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New York celebrates vaccine milestone

The former epicenter of COVID-19 celebrated reaching its goal of 70% adult vaccination with fireworks across the state and colorful displays on 13 landmarks. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Fredo Cuomo pretended he had it.

  2. Why is it that I can look up "vaccine count by state", then go to "mayo clinic", which is supposed to have such records of each state, and there I see that New York has only reached 58.6% (for the first dose) according to their records? Is mayo clinic behind, or is this false news?

  3. só queria uma vacininha pro brasil 🤡

  4. Six worst places to live in the USA 🇺🇸 1. New Jersey 2. Massachusetts 3. New York 4. Minnesota 5. Michigan 6. Illinois

  5. The tangled web we weave

  6. But how can we be sure the drop in new cases is due to the vaccine(s) and not because the population's vitamin D levels are up now that summer is here?

  7. Do what you want to yourself as an adult, but children. YOU F*CKING BASTARDS. The evidence surround this whole charade is astronomical, so I share ZERO compassion or empathy for those foolish enough to turn the other cheek, especially when the evidence is staring them in the face, and they're dragging the rest of humanity down with their blind ignorance. They deserve whatever happens to them. YOU WILL ALL KNOW THE TRUTH SOON ENOUGH, BUT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY TAKEN IT, IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

  8. Seeing the fire works thinking Happy New year😂😂😂😂

  9. Fauci predicted this outbreak virus four years ago

  10. Yeah right ,can all of America celebrate?🙂❤👍🏾

  11. I liv in New York and I ain’t taking any bullshit vaccine.

  12. Stop acting like this vaccine is approved. No one cares if you got your experimental vaccine.

  13. New York is a joke. Celebrating what? There is another variant spreading again. The China flu prevails, looters spread out across the nation instead of jails. Cops on sideline while death is falling between the lines and New York displays fireworks. Right. Ok. Sure. Whatever you say. One big rotten! 🍎 Vote Trump 2024!🇺🇸 The Comeback Kid of the Century!🇺🇸 MAGA 2024!🇺🇸

  14. ABC is complicit with the death of 20,000 grandparents. So when Timmy pulls up with a U HALL. Good luck you dumb commies

  15. All while crime skyrockets, what a garbage town

  16. Let’s celebrate when this propaganda network gets shut down. They kept using fear-mongering tactics to promote the coronavirus to the public.

  17. Cuomo can finally get back to assaulting women and put all those elderly people he had killed behind him, what a joke

  18. And the Thousands of elderly put in nursing homes by Cuomo to DIE are forgotten and he's still there

  19. While the elderly was dying at Cuomo's hand he was too busy writing a book as narcissists do.

  20. More like 20% you fucking liars

  21. So 🦗 from the MSM about Cuomo murdering the elderly. Is all a deflected project facade. Wolf did the same here in PA. tens of thousands dead. Crimes against humanity.
    Likely more projection. .
    I’m not a Repub. investigate Trump all you want. The question is… why do you let china 🇨🇳 joe , the 10% reserved for the Big Guy, Skate? Tony Bobulinski confirmed the authenticity of the emails on the 💻 were referring to China 🇨🇳 joe. $3.5 million given to H by the former mayor of Moscow? The H 💻. Seen the contents – pedo porn and Crack. MSM blamed the Russians and called it misinformation.. Wheres the Weiner 💻? Why is the FBI not investigating the H HD? They have a copy. And so does the CINO CCP. you’ll keep hearing Russia Russia Russia. China 🇨🇳 joe wouldn’t dare challenge China… Bush Iran,Contra and no WMD (joe voted for the Gulf War, Trump stated at the time that he was opposed). Clinton – Original NAFTA – a BJ in the Oval Office. and getting a convicted child trafficker out of a Haitian Jail. Name Laura Silsby. She returned to California. Got married. Last name now Gaylord. Went to DC and presently works for the Amber Alert System. Just can’t make this stuff up. Look it up but avoid google. They suppress what disagrees with the Narrative. HRC Uranium One. HRC had the State Dept take over from AfriCom and told our troops responding to Benghazi to stand down. HRC smashes Gov cell phones with hammers, bleach bits the Illegal content on her home. Server- she skates. joe wrote the 94 Crime Bill and Clinton signed it. Joe still proud of it even though it disproportionately incarcerated Blacks. Trump got a better Bill passed and pardoned many Black folks with many hosted at the WH. joe recently hosted ILLEGALS at the WH .. Trump hosted Angel Families, some of the families of the over 61,000 Americans killed by ILLEGALS. the MSM and their cadre don’t care to to tell the whole truth. Just what fits the Narrative. Obama/Biden/Holder “Operation Fast and Furious” killed 300 Mexicans and Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry.. they skate again. Obama billions of $ of actual cash of various currencies, loaded on pallets and night dropped into Iran on a US Transport. joe is about to do the same thing. The money is used of course for terrorism and is sent on to Hamas.
    Put down the Kool Aid folks and do some research. It’s not about Left v Right. It’s about Good vs Evil.
    We are beyond Orwell..
    Everything here is factual. Look it up…

  22. Americans have lost thier minds. 😕

  23. WTF… they're broke and everybody bailed them out and they blowing it on fireworks when the 4th July is just a couple weeks away. SERIOUSLY WTF!!! Lockem all down then literally burn everyones money.

  24. Must have been a dedication to all the people Cuomo killed in nursing homes.

  25. Celebrating all those dead in nursing homes

  26. Cuomo what about those sexual allegations and those all those nursing home deaths???

  27. Such liars !!!!!!!!! 🤥

  28. I love how governments celebrate removing restrictions they put in place by spending citizens tax money that citizens can’t afford to pay due to restrictions that created job losses

  29. New Zealand followed the WHO simple 3 point plan resulting in 26 Covid deaths; the last in August 2020.

    US mocked the WHO simple 3 point plan resulting in 616,030 Covid deaths with 400 more each day.

    The WHO confirmed to the world that Covid was NOT made in a lab. STOP BLAMING CHINA.

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