New witness to testify before grand jury in Trump hush money investigation

Attorney Robert Costello, a former legal adviser for Michael Cohen, is planning to testify at the request of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers before the grand jury in New York, a source with direct knowledge told NBC News. Garrett Haake has the details on what this could mean for the Manhattan DA’s case.

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  1. Robert Costello disrupts Mike Cohen’s credibility in his press conference. Costello forgot that Mike Cohen got all the evidence on the hush money connected to Ms. Daniels, because he paid Ms. Daniels $130K by his own will to cover Trump, then Trump reimburse the money to him by a check of $130K, signed. And besides, Cohen is the direct contact of Trump to Ms. Daniels, not Costello. The DA and the grand jury should analyze this case carefully, because Cohen has all the facts, documents, and evidences regarding this case.

  2. Look Biden kisses kids inappropriate and nothing happens to him. and parents don't even care.

  3. Desperate democrats doing Russia collusion 2.0 on all fronts as Biden admin is a disaster.😂😂😂

  4. Robert Costello is a bot!

  5. Republicans should call on Monica Lewinsky so she can expose how the democrats shut her up and threaten to ruin her life when Bill Clinton, during his presidency, abused her and three other women in the White House. Now that was right under the presidency roof top. Trump’s business before the presidency is just a waste of time. Who gives a dang. Get the laptop, the emails and all the monies to Iran from Obama that is now invested in nuclear bombs. Now, THAT is something to be subpoenaed and these criminals dealt with for betraying the US! Who cares about a women out for a good time with a millionaire. Nothing worst than a women scorned. Get over it Dems. You all live in glass houses!

  6. TNX GOOD business ok thanks good Family Democratic yes okay Happy TNX GOOD

  7. Nothing is going to happen when he is indicted , after he's found guilty will there be some consequences.

  8. Such an obvious attempt to suppress the MAGA movement..there's no crime here. And fyi democrats the movement won't end with Donald Trump it's only the beginning.

  9. Politicians agenda and money buying the judicial system. Amazing what Chinese money can do in the USA these days.😂

  10. Am I understanding this correct. Attorney Robert Costello was giving legal advice to Michael Cohen to try to keep him out of prison but he failed doing so but now he's going to testify saying how awful Mr. Cohen is to try and save Trump from going to prison.
    Seems like the only one that got screwed in the Stormy Daniels deal was Mr. Cohen Trump was too short to get the job done to satisfaction and Mr. Cohen wasn't even in the same room on that night with Trump and Stormy.

  11. But it’s ok if a NBA star pays off a hotel clerk so he can be off the hook? Welcome to America!

  12. Nutcase leftists will be disappointed again. No case here just optics for the weak minded communists…..

  13. The “Law and Order” President 😂

  14. What a coward! Asking supporters to fight for him. Asking a third person (Castello) to help muddy the legal waters. What a coward.

  15. If you do the crime and get caught, expect the law to go after you.

  16. This is insanely stupid it’s a distraction from what’s really happening in Washington and all the sheep are going along with it as usual. People are so hard up that Trump is running they need to try and do something to stop him. 😂😂😂😂

  17. When keeping it in your pants just isn't an option.

  18. And this will re-elect Trump with a landslide

  19. Hey Donny, c u next Tuesday.

  20. I am sick and tired of seeing Donald Trump's name in the news! We all know he's guilty as sin so why all the waiting? Indict the paprika king and place him where he belongs with the other past-tense rejects from the cesspool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. A signed settlement done
    By a lawyer. Hummmm

  22. I'll say one thing "gage order" shut everyone down outside the court room!

  23. They been at this silliness for 6 years, all the time and money could have gone to something that actually matters like maybe the homeless issues or the disaster at the southern boarder maybe?… The left are scared he will get back in office and make them look bad by fixing the mess old sleepy joe has gotten the world into! Hope they do a"peaceful protest" like blm does lol

  24. The 'EX PRESIDENT" for god's sake. He is NOT the president so don't call him that MSNBC!!!

  25. 》》Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.

  26. Nobody is above the law unless your Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden or their associates

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