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New SmartBall technology unveiled at Lord's

Cricket ball manufacturer Kookaburra has teamed up with tech innovators SportCor to develop the SmartBall to measure speed, spin revolutions – and potentially more enhancements in future


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  1. Hopefully we're one step closer to having real-time ball tracking, rather than having to wait for it to be rendered before being used by DRS. I have been thinking for years how good it would be to have real-time alerting, like they do in tennis when the ball crosses the line, so umpires can easily tell if the ball is a) hit by the batsman and b) going to hit the stumps in an LBW appeal.

  2. It would be better if it could somehow figure out if catches were taken cleanly… Differentiate between ground n the fingers of players

  3. I tried to do this 6 years ago , but could not achieve it. Nice to see this being brought to life, well done guys.

  4. Here in india ,this is exactly what we were waiting for a ball with GPS for year's. As a child we always have our ball lost in shrubs..

  5. The way he says data just makes the rest of what he says pointless

  6. Jesus, give Warnie a crack at the revolutions record…

    he would have to get a new lady every second night

  7. This new 'DAAta' will be more valuable than the current 'data' they have

  8. Who came here After the prediction that smartballs shall use in IPL ???????

  9. Darren till playing cricket after getting ko'd by street Jesus

  10. If the ball doest spin or swing or seam, I don't want this technology. Quality of the game is more important than the quality of the broadcast. if there is no competition between bowler and batsman then this game is domed

  11. So this video is all about interview, i thought they would show some action and recordings of the ball!!!!

  12. Meanwhile bcci has appointed Ravi Shastri as had couch…….again

  13. Data. It's pronounced DAY-TA.
    Dumb convicts.

  14. Be funny if hackers start coming to games

  15. His pronunciation of data is distressing (Day-t-a)

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