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New video of Philadelphia shootout shows how suspect ambushed police

Police were serving a drug warrant to Maurice Hill when they said he began shooting at them with an AR-15-style rifle, injuring six officers and eventually surrendering seven hours later.




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  1. We need SWAT ASAP we need long guns ASAP if you didn't come out the house you had something coming for you Like Bernie Mac said your ass in trouble trouble trouble

  2. OK, so take away the guns from we honest citizens and assholes like this guy still has them…Come you morons. Gun control is not the answer.

  3. Always the same excuses..the same lies. ..These people all of them.. the cops, the residents, the criminals, the lying politicians… all belong in Africa

  4. Philadelphia… looks like what it is.. a Third World Shithole. This is what 100 years of Democratic Party rule does

  5. Disgusting human. What was his motive?

  6. Should’ve put Multiple Bullets Inside The Heads Of Those Pigs,
    Probably Just Had A “Mental Illness” just like the White Guys That Shoot Up Entire Schools, Churches, Malls, Mass Public Spaces……. Just About Anywhere Guaranteed To Have A Lot Of Humans.

  7. what did that Trumpet say FAKE NEWS.

  8. Dude was on some Larry Davis type shit

  9. Trump says a lot of stuff but with out his lil guards he won't say that. Because I know someone will shoot him before I do.

  10. So the mayor wants us disarmed and we're supposed to rely on the police to protect us looks to me like they couldn't protect themselves why the hell would I trust them to protect me?

  11. If the mayor so worried about this issue he can do something about it quit letting felons like this a**** out to begin with.

  12. What's this their officers deserve to be protected what he means is he wants to populist unarmed so the police can do whatever the hell they want to you if you're that scared of it mister chief of police or Mister mayor then don't be getting involved with the police it is a full contact sport right!

  13. It took them seven hours to get one guy with an AR-15 there about a hundred fifty cops out their armored vehicles and a SWAT team hell I don't think they know what they're doing it that guy pulled that stunt in Kentucky of the police wouldn't had to come he did got shot at from for about 25 different directions!

  14. What gets me as you got a hundred fifty cops armored vehicle SWAT teams and one guy with an AR-15 stop them for 8 hours? Sounds like they need to go back to the academy.


  16. the president we need to be tougher on street crime what a fucking mong its guns u dickhead get a grip trump ur an idiot and America can do better without you what AN absoloute tit he is saying that street crime realy AR15 riffle being fired at the police and that's a street crime wake the fuck up trump

  17. Guess what? The shooter was a cop informant. I swear that as soon as the news broke, I told my roomie that this whole shit was too sketch to be true and something else was behind of this…then adding to this, the commissioner abruptly resigns…

  18. A black man shoots cops no democratic up roar but a white man shoots Mexicans every Democrat is up in arms blacks are the main mass shooters

  19. I’m sure there are fine people on both sides

  20. The police were coming to kill him. That's right he was an drug informant. He was probably selling drugs for the police and wanted to stop and they would not let him. So they were going to kill him except for he was armed. Similar story of Kevin Davis Bronx New York 1980. He was a federal informant that the police where issuing a false warrant really going to kill him.

  21. So the news guy said it himself. Long history of being a criminal. So he didn’t purchase the gun. So gun control isn’t the problem and you see. Gun control will put innocent people who wants to protect themselves in a defenseless state

  22. Lmao he calls for gun control when this guys gun was illegal nice try for publicity tho

  23. Lol American cops are pussies. In Russia we would have sent a tactical special operations anti terrorist unit they would have cleared the house in 10 minutes.

  24. We need gun laws???????seriously?????how bout they say the same shit when they kill another unarmed black male…its always 'He's a threat to society'…well isnt that what most of these cops are…they are just like us…we are all human,they just wear a badge with a license to time try talkin to people without being hostlie and clutching your weapon.

  25. “Armed with an ar-15 style rifle” just trying to push that anti gun propaganda huh cnn?

  26. Don`t believe this crap, this looked like a staged incident…..He didn`t kill anyone by accident. damn he didn`t even hit cars parked out front and there were several of them? SORRY, I CAN`T BUY THIS BS………FAKE NEWS!!!

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