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New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars | ABC News

The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.

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  1. Y’all peasants just can’t stop hating 😂😂😂

  2. And this is the only thing that happens when you commit fraud against the federal system? She illegally got her child into school meanwhile other students who actually worked for it missed out on an opportunity

  3. Please give me a fucking break 14 Days is a vacation at the Hilton

  4. Now she has got to pay for her crimes!

  5. At least she took responsibility good for her good i respect her for that and the other bitches i hope they rot in hell

  6. she should start selling her used panties in the internet

  7. Let’s get this straight Bill Cosby gives away millions to deserving college students and Felicity Huffman gets millions from acting and takes more Than she gives but gets only 14 days in jail for illegitimately placing her dumb kids in an advantageous position

  8. That's fucked up. They locking up old white housewives now?! Fuck Damn!

  9. This isn't jail or prison. What the hell is really going on? Fucking 14 day trustee. Crime pays.

  10. Why are these people being sent to federal prison they are not a danger to society or themselves? It is this nonchalant attitude about taking people's freedom away that needs to stop in America or we will never be a truly free people. The American people are being used as an investment in privatized prison facilities.

  11. 128 Republicans disliked this

  12. Do you think the president and his cronies are gonna get the same or better treatment than her if convicted and removed from office?

  13. Everyone complains about the rich yet they want to be one too. 😃

  14. Can El Chapo have it like that.!?!?

  15. One second is way too much of that bullshit.

  16. This Chic is on a movie set that looks like she's somewhere that kind of resembles a jail….

  17. Lol what a joke this shit is all about money give me a break

  18. LOL

    This is what #White people think prison look like

  19. Why does this prison even exist? Looks like a summer camp

  20. Why is she the only one walking free as hell….bs

  21. So wht she's not doing time like other's wht about the lady doing 5yrs because she changed her son's address so he could attend a better school.

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