Thursday , April 9 2020
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New report calls out Amazon over safety, rate of car crashes

Former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO, former HBC CEO, former Target vice chairman and Storch Advisors CEO Jerry Storch discusses a new report calling out Amazon for over 60 crashes involving Amazon drivers.

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  1. These amazons drivers drive over the speed limit in the neighbor and at times they park and block our driveway. That’s illegal!!

  2. AMZN order fulfillment quality has declined the past year in terms of the accuracy, and particularly as regards the carefulness of the packing of items that require TLC to avoid damage, breakage, and/ or spillage. Fragile items aren't "bubble wrapped" nearly enuf anymore, and as a result, bounce around inside the box, resulting in damage. The company customer response to addressing these issues has become less than "forthcoming", causing customer frustration, leaving them, all too often, "in the lurch", to put it politely. Jeff B & Co attitude now seems to be: too big to fail, suffer, or even care much anymore.


  4. Another Fox "expert" idiot. Amazon must look like a whale to personal injury attorneys. If Amazon Prime drivers are causing accidents, that problem will take care of itself real fast. Why Fox "expert" is jumping to Uber means he is an idiot running out of ideas after five seconds on the air. Fox is a pile of crap. Good thing it's free.

  5. Sick of these goddamned thumbnails in the videos. Of course YouTube, like Fakebook and Twitter are run by leftist-fascists who all f–k up everything they touch.


  7. Throw away your Alexa. Don’t by anything with a camera or hidden microphone from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Nest, Roomba. Their are using these products to spy on you and gather information on the inside of your home as well as video. AI or smart ware means tools to spy on you.

  8. Amazon is the worst!!! I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and I see these clowns constantly on the phone constantly tailgate and constantly cutting people off they drive like they’re in a NASCAR race with there cell phone in their hand🤬 they cop out by using subcontractors in their semi tractor trailers bbut their name is still on the side of the truck and ultimately are responsible for the safety of the public

  9. delivery drivers are probably the most cautious alert drivers out there. its the morons in their 'tech savvy' distracting autos and blind SUV's and care-less (yes) drivers that think they must move in-a-blink. they are not genies…they just think so. I gave up driving out in the zoo-world

  10. I know people who drive for them. This is true and covered up

  11. Stop the presses!
    How can any host/reporter have a straight face while naming buzzfeed as their source?
    Are you kidding me? Is she new? Buzzfeed is a tabloid in that only 3% of their stories are factual. While this one story might be factual, Who's to say. I'd at least pump the brakes before running with a buzzfeed article as a talking point.

    C'Mon man…..

  12. Does anyone remember when a Dominoes went through this same thing decades ago?

  13. Buzz Feed.. really. That is the source?

  14. I am not surprised. I live close to a distribution warehouse and see these Amazon Prime drivers coming out and driving recklessly in their Transits and Sprinters. Worst drivers on the road.

  15. I am not surprised. I live close to a distribution warehouse and see these Amazon Prime drivers coming out and driving recklessly in their Transits and Sprinters. Worst drivers on the road.

  16. Amazon just started delivering in my area earlier this year. The Amazon vans are all over. These people that are driving these vans are idiots. They park out in the middle of the road and just turn on their flashers. They do not pull into a driveway. I almost hit one the other day. I was coming around a curve and then there the van was sitting in the road and no driver in site.
    It’s illegal to just stop in the road.
    UPS and the mail truck doesn’t even do that. They pull in the driveway.

  17. I believe this as an Amazon Prime truck drives in my neighborhood daily. This vehicle speeds through our neighborhood daily.

  18. Where is the study on how many times Buzzfeed has been sued….Or the story on how many times Buzzfeed has had to apologize for getting a story wrong….

  19. I support local businesses…

  20. They're pushing the automated truck concept. First, you have to put safety in the minds of people before you take their jobs away. Do y'all think robot trucks will not crash? Why would you want something that can be hacked to be the backbone of our society? All that would have to happen is an enemy nation or nations would have to do is capture our food delivery system. It's the same argument against the smart grid. I want it stupid and less corruptible. Create systems to help human drivers drive better. Dont replace them.

  21. One of the gals came in the Mercedes Van and backed down my driveway, taking out my cable. I got it on camera, had her report it and not a peep or offer to fix it. Cable company fixed it so I didn't have to pursue it.

  22. Maybe we should do a study on pizza delivery crashes, or Taxicab crashes…Maybe Church bus crashes…or School bus crashes…. Lets look at train related crashes… Mail carrier crashes…Ambulance crashes….Police vehicle crashes…. Look folks, If it moves…is on a schedule or is ANY kind of work vehicle…you are going to have crashes…PERIOD…This story says "60" crashes….Over what timespan?…How many AMAZON delivery vehicles are on the road at any given moment??? Hundreds? Thousands?? TENS OF THOUSANDS??? These facts matter…especially when making the sort of accusations being made in this story.

  23. Buzz feed does zero research, just hit job after hit job. Buzz feed is nothing but fake news and made up “statistics! Clickbait

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