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New videos prompt school to expand probe into alleged Nazi tributes

One image includes someone holding a German flag and appearing to do a Nazi salute; it comes after a similar video made at an off-campus Pacifica High athletics banquet.




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  1. Y’all butthurt it’s just a meme

  2. The video at 0:20 my friend was in and they were playing mafia and voting out players….

  3. The fact that I like right across from Pacifica highschool

  4. Identify and expel students concerned – simple

  5. so a bunch of nerds did some nerd shit and parents are outraged?
    they even had minorities in the videos.

    if you see the videos, they ARE NERDS!!!!

  6. Yeah communism is the best ypaaaaa!!!

  7. Well, the historical Hitler Jugend/Youth was once upon a time in Europe, in Germany, a well organized and financed national Scout organization prioritizing good quality education together with scouting skills, sport and commonly healthy life style with discipline. First it was for the 14-18 year old German teenager boys  and later there came too an own division unit to the 10 – 14 year old boys. The boys were socially equal there no matter how rich or poor their parents were and well financed Hitler Jugend gave especially to poor working class background boys generous opportunities to learn scouting skills, have cool hobbies, train sport and meet other boys and have friends and travel in Germany, in Europe and all around the world including even Japan. Don´t wonder why German youth and German women, especially German housewives, because the NSDAP Germany supporter generously with welfare state style German families and children, became commonly the most loyal supporters of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. Those Californian High School students and wanna be "Nazis" look commonly quite miserable and undisciplined compared to the real Hitler Jugend. They look commonly simply too lazy and overweight like so many teenagers in the USA today to be real "young Nazis". Uncle Adolf could be quite disappointed to see those his Californian fans today though Volkswagen Beetle, created by Ferdinand Porsche and based on a car drawing and a common people car idea of Chancellor Hitler, was once an iconic part of the Hippie movement. Then where is gay erotic male aesthetic what was once an essential part of the NSDAP Germany and what has visually inspired later the Californian gay porn industry and the 1950´s and the 1960´s bodybuilding magazines in the USA. Nice try anyway, lol 🙂

  8. So sad. , products of Ellis Island ,many of them would be killed because of their parentage under this regimen

  9. What is this world turning to? Amazonia on fire, school shootings, wars… We are really close to dying soon.

  10. Don't Hide these student faces, let them stand by what they done, it was no mistakes, post their names address phone number and social media to the world.

  11. that's what I'd like to know

  12. Come on. I mean let them believe in what they believe

  13. Those are not teenagers in the front The guy at the podium is an adult. The guy to his left is an adult how come there is nothing being brought up about that and who they are they are they just too big for the media to cover what’s going on?

  14. It’s their Freedom of speech, they can do that Without any consequences

  15. I don't know why I clicked on an ABC news story. Every time I do I am disgusted at the content.

  16. Literally no media outlet cares about the kids marching in support of communism here in the states, double standard if you ask me. I mean communism has killed more people than the nazis ever dreamt of.

  17. Let's go cops take down those mother fkrs

  18. Are we seriously doing this now 🤦🏾‍♀️ that school needs to be shut down all those administrators need to be fired an apology is nothing at this point. Why are continuously teaching our youth to hate other races and people who are different from them. Like come on Germany is known for hatred. And not to be racist but it’s always the Predominately white school & neighborhoods doing this demonic stuff. Like seriously what is wrong with people.

  19. Why are NAZIs and Confederacy the same thing in Americans minds? They wanted completely different things. Sadly the only overlap was their disgusting treatment of minorities. But I’m not supposed to think they’re racists?

  20. This is a child rearing issue. As far as this being "hate speech"…i would say it is not what most of us agree with at all, but it is protected by the 1st Amendment. Part of embracing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is understanding that people we don't agree with can say stuff like these mis-guilded kids.

  21. They probably mentally ill…i guess 😂😂dear wypipo

  22. So I guess we'll just ignore the 1st amendment and burn these kid's lives down?

  23. Hmmmm? Children of Trump supporters?

  24. There you have your next school
    Shooters this is where they train them

  25. Suspend them and make it part of their permanent record. It will be community college for them if their lucky.

  26. It's time for a change, WHat we have now is not working. We need one leader to rule everybody, put everybody in their place, save the world by making every one equal. Hydra would make everyone equal. Would create true Order and finally have some advancement in the human race once again.

  27. Look at how white people are raising their kids to be hateful bigots!! It’s disgusting!!! Their parents need to be locked up!! It starts from home!!!!! White people are evil!!!!


  29. What in the fuck!!!!????? Really? Im FUCKING enraged after seeing this,these kids are really ignorant

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