Saturday , November 28 2020
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New Whistleblower Raises Concerns About What Is Their ‘Firsthand’ Knowledge | NBC Nightly News

A second whistleblower is cooperating with the Intelligence Community Inspector General, but is not expected to file a separate complaint. This government official has “firsthand knowledge that supported the first whistleblower,” according to legal sources.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New Whistleblower Raises Concerns About What Is Their ‘Firsthand’ Knowledge | NBC Nightly News


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  1. LMAO 1 whistle blower or 100 what are they going to do?? Agree the thats what was said in the conversation..

  2. It's deeply inappropriate ? No, Senator. It's not deeply inappropriate. It's more collusion and it's against the law. Why is that hard for you to say ? I hope you haven't become morally corrupt.

  3. What's the "second whistleblower" gonna tell us that the first one didn't?.. We all read the transcript..
    What a joke..

  4. Omg what are they having casting calls for whistleblowers? Seriously what difference is it going to make it's not going to change the transcript

  5. Dumb dems, making fools of themselves again,pushing for Trump 2020 without even knowing it.Aipac LOL

  6. It matters little if the second
    whistleblower fails, democrats
    will find a third one.

  7. All A Set Up By The Left…We Can See Right Through You Fools.

  8. What a fraud from NBC ! Most people in the mainstream news media know the Dems like Schiff & Polosi are lying with phony accusations and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump & want to impeach him, but where were those same Dems when Biden was interfering in Ukraine to save his son from an investigation? No one said a thing. Obama and Biden were probably the most war-mongering President & Vice President we've ever had with Hillary & their lies about Libya and Syria to bomb them, yet most of our news media in the US and EU backed bombing these countries. What kind of responsible news media is that? Biden's a crook just like the other Dem Leaders & everyone in the news knows it! Biased much? What a joke!

  9. Multiple liars.
    Political hacks.
    A holes.
    Fake news.

  10. Lock Trump Up! Lock Trump Up! Lock Trump Up!

  11. Former Trump Organization Vice President Barbara Res on Sunday predicted that President Donald Trump will resign or make a deal during the impeachment process, rather than face the humility of joining the rat pack of shamed presidents because he "does a lot to save face” and would hate to be known as a impeached traitor for the rest of his remaining life, a legacy he fears most!

  12. Curing the first complaint 😁. Makes one think…

  13. NBC is nothing but a PR firm for the Democrat party … I haven't seen them put out a worthwhile news story in a long time.

  14. First of all, these "whistle blowers" are really just anti-Trump Democrats still working in the Whitehouse. Second, the transcripts of the phone call in question were made public by President Trump last week … therefore, we ALL have MORE firsthand knowledge than either of these so-called whistle blowers.

  15. The phone conversation transcript was released! I used to think very highly of government officials, I thought that integrity and or at least a hight intelligence was a must to become part of the USA cia! Guess I was wrong

  16. Oh shut up Susan Collins!!

  17. Why don’t you just say there were 100 whistleblowers.

  18. Trump is a master in strategy of war

  19. That scandal is a strategy of Trump to put down dems. Trump is creating a false reality. He knows well the media are corrupt

  20. Democrats, media are full of corruption and lies. Wow what a mess. There desperately trying to hide things and distract the people but this is the thing that will blow back in there ugly faces and end the Democrats and the corrupt media. America has seen through these lies

  21. GOP Position: Only Poor, Powerless Immigrants Must Obey the Law.  And “Drain the Swamp” only means get rid of Democrats, because CORRUPTION by DJT & His Half-Acting-Cabinet (RE: members 0% independence) now LEGAL.  Once illegal immigrants follow the law, so will the President.

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