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New video shows moments before fatal Chicago police shooting | WNT

The newly released video showed 13-year-old Alex Toledo and 21-year-old Ruben Roman Jr. walking through a Chicago neighborhood around 2:30 a.m. Police body cam video showed officers chasing the two.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. What the f* are the parents doing allowing the 13 year olds kids out at night with a gun?

  2. I think that cop should sue the parents for having to do that. Out at night in Chicago, crazy

  3. in this time of poverty disease death and democrat molested interns, there is some additional pressure on certain officials to prove that they are worth what the public pays them. its not always unwise to pretend youre scared, and allow certain insecurities to play with their tax funded toys or fail to position themselves ahead of the actual law. these are usually called criminal clinton crew clubhouse 'services'. pretend youre joe in heavy traffic, and all you want to do is show karen how to leash her dog.

  4. Murder of Lil' Homicide caused terror in the hood. Nw Kids don't even want to hold toy gun in their hand.

  5. I’m not justifying what the cop did, but WTF is a 13 year old boy doing out in the streets at 2:30AM, with a gun?? Parents need to be held accountable as is the cop.

  6. Hey ABC rich boys, people are staring to see you! It's taken it's time, but we're waking the "woke" up.

  7. Poor kid had a whole life of crime ahead of him cut short by justice. Let's all riot to decriminalize crime. Gansters are people too. Thiug lives matter!

  8. This one I give to the cop

  9. He wasnt unarmed wat tf that attorney on about yo

  10. Its Hard to control a gun when ur scared…..

  11. Don't give a mental person a Gun….background check…..

  12. His family is really trying this right now? How about you chase someone with a weapon and make a SPLIT SECOND decision between you getting shot or them….YOU OR THEM? He made a sudden movement that ended his life

  13. Time bombs…Tick tock…..

  14. He’s gotta gun, he’s up to no good.

  15. Its just a job…..That pay bills…and I know of police …..all of them are .touched…..Crazy….

  16. He was an armed 13 year old moron.

  17. These people that are protesting are so stupid 1. why did this 13-year-old boy have a gun #2 why was he out in the area in the middle of night & #3 why did he run . If he would just let the cop search him or whatever he would’ve got just in the back of a squad car & go to jail that’s but these ppl are missing the facts

  18. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

    Like skipping this level

  19. Made a poor choice. Sad for sure, but shooting JUST. Officer had LESS than a second to access the situation. Cops are being demonized nowadays even when the perp put himself in a position to be gunned down.

  20. Im sorry but this officer isn't in the wrong. The 13 year old who was out at 2:30am shooting a gun and running from the police with said gun is. He should have been at home in bed. He was doing illegal stuff that doesn't get you a brownie button!

  21. Police……..Stop killing people…..U are pulling the trigger to quick…what u scared for.U choice that job…

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