Saturday , January 16 2021
Home / News / New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Denies Former Aide’s Sexual Harassment Allegations | NBC News NOW

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Denies Former Aide’s Sexual Harassment Allegations | NBC News NOW

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied his former aide’s allegations of sexual harassment. Lindsey Boylan said Cuomo, “sexually harassed me for years.” Cuomo said, “I believe a woman has the right to come forward…but it’s just not true.”
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Denies Former Aide’s Sexual Harassment Allegations | NBC News NOW


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  1. What happened to believe all women? Unless you are caught right?


  3. Another twittering "Feminist" playing victim and buzz word bingo to the flash of media bulbs, sympathy and adulation.

  4. He seems more nervous and less confrontational than usual… hmmm… lol

  5. He is lying. Look in his eyes.
    He did that 2 her.

  6. I don't believe him.. Not for a second.. He's guilty.. He did it.. He's blinking as if he was in a blizzard.. Trying to find his way but he can barely see anything.. LMAO..

  7. So funny ! Ah ah ah ander ah . Yep , he's guilty . His career as a politician is soon to be kaput .

  8. Look. I'm king Cuomo. I don't care what you think. Don't do what I do. You will do what I say.

  9. Is there a sexual harassment award in Cuomo's future?

  10. This is so full of crap, the far right will do anything to stir a pot of poo poo, tell this trick Lindsey Boylan to go sit down somewere

  11. Of course he's going to say that

  12. Il Duce’s true colors are finally showing!

  13. He also said New Yorkers wouldn't get the vaccine until he had time to test it

  14. Well, well, well, I can always tell when Cuomo is lying – are his lips moving?

  15. Who else is waiting for "The body language ghost' here on YT to do her video on this topic?!
    Cuomo is a narcissistic, sexual predator, criminal. He should put his mask on and shut up.

  16. Wait until Gavin finds out Andrew is straying..

  17. “Believe all women” remember when he said that?

  18. BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. What a phony !
    Where is the me too movement on this corrupt governor !

  20. And what's her proof? Any credible witnesses? ……..None…OK … closed.

  21. That's your Demo"rats" me cago en tu madre Cuomo!

  22. All the progressive women sure like to put aside their "believe all women" stance and grant "white privilege" to guys like Cuomo and Biden. They immediately went on the attack against Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

  23. Cuomo you dirty old man you should no better. Youre an ugly piece of self serving crap. You pooh pooh trumps vaccine then put yourself first in line to get it.. you should be last in line COWARD

  24. Run for President to get away from accusers. It worked for Trump

  25. Sounds political when she waits until she’s running for public office.

  26. So y’all just gonna accept his answer and not look into it. If this would’ve happened during the me to movement than y’all would’ve continued with it.

  27. I do believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo… He had nothing to hide… Just remember he is human too. He is also father of 3 girls. I don't think he will do something stupid to ruin his job. I think people need to stop to find a way to destroy him… You are not going to win. I believe Gov. Cuomo is a good man and has a class. He is not that type of man would groove woman. He is better than that…

  28. The Governor is blinking awfully fast for someone who's telling the truth.

  29. So many red flags during his denial. I may have to do a video analyzing his body language.

  30. "It isn't true"

    Clearly he is lying

  31. No compassion from the governor which is shocking considering he is from the party of believe the women at all costs until she is proven definitively wrong

  32. You know he did it. With his nipple piercings. 👩‍💼Gross!!

  33. Chicken has came home to roost.

  34. Denying it over and over doesn't make it true. I just heard that from one of your corrupt cronies!

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