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New report from Uber reveals over 3K reports of sexual assault l ABC News

The reported sexual attacks were part of the overall 1.3 billion rides last year, according to the ride sharing service.
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  1. It's not Uber's fault, they're not the one's producing sexual predators.

  2. Uber and Lyft fought in court to keep drivers from being fingerprinted.. that says everything about their real true intentions and priorities.. profits over safety.

    Taxis fingerprint their drivers because it’s city and state law.

    Uber and Lyft says they’re only a technology company that doesn’t have drivers and .. get this.. that their core business is does not include drivers.. hmm..

  3. 3,000 !! That’s nearly 10 per day

  4. Have a gun and pepper spray.

  5. Smh I had 2 Wooop an Uber drivers ass 4 bein inappropriate wit my girlfriend one day lmao. Told him get out da car n he got da Boop Bop!

  6. im guessing the vast number is simply a male that cracks a joke

  7. End Uber. We need something better and new.

  8. I’ve never been sexually harassed wtf? I feel jiped.

  9. Social Feminists whining and trying to get money. That's all I see, move along. CEO will probably step down, company will go under because of hearsay

  10. I can fix Uber I’m a chauffeur for35 year

  11. What was the rating prior to uber being around?

  12. Do they even check these people before hiring them, that’s what bothers me the most

  13. Im suprised abc didn't wait 3 years to do this story. We all know how they like to protect pedos. Epstein protection news programming.

  14. This bitch sound's like a man. Uber needs to be shut down. These fools are idiot's. Lock up these stupid asses

  15. 3k out how many rides? I get it, safety blah blah but 3 k out 1 billion something rides in a yr is ridiculously overblown


  17. Get your own car lazy fucks problem solved it’s basically the same thing as staying at someone’s house made to look like a hotel 😂😂

  18. This isn’t 1950s America anymore. We are now Brazil 2.0. 😢

  19. It's an app for drunk people. It's been pretty well known for ages that people were using Uber to hook up.

  20. First off, mandatory fingerprint live scan requirements so you know your not employing a sexual predator.

  21. Uber is German slang for rape

  22. Uber is just as dangerous as hitchhiking.

  23. Hi I'm an Uber driver. Stop ordering Ubers for your drunk female friends or if you are a woman and going to the bar and will be intoxicated, take an Uber with a friend. I've had multiple trips where the woman will just be passed out or not aware what's going on.

  24. I’m a driver and I’ve felt unsafe, we’re not truly protected either.

  25. There should be an app with female drivers only. Since men don't wanna change and work on their rape problem, i'd prefer a female driver.

  26. They need legally certified drivers with clean records, not just people with a driver's license.

  27. I know of a girl who was assaulted by an uber driver. Make sure to NEVER accept a free ride from them, this is a trick so that the ride cant be tracked, and you will have no proof of your encounter at all. Not to shit on foreigners, but they are most likely the one's that pull some shady shit.

  28. Sexual assault? You kidding me?!! She was the one hopping on my nuts in the backseat of my car. If anything, "I" was sexually assaulted. But I didn't stop it cuz I Liked it #CalvaryChapelLagunaCreek

  29. Taking rides from strangers bad parenting raised victims .

  30. If Jeffrey Epstein was an Uber

  31. The report also says 98 passengers died last year in Uber cars 🥴

  32. this is clearly sexual discrimination, no matter how sexy i dress i've never been assaulted in an uber, I'm suing.

  33. Ladies- you're better off driving drunk. Lol

  34. I work for uber and came across a lot of people who are crazy drunk people. once I picked up a passenger she didn’t even talk to me the whole ride and when I got to like five minutes away from her house I feel something on my leg touching me. a hand I thought maybe she wants to rob me or something maybe wallet or so but then she starts touching me and ask me like hey are you OK with it? I told her politely sorry I had to be a professional it’s my job. She tells me hey it’s OK nobody’s looking then I tell her again I’m sorry I can’t help you and I don’t know you she goes like you can get to Know me. Then she tells me oh you sure you don’t want to go somewhere nobody is looking and you know I can just do in the car and then I pull up in front of her house I say I’m sorry I can’t do anything. I drop her off and A minute later she calls me and tells me I forgot my keys in your car can you please come back I check my car I told her no keys and She asked me again if i want to come to her house It’s gonna take 20 minutes I said no. Then I just hang up the phone and then I get a callback from her again and I just don’t pick up the phone I just drove off. So people what are the drivers supposed to do in this situation? And it’s all recorded now can I go to court and file a lawsuit against her that she had Sexually assaulted me?But no I did not even do I have proof now if I would have did something like that even touch her a little bit she would’ve cried rape it’s there triumph card And women know they can get away with it. I think if someone accused you of rape and you did not do it you should have the right to sue them back for defaming you. People don’t think I’m against a woman I’m just giving you a reality and all the Uber drivers left taxi drivers go through this kind of stuff a lot so guys be safe and have cameras in your car for your protection.

  35. I still take a taxi 🚕 if I need to get a ride. They may cost more but your risk is much less.

  36. Uber's policy of prohibiting drivers to protect themselves is flawed and has shown to have been fatal. And passengers need to protect themselves, too. Conceal and carry for everyone makes sense for both.

  37. 3000 reports, how many were factual?

  38. I'm glad Uber is taking responsibility. I will continue to support you.

  39. I'm not gonna trust Uber drivers anymore.

  40. OVER 6000but ABC protects rapists

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