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New report details sexual harassment of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen

In an ABC News exclusive interview, the family of Vanessa Guillen said that justice still has not been served and that the new report confirmed leaders failed to protect Guillen.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. justice 4 vanessa❤🌹

  2. An army base full of desensitized criminals

  3. Wasn't she sleeping with a married man? Sorry but when you play on a bed of thorns you get pricked.

  4. Let's not let her die in vain

  5. Robinson could have been asked to kill Guillen to silence her. And Robinson could have been killed but the death was made to appear as suicide.

  6. Don't stop Vanessa's family, Biden will not do anything about this! Don't give up!!!!

  7. This is so sickening!!! It’s like it’s all being swept under the rug!! I’m SOOO LIVID at the fact this was ignored and now she is deceased because of people’s lack of empathy!!! I hope the people that Vanessa went to in hopes of support, live with guilt for the rest of their pathetic, heartless lives !!!!! RIP VANESSA💜#JusticeforVanessaGuillen

  8. The reason why there is no names is because the soldier who supposedly killed him self had nothing to do with her he was used as a scapegoat don't forget that vanessa always said it was a sargent…I know the name of the sargent and when u look him up and u see him in a video just by looking at him u can tell his a fucken creep and a murderer …and no vanessa had no justice until that man is in jail then it will be justice

  9. Now they also need to investigate the other dozen soldiers that were murdered since last year.

  10. God is going to hold everybody involved with her situation "accountable"!..but you selfish ones are ignoring those that report a crime… this is wrong! BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!.."vengeance is mine saith the Lord!"😠

  11. You'd think this kind of stuff wouldn't be tolerated in the military but NOPE. That "disgusting creep" needs to be exposed.

  12. shame what happened, she seemed a like beautiful young lady

  13. There are many more criminals at that base that need to be in prison. They need to investigate every person on that base.

  14. 100% support for her, her sister, her family and her friends that spoke out.

  15. I'm sorry you are dealing with the senseless death of your sister. The truth with not been told and the are hiding what really happened to her. She was brave and a true hero to tell what was happening to her. Unfortunately it got her killed. She is a hero to me. God bless and RIP

  16. Looks like the so called " terrorists " are home grown.

  17. I guess you can get away with sexual harassment in the army smth !!!

  18. This been having for over a century.

  19. This is why I did want my baby girl to enlist.

  20. Rest In Peace my sister in arms. I am so sorry you were failed in such a heinous way. I want to know who called her into work, who was aware Robinson was “in charge” of a weapons room alone and knew Vanessa was going to be alone with the POS.

  21. It’s sad how women get sexually harassed through work, army, gym etc.. I experienced it myself and there is a little to no consequence in reality. Be careful out there ladies.


  23. #findricharhalliday
    So sad that they not there when you need them but our soldiers are there stepping it up for America..
    Fortbliss soldier Richard Halliday is been missing from the barracks of Fort bliss and his leaders did not let his family know until a month later please send prayers to the Halliday family…please help us find Richard!

  24. Ft.Hood has actually a bad reputation for the past 20 something years

  25. Why is that the only photo of Robinson? Surely he has a clear picture in the system

  26. In my opinion I really doubt the real killer is dead. He was another victim. I could be wrong but how odd he “committed suicide” evil lives at that military base.
    God be with the Guillen family. Give them peace and one day may there be justice. This is being cruel.

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