because just like me you love America and don't want our beloved country to change….. So l been checking the numbers on the liberal channels CNN and it's about 2 to 1 for the liberal left…. The conservative out number the liberals and TRUMP Ralleys prove it… That's what l believe…. Still plenty radical left out there but they are crossing over, check out the walk away movement… By 2020 Presidential Election the Conservative American Patriot double and more…. TRUMP Ralleys will be so massive WOW…. And President TRUMP wins by Landslide crushing the left… I can't wait and and go to a TRUMP Ralley. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  27. I mean
    Why walk away when you can actually try and improve the party? I say cowards walk away from what they believe

  28. Candace Owens for President 2024!

  29. No need to walk away…I was never there.

  30. We are with you Candace! Love your fight for truth & walkiing way.♡

  31. I hope we can go back what we use to be.. United! I love you all! 🇺🇸 ❤

  32. This girl is correct the democrats are all done in America, stick a fork in em

  33. I've got an ex-wife who was a hard core liberal/socialist. She used to preach to me that we (meaning society/government) needed to provide all necessities to all people. She strongly believed that welfare should be provided to all for life. We were both working, and she had 3 children from a previous marriage. I showed her a newspaper article that showed that the average working couple paid $ 1200 a year in taxes to support all of the welfare programs. When I showed her the article, and she realized that we were working, and paying 100.00 a month, so that others could set on their butts, her attitude changed. She was like, "That's not fair! I shouldn't have to work my butt off, so they can set on theirs…" BINGO!

  34. I walked away after 2016 election. I wish it had been sooner.

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