New York Attorney General Files $250 Million Lawsuit Against Trump and Children

The lawsuit by New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges that former President Donald Trump misrepresented his net worth, misleading lenders with false and misleading financial statements. WATCH ABC News live stream here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: See more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #abcnews #abcnlupdate #trump #lawsuit

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I'm going to enjoy watching Letitia James take the trump crime family down.

  2. Damn ABC News, why did you edit out the part where the racist NY AG said "This law, 63-12, gives me broad, and special powers, to….. to go after enemies, of my political viewpoints, in any way, shape, or form I see fit.". It was classic!

  3. Write a book you want

  4. How Trump does Bussiness.🤮

    Taj Mahal is a casino size of two-foot ball fields, That was bought by Donald Trump.

    Marvin Roffman is a Financial Analyst.

    Mr. Roffman doesn't see how financially, Trump is going to be successful, with the Taj Mahal Casino project in the financial climate at the time.

    Trump spent a billion dollars on the project.

    Mr. Roffman expresses his opinion because that's what Financial Analysts do.

    Trump, retaliates against Mr. Roffman and writes a threatening letter to Mr. Roffman's boss, treating to sue the firm if Mr. Roffman doesn't make a public apology or isn't removed from his position at the firm.

    Mr. Roffman's firm fires him, after working there for 16 years, because he wouldn't back down from his opinion about Trump and the Taj Mahal Casino.

    Mr. Roffman's boss told him to shut up about Trump or he will never work in the industry ever again.

    The Taj Mahal failed, and never made a profit, everything Mr. Roffman said came true.

    That's what happens when you build a casino in the middle of a recession.

    Trump was never a real businessman, a promoter yes a businessman No.

  5. She wont be getting a dime.

  6. I believe 45 would call this a A Perfect and Beautiful Lawsuit

  7. Stop wasting tax dollars bc you don't like someone.

  8. Ironically 250 million is the exact amount stolen by colored people from starving children…

  9. What a joke. Banks evaluated the value of a building, not Trump. 40 Wall Street is worth more than she claims. This is not a criminal case, it’s a civil case. No one goes to jail. You guys just keep pushing lies and exaggerating everything. Laticia James is behind on the polls and is just trying to get press.

  10. The US steals money from the american people but new york is worried about trump making himself richer?? He worked for free as president and didnt take the 300k per year presidents get paid. These governors can go shove a cactus up their arse!

  11. It took three years and all you have is he said his business is worth more than it might be and he got favorable deals because they thought he was richer this is a joke right ….

  12. Valuations are a moving target. I would think every real estate entity is at risk of being charged with the same thing. It looks like sour grapes at this point.

  13. Bonjour le monde entier la guerre à l'Algérie des voleurs du moteur et travail pour la loi tu cherches des voleurs l'argent de Mohamed je travaille contre la loi de voyou de généraux le président de Alger la guerre c'est la guerre OK si les algérien qui a tué la bête tout le monde entier il ferme les portes à Mohamed moi je suis dans l'Algérie je regarde dans l'Algérie la guerre c'est la guerre OK et de feu

  14. Who'd-a thunk that the election of the Democrats, of all parties, would set us on the path to nuclear armageddon? I hope the money comforts them as they clasp it to their smoldering, radioactive bodies (like the rest of us) before they die.

  15. I'm more interested in getting a good future for my country it means better education, better jobs and economics. This is what america is all about. you can afford to buy anything you want and not worry financially in marrying a beautiful man or woman that you can be with and support for the rest of your life.

    Today, any democrat you'll vote will have to answer for job bidens failed policy.

    joe bidens campaign is dodging the real issue. The voters and media should ask these questions that is present.

    1. 9.1% overall high US economic inflation due to high gasoline

    2. Gas average $5.25 per gallon killed fossil fuel in the US

    3. Open border crisis with 5 million illegal immigrants forcing US taxpayer to pay for it

    4. Fentanyl, other Illegal drugs & terrorist on watch list passing thru the border

    5. Defunded the police and crimes nationwide with bail reform soft on crime policy

    6. Reckless spending of hard-earned taxpayer’s money

    over 3.5 Trillion since 2021

    7. Afghanistan withdrawal lost 13 brave service members; stranded hundreds of US citizens & left billion-dollars military equipment in the hands of terrorists

    8. No positive results for Americans besides blaming

    9. Lied about hunter bidens business deal with china and other corrupt countries

    10. Dodging press interviews besides a quick softball pitch with The BIG Guy and there’s nothing to see here.

    He is not an economic selling face world leader. Proven to be a failure and burden in history of US congress. Whatever any democrat candidates will sell you, its not theirs to begin with and they’re still under bidens failed administration. We need your help to stop all these bad policies. Vote Republicans & save this country before it’s too late.

  16. No wonder New Yorkers are fleeing to Florida where Trump lives….

  17. This woman is deranged, I wonder how $ much Biden-Harris have paid her for these lies. these people are DESPERATE as November is closing in and they are trying to deceive the public again so people don't vote republican. The world is even more dangerous now than ever, and the US has become a socialist -communistic culture and more heavily divided and racist.

  18. I'm not scared of too many things in life, but I'd be scared if this lady came after me. I HOPE she has a strong security detail team.

  19. God's Word is clear – she has "sown the wind" and will "reap the whirlwind." God's Word is further clear – "touch not my anointed…" President Donald Trump is God's Anointed!

  20. Lol great timing for mid term as this dumb Bi*** spouts BS bringing a civil suit against Trump.. grasping for straws .. good luck with that..

    Trump 2024!!!

  21. Civil lawsuit while she espoused criminal, illegal activities and federal crimes?
    Seems like frivolous accusations with not enough evidence for criminal charges against a political rival.
    Why this case and why now? Not the last ten years.

  22. And most people know why she's doing it. What a bi

  23. TDS still alive and well 2 years later

  24. Hahaha…"YEARS LATER"…….this NY AG POS doesn't know her stench hole from the stench that reeks from her liberal mouth….another example of more of the "lefts" BS hatred of this country and anyone that stands in the way of their evil hate of the USA.

  25. NO ONE should be allowed to get away with this fraud.

  26. TRUMP 2024 ABC can C DEEZ NUTS


  28. just keep pulling out the laundry this is going perfect HILL GATE SORS BLACKROCK yahoo very pay pal KEEP UP the drama

  29. WOW is this going to back fire SOME ONE is using like a black slave to do their dirty work wow and then they put a contract on those who could get caught wow