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New Trump rule targets immigrants receiving federal assistance l ABC News

The Trump administration is moving forward with a rule that limits who is allowed to enter and stay in the U.S. based on that person’s need for various public benefits.

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  1. Alt left Nazis going crazy. They pretend to care. Don't worry we all know their bullshit.

  2. I call foul these are NOT those coming here legally! US citizens use more of assistance dollars because there’s MORE of them! Nice spin assholes.

  3. We should take care of those who need it regardless. Trump and republicans are the largest recipients of welfare and took us out with a tax giveaway to themselves which the rest of us get to pay for.

    Immigrants are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WELFARE!!

  4. Immigrants matter military matters also veterans and Democrats and in Congress when they put the right direction Americans matter our allies matter !!!! Democrats have always gone in the right direction unlike Republicans!!!! FUCK those bwichs!!! Both d-party and r-party both need to work together but so far republicans aren't doing that the 🌎 is better off Democrat-ic than r-party vote Democrat!!!

  5. This idea is lame.  Most Food Stamps and Welfare recipients have always been ANGLO AMERICANS since the  last time I read s statistics…earlier today.   Foreigners are tough workers.  The MEXICANS I know bust ass to make serious money and they do very well for themselves and contribute to the US economy on a galactic scale.

  6. Ask all these illegal immigrants how many dead people Social Security numbers they use to get paid

  7. They should receive 0 Federal assistance.  They should receive a boot back to their home country.

  8. Wow this evil ass man! Im speechless

  9. "if they might use it in the future"?? What does that mean. Like the guy choosing whether you will be able to renew your visa will say naw, you look like you might use public assistance in the future… Is that how that will work?

  10. It's only because America is going broke the end!

  11. There some other things much more important than immigrant's like whats going on with Russia, north korea and China.

  12. I'm an immigrant who waited 4 years of process just to be here in the states. If you came here illegally you deserve no right to be here. The law is there to be followed

  13. America was built with the work force of immigrants or as Americans like to say "illegals " funny in the constitution it literally states who was in America first native Americans. It's hard to believe "illegals " use or abuse benefits when the majority of Hispanics are workaholics.. a Hispanic will literally tell you " no government will take care of me, I work for my own one way or another "

  14. American was Founded and Fought by White Men. Let us be thankful to White European Men. Stop White Genocide.

  15. Great job mr President Trump

  16. He should worry more about China what a shame he put tariffs on China and them took them off makes the president of the United States look like a joke and I ashamed of my country

  17. I agree with the policy I personally think welfare on a whole needs to be reformed. Good job Mr. President!!! This is a start

  18. You mean immigrants use less benefits than my white trash ex wife? No way dude! Lets go golf some more and diddle underage chicks and try to forget about reality. Yes siree bobbinsky tails bosephus, tell Roy Moore he can come to mar a lago any time, just as long as he leaves the underaged girls tied up un the van. No need to worry about Epstein….he don't need a girl anymore, mu buddies Vladimir Putin and Prince Mohamed bin Salman saw to that somehow from inside the Prison! But hey they can kill un an embassy, they can kill in prison.

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