Wednesday , August 10 2022

NFL commissioner testifies on workplace culture

Sports attorney Dan Lust has the latest on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testifying before Congress on the Washington football team’s workplace culture. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. Fans need to stand up and send the message with their pocketbooks.

  2. I trust him like I trust Pelosi. Anyone with a scrap of integrity would have resigned.

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  5. Don't care about the NFL stopped watching them year's ago especially when there poster child Kapprinck kept kneeling for the national Anthem I'm a veteran 🇺🇲 and that's a slap to everyone who died for that flag . I hope they eat themselves alive because pure evil will always crumble

  6. Us a border horizon pour Gazaette generation. Huell howser one of the greatest

  7. Haven't watched a game since they took a knee to Marxism.

  8. He's the worst thing that happened to NFL

  9. The NFL will never be played in my home it's absolutely insane that everyone still supports the NFL. Just like facebook Twitter everyone wants to complain about it but continue to support it.

  10. 11 of the top 12 states with the highest poverty rate are the Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas.

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  12. All these cult-ure distractions are keeping people from researching what the real issues we are facing! The drought out west causing lower food crop production, inflation in every sector, a very bad economy due to corruption in this administration!
    I could care less about the over paid pro athletes. We quit watching pro sports ever since they became ‘Woke’!

  13. Melvin Achanzar is evil commander

  14. uh … let's NOT (talk about the NFL)
    I quit watchin' when they all took a Knee …. overpaid Primadonna's … the lot.



  16. The rich players have a higher rate of criminality than the average population. The whole organization is like the mob. They're a giant crime family.

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  18. He needs to go, He has allowed the game to be soiled by popular causes. This is a game,over paid spoiled players.

  19. The NFL and their players are no different than a Saudi King owning and racing thoroughbred horses. The only difference is that the horses can't complain.

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  21. I'm watching the USFL now.

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