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New York law aims to kill 'secret' luxury real estate deals

A new law in New York State makes every condo buyers name publicly available. Dolly and Jenny Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate weigh in.

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  1. Right to privacy only for the politicians who can exempt themselves from their own laws?

  2. There is no such thing as "unintended consequences"; they either planned it or were too stupid to see it coming; either way, throw out the rascals.

  3. People and their wealth will go where they are treated best.
    If socialists were financially literate, then there would be no socialists.

  4. Every American should registervas a corporation or LLC. It is idiotic that psychopaths have all of our personal data, and expect that only they deserve anonymity…dopes.

  5. I am shocked at the majority of these comments.. The reason they put in an LLC is for money laundering.. she just said that a 3rd of the condos are being bought by the Chinese. They are bidding up the prices that will ultimately trickle down to you. They aren't making new land…..sorry , I dont have sympathy for people selling multi million dollar condos..

  6. New Yorkers have to vote Cuomo out in next election…period!

  7. 12% & 5%
    Real estate business underground LLC's involved in retails. What did Mayor Bill De Blasio done?

    So these illegal real prostitution is majority Democratics sanctuary silicon valley's. Sexual immorality by ladies owner's Dolly and Jenny. Kind of family business.

    Is that about homelessness?
    Or California passing rental coupon's? These two women made diamonds from their housing to condo's business and Maria also bought one. Hmmm 🤔.

    Housing is 🍼🍯🍩
    Condo's is 🍌🍒

  8. It's a money laundering operation.

  9. New York is like Chong Qing which is a city of China.

  10. Marxist R running NY! The Elite!!! Super Rich! They make the Laws! People wake Up!

  11. The fact is most of the luxury real apartment  and home owners in NY are Foreigners. Most of them are  from China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Canada, Germany, French, Italy and Qatar. Chinese are the biggest one.

  12. Like the democrats ever do anything good for people it’s always about taking more power.

  13. You people better stop complaining or they’ll turn off you electricity too.

  14. Prices came down! Sounds like a good law. Poor elitists are bawling. Enjoy it while you can.

  15. I want to know who sees homelessness and faces on the sidewalk as "luxury "

  16. I do not care about New York real estate…..

  17. New York the next liberal state to fall , just like California is doing now .

  18. So they want to know everyone’s business ?

  19. So privacy is out the window…

  20. Spoiler alert:
    Majority of luxury condos are being bought by Chinese investors. Surprise!

  21. Ok ladies . This new law will help stop black money from other countries being invested into New Yorker real estate . So it is a good thing

  22. 😂 the deep state just needs to move to the suburbs, Watch the Chinese just start buying whole subdivisions in the Midwest.

  23. Yay I hope they leave and come to Chicago yay

  24. THIS IS INSANE 😲😨😱💯

  25. we need your location for taxation

  26. Doesn't this violate a buyer's privacy?

  27. If you want some real economic news I suggest:
    The money GPS
    Road to roota
    Both on YouTube.

  28. Why is this whole panel female?

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