Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Newest tariffs ‘will affect people in stores': Former JCPenney CEO

Former JCPenney Chairman and CEO Allen Questrom examines the effect the most recent round of tariffs will have on consumers.

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  1. I can't think anything I need raise it to 50 percent

  2. I don’t care. Stop importing cheap garbage that steals our jobs. Build American, buy American. By they way isn’t JC Penny failing even pre-tariff?

  3. China better lean who’s boss before US gains new territory.

  4. Not if you stop buying cheap crap from China…

  5. I don’t care what the hateful liberals say,
    I’m going to do my best to never buy goods made in China.

  6. Tariff on butter?
    I don’t eat Chinese butter.

  7. Thank you President Trump for taking on China. The price we may pay is a small price to pay.

  8. I hope people don't think China will let companies move high tech production equipment out of their country. Now we have to build that equipment and compete with China on the world market.
    Thanks a lot Clinton and the Dems!

  9. After twenty five years of politicians using our economy to build our enemy we finally realize we are being financially bled dry. Now we have to have some discomfort while correcting the situation.

  10. This may hurt for a while but it is time to get this China thing fixed along with a lot of the other things that previous administrations didn’t have the guts to fix.

  11. The reason they didn't get the current JC Penney CEO? Because some idiot drove JCP out of business?

  12. Ceo just want to keep making more money.

  13. What your saying is we are a nationed based on consumerism…and if thats true then our econmic base sucks and we have a bigger problem

  14. Quit buying "Made In China".

  15. great democrats worried about watermelon costing alot

  16. Made in America is the new USA.

  17. China still killing US with fentanyl, and no trace of ebola in China? Amazing!

  18. Not really. Market demands are not there to merit paying higher prices for overpriced Chinese goods! Former CEO is out if touch with consumers, apparently of a belief we are somehow dependent on cheap Chinese clothing that falls apart when you wash it, or tools that turn to rust on the shelf!

  19. The solution?…Dont buy Chinese Goods…And obviously NEVER listen to the very same ones that sold out America for Fun and for Profit ,who then tell is how good it is for us to trade good Jobs for cheap Crap! And of course how much they worry about the plight of consumers …who are Workers …without jobs ,..there are No Consumers…

  20. Vote for Trump in 2020 as President Trump is negotiating for jobs for US citizens. Given time, Trump’s policies will work. If trade deficits aren’t important than why are countries like China and Germany working so hard at keeping their trade surplus intact?

  21. Here is some of JCPenny's stock value numbers…2019 -31.76, 2018 -67 %, 2017 -61.97. Don't think his advice is worth much.

  22. If we built everything in America we won't have the problem so taxes 25 percent on American companies that build outside our country these companies are not for American they out for a quick bucks

  23. We are taking the predictions of one of JCPennys ex chairman???? This is a business that couldn't see the headwinds after 2007, and as of 2019 is down 32% with a constant,, series of huge declines in value, with no upward turn in sight. I could care less what this business failure has to say.

  24. JAPANmediaailManyRondaringmafia

  25. That’s right! Chipotle is going to have to raise their burrito prices by 5 cents. I’m not buying these people’s “concerns”. It’s all about THEIR stocks and profits. We need to force China to play by the rules.

  26. Will effect people in store's.
    Store's have planned and prepared for these tariff play's. The good's in the store will meet the tariff requirements. That's good meeting🤗

  27. How about human rights of the people in China and in Hong Kong? The guest is greedy.

  28. China backed by Russia should of been cut off forty years ago. Fix America from dumass politicians. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!

  29. Buy asean products, best tires, best coffee, cheap clothes

  30. $JCP (JCPenny stock) is selling at 71 cents a share. Could you not get the opinion of a buggy whip manufacturer? Were all the Amish too busy to tell us about a modern economy? Come on! Fox is better than this… or you used to be. Screw China and the bad trade deals they rode in on!

  31. Just say NO to production from China!

  32. Stop buying excess you dummies.

  33. Rubbish… these morons just ignore the fact that a non moronic retailer would source the products from non tariffed sources.

  34. Just shows you JCPenney gets it's crap from China. No more shopping at JCpenney for me.
    Who the hell buys Chinese pork, eewww. We buy only local, same with milk, cheese and butter. No idea how these items made the list. Same with chicken and beef.

  35. Recession? I’m spending like crazy. Companies are reporting record profits, that means other people are spending as well.

  36. Cavuto always does the "traitor" segments.

  37. It doesn't really matter the U S Chamber of Commerce is always more than ready to find an excuse to mark prices up.

  38. US you need to win this trade war. I try not to by anything from China here in Canada, I try to buy local or else where. Just because mainly Chinese stuff is junk and breaks too easily.

  39. We don't you to tell us any Neil or however you spell that name!

  40. This Anchorman seems like bought and paid for by the Chinese government. The U.S doing fantastic until these China punk entered the WOT stole everything from The U.S, jobs, intellectual property and lot more…..

  41. Boycott Cavuto. Oh… and chinese junk

  42. Hey, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out! Common Sense is a minimum!!!!

  43. Democrats should be happy to see all those Chinese Goods not getting to WalMart and prices rising…after all Capitalism and Consuming stuff is Bad.

  44. Im rich. Tariffs mean nothing to me. SUCKERS!

  45. Tariffs are a choice, you don't have to buy it. Democrats want to raise your taxes 70% you have no choice in that.

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