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New Zealand parliament speaker cradles politician's baby during debate

“Today a VIP took the chair with me,” the speaker of New Zealand’s parliament tweeted after cradling and feeding a politician’s baby during a lawmaker debate.

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  1. The loveliest view of a functioning government ever

  2. File Under

    Things that make me want to leave the U.S.

  3. Photo-op 😐 on tax-payers money😒.

  4. Question. If iran fights openly will uk empoverished uk get involved? The weak pound will drop bellow euro? I wouldnt go to war. Remember iraq? U just cant afford it. Be careful

  5. Words of a true leader…suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven….in the latter days, the hearts of many will wax cold. Love one another as I have loved you. Teachings of the greatest leader that ever existed and impacted the world far greater than any politician that ever existed, who's followers are greater than any other being that ever existed and still gather to learn of him every week in congregations throughout the world for over 2000 years. There is no greater leader that ever existed. Not a mythological figure, but a real being. He lives. Jesus the Christ. Immanuel…GOD with us.

  6. A black man can't do this!. Too arrogant and big!.

  7. Bringing babies in to the U.S. Congress would certainly raise the average maturity level in the room

  8. I want to move to New Zealand. Please take me.

  9. Babies for every politician! It makes them human lol.

  10. The kind of story that we need right now

  11. New Zealand is the wholesome country of the world.

  12. OK, it's official! The Kiwi's rock! ♥♥♥
    ~y'all accepting refugees from the US?

  13. This kind of thing makes the world a better place

  14. Kiwi politicians cool and calm just like their sportsmen and women. Love and respect from Pakistan.

  15. You couldn't do this in US Congress, the entire GOP would be cradled

  16. The youngest member of parliament. I remember as a kid I used to go to wellington and watch the live debates in the public gallery. Good times.

  17. this is just my late dad so very patient I miss him so much God bless you real man

  18. Blah blah blah blah…..
    baby says at the end.

  19. I don't see how this bastard managed to stay a politician after what he did yo his (now) ex-wife, let alone be the speaker of the house. Fucker should have been behind bars.

  20. Love and respect from Pakistan
    True humanity and parenthood
    Love the kiwis and their politicians

  21. Ridiculous, unprofessional and an unsuitable environment for a baby, what next? Generals in the command room giving bottles to babies? Babies belong in their warm, loving homes to be nurtured and cared for by their mother not dragged into some sterile room full of people and noise as some kind of PR stunt.

  22. Trump locks babies in cages!

  23. The speaker and the baby super cute moment love philippines!

  24. It’s weird that this is weird….

  25. Aww that is SO CUTE! What a LOVELY thing to do. And he is really good at handling the baby and seems to be enjoying it. I also love how everyone acts like it's no big deal as if this is not unusual or as though the baby is not even there.

  26. Not impressed. Why is this even considered "news"?

  27. That's so cute. This should be standard practice in the US Congress so fights won't break out.

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