Nick Jonas stops show for fan, ‘let’s get her some help’ #Shorts

Nick Jonas stopped his Jonas Brothers concert mid-song when he noticed a fan needed some help.

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  1. That is why I love this family! They are humble and truly an example, despite immense success they are still kind and wonderful human beings! Blessings to the Jonas Family and to Everyone! Greetings from South Africa!

  2. What happened some one please tell me

  3. I have so much Respect for him, great job thank you for being kind. What Travis did was horrific

  4. What An Amazing Guy, God Bless You Always‼️👍🏽♥️

  5. Thank U Nick your Amazing❤😇

  6. I dig dim Jonas Brothers Kool Kid🎤🎹🥁🎸

  7. What happened? I tried to find the full video and no luck. I saw the story on Google and it didn’t give too much information. Why is it the negative stories like Miranda getting on fans got so much attention, but stories like this doesn’t? I wish there was more positive then negative stories about people in the public eye. Singers, actors etc

  8. Travis Scott. Duck that bish!!! Let's rage!!!!!!!!!! If you see an ambulance you stop it from getting to her. Fu** yea!!!!!

  9. You are awesome Nick. Always thinking of your fans and family. We love you and keep on rocking.❤❤

  10. Whoever creesed those pants, deserves an award for that because he was A 1 CLEAN ON THAT STAGE, real talk. Glad that he has integrity and not continued the show with a fan in distress!! Kudos to him!

  11. Mr. Jones,
    This was beautiful what you did for a fan. What a great blessing for the fan!

  12. One who saves a life saves the world

  13. Kindness is everything in life!!!make a difference in someone's life…even with the little things…it goes a long way!!!

  14. Human kindness ❤❤❤❤.

  15. Genuine human being with good heart

  16. I love him❤ raised right ❤

  17. Are you ok? 🤢💭yes I'm green

  18. He saw the security guys doing something, then he saw the fan, then he stopped for 15secs, whole crowd applauds then he continued the show. Nice humans all around
    PEACE 🕊️

  19. Lmao…Jonas fans are just …you know.