Monday , January 25 2021
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New Program Sends Medical Experts To Respond To Mental Health Calls Instead Of Police | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Simone Boyce takes an in-depth look at a new pilot program launching in New York City that will allow medical experts to respond to mental health 911 calls instead of the NYPD.
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New Program Sends Medical Experts To Respond To Mental Health Calls Instead Of Police | NBC News NOW


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  1. Oregon legalized all drugs ? Are you kidding? ?

    Please Donate and Share to Help My Disabled Son Who Has Been Diagnosed with Severe Non Verbal Autism / Mental Retardation Our Family Is Suffering Due to COVID 19 Please Help Give My Son A Voice The Whole World Will Hear Anything Helps God Bless You!

  3. Of course it will work. Unless the person ends up dead, it works.

  4. New program implements *COMMON SENSE*

  5. White people are three times more likely to comply and not die when police are giving them lawful orders.

  6. Well here’s the difference between cops at the ambulance and mental care workers at the ambulance when someone may get scared or freak out.

    The cops – Subdue and Force, also charge with assault – so now they’ve committed a crime and can be handcuffed and forced or shot.

    The Mental Health guys – First, less of a chance of freak out because the worker has built a repore and the patient knows he has a choice. That’s what the police forget – it’s a wellness “check” not a wellness pick me up and handcuff me to a stretcher!
    I watched a cop drag a young lady by her hair! from her apartment, down the hallway, through the entryway while she screamed and cried and then out to her car on a SUICIDE WELLNESS CHECK!!! Her mother had talked to her on the phone and then couldn’t get her to pick up again. She was in a different city so called for the quickest help she could. Does it matter that she was a young First Nations Woman? It shouldn’t have.

    If your child was at risk of taking their own life for any reason, and you couldn’t get there, can you imagine them being treated like that?

  7. Great idea. Key to success of 31 year long program is been "responders remaining HUMBLE", which is OPPOSITE of erhardt chips are trained to be, that is to overpower in every conflict.

  8. I'm all for psychiatrists responding to mental health calls, but only if there's police there on site to protect them from someone that might snap at any moment. Especially when it comes to New York City, which has a reputation for crazy people. Police shouldn't be the primary response team and they also shouldn't be allowed to sniff around for evidence or cause for a case and conviction, they should be required to remain in their squad car during the intervention if their presence isn't required, but they should still be on site waiting in the wings for if it does escalate. All it's going to take is one instance of a stabbing or a shooting before this turns from "good idea" to "tragedy, t's & p's all around #praying4thevictim #whateverotherdoucheyhashtag #FuckDeBlasio."
    This is poorly thought out and based on poor statistical data to reach a disingenuous conclusion.

  9. Sounds great. Now all you need is to find high quality people willing to go into very dangerous situations without being armed day after day, multiple times per day. The reality is drug use is very high in the US. Percentage of highly armed people is huge.

    First step should be education, treatment. That's going to take a really long time and it very expensive. The reason we have a policing issue is because heavily armed small teams using force is the cheapest way to deal with problems. Americans always opt for cheap.

    Sidney Powell Has Proof AOC & Bernie Caught Sabotaging ELection

  11. So-Slo-Joe running for president is like entering a Shetland pony in the Kentucky Derby and if the pony wins might be some cheatin going on

  12. Thank you NYC. i hope this has overwhelming results.

  13. Good idea to try out–but you really need to get a better slogan.

  14. How sad to know someone is killed while they had a mental situation.

  15. Sending out trained mental health professionals is long overdue. Good work, New York.

  16. I pray every persons who are actively dedicated to WORKING TOGETHER for the betterment of our communities, success and Godspeed resolutions throughout these tough situations 💜

  17. COVID-19… The Little Virus That Could

    A corona GENOME is essentially a Viral Dump Truck. It carries whatever you put onto it.

    In the case of COVID-19. . . the viral dump truck is carrying an RNA strain from the HIV Virus. THAT'S why it's such a killer.
    (source: professor Etienne Decroly, M.D., Aix-Marseille University, France)

    "Doctor" FrankenFauci (the man who led research in BOTH covid & HIV) told The World there was "Nothing To Worry About" so don't wear a mask.

    Pelosi-&-Friends told America to, "Party In Chinatown" risk free.

    The Whole Thing Was A Damned Set-Up.

  18. Police should have never responded to those calls to begin with

  19. If you want to help people why are the mental health hospitals close.So after you evacuate the person and treat them on that day what happens next.You have many mental health people who refuse to take their MEDICATION and will use illegal drugs.If many of these people had a hospital to be in with the proper help they may be helped.But they receive treatment when they are in crisis and then back out on the streets.Lets be real many of these people donot have family support until SOMETHING wrong happens to them.They need modern updated mental health hospitals to help many of these people so they will not hurt others or their self.

  20. So if u have a person, with a knife, well am praying 🙏

  21. The Trump cultists are conditioned by family tradition, racist ideology, and religious fundamentalism to believe in Authority and their right to superior status when they have done nothing to earn that status. Being born white or born male doesn't give you any right to mistreat others. I suspect a lot of the problem is caused by poor parenting, with a lot of physical violence. People who go through that scene often have some serious PTSD to deal with and are to be pitied rather than blamed. They suffer from irrational fear, over-reliance on authority, and inability to think for themselves. They need mental health programs to help them accept reality.

  22. Wow that sounds like a great idea 💡

  23. And who decides what is a mental health called and what is one that needs the police and what happens when that person misses judges that situation I think a lot of mental health workers are going to get injured

  24. Was that background music designed to heighten mental illness. It was beyond annoying.

  25. On covid; US covid infected in America, 6 thousand, 344 thousand, 700. joe biden

    On US covid deaths; One thousand, one hundred eighty nine thousand 506. joe biden

  26. Ok. Can we get news?? News?? This isn’t new . This been around for decades, move on. Lol I think ya running out of things to report. Lol

  27. Yep, lets defund the police as biden and harris has promised, we need them to keep their promises. Defund police , open border and amnesty for all !!!!! The also promised higher taxes to give some of that to blacks to pay them for reparations. It will be really interesting when the police are defunded, criminals are released , illegals are freed and more flood in , just wait till someone kills your loved one and a social worker shows up instead of a cop. Should be great.


    "Everything looks bad if you remember it" ………… Joe Biden
    Defending his Eulogy for a KKK Grand Cyclops 9 years ago <—See the eulogy.

    If you truly hate racists then copy and spread
    this comment to every person you can

  29. I think this is amazing and will save lives

  30. This is a good thing that has been needed a while, see how it goes, then other Municipalities could consider enacting such a Program!

  31. I would send both medical experts and Police.

  32. Why play irrelevent annoying intrusive music whilst giving important information? It makes it much harder to focus on the information. It's silly.

  33. BTW this is what defund the police actually means … Taking money from hiring more police officers and prison workers and putting it towards mental and community services.

  34. What an idea. Send people who are actually trained to take care of the problem they are there to solve!… Sending police to deal with mental health and domestic issues is like sending the fire dept when your car won't start

  35. Please send the mental health team to the White House. There is a loser there who thinks he is a winner.

  36. Countries with the top 5 strictest lockdowns in spring… 3 are having the worst outbreaks again. LOCKDOWNS don't work

  37. Retailers will have the worst season in 30 + years due to lack of stimulus for the people. No money = no spending. BLAME CONGRESS.

  38. “When you don’t have responder who is armed with a weapon, the chances of someone being harmed or killed is eliminated”

    So what happens when someone with mental illness is having a break down, and has a weapon… 🤔🤔🤔

    Brilliant stuff here.

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