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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 12, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

FBI agents raid Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean Island, Trump fuels Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories on social media and concerns in Newark over lead contamination in the drinking water.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:26 FBI Raids Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Caribbean Island
4:04 British Socialite Accused Of Grooming Sex Slaves For Epstein
5:52 Trump Spreads Unfounded Epstein Death Conspiracy Theory
7:31 Dayton Gunman’s Friend Faces Federal Charges
8:30 Newark Residents Demand Bottled Water After Lead Warning
10:36 Trump Administration Announces New Rules On Legal Immigration
11:47 Trump: U.s. ‘learning Much’ From Russia’s Missile Explosion
13:11 Hong Kong Airport Shut Down By Hundreds Of Protesters
13:46 Family Of Teen Who Died Trapped In Van Sues Over 911 Response
16:16 Dog Owners Warn Toxic Algae Killing Their Pets In South
17:49 Woman Finds Hidden Camera In Plane’s First Class Bathroom

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 12, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. You still want to be the first to do everything don't you. You just don't understand. Your shadow does. Who invented the first pistol? What color is that person? What country adopted the weapon? Your so so smart. Well, what about being sued for having, and or adopting weapons of Mass destruction an other. Since you want to always be the first. Money really is the root to? Sure it is. Look at our children prime example. The words are coming soon.

  2. Stop using so much lawn fertilizer

  3. That Washington Compost reporter, butchered by Saudi, was a child pedo friends of Epstein. He was a regular on molestation island

  4. No amount of money can cloak the actions of a vile human! Jeffrey Epstein probably thought he was smart by creating his private island for his disgusting, perverted lifestyle. He thought no one would ever know what things were happening there since the island was far from the public eye.



  7. Letting your water run for 5 minutes before drinking it will get rid of lead? WTF!

  8. You jerk! What the dickens does smoking marijuana 5 times a week have to do with what ever these creeps did! You are totally barking up the wrong tree! It shows your absolute ignorance of the world around you! Shame, shame ,shame in you!

  9. The clean water sct was repealed by the bush administration, not good.

  10. Its better to be certain of at least one thing, purified water is a dollar per gallon.

  11. Its better to just buy purified water by the gallon. What exactly happened to kyle…

  12. Marijuana and lsd everyweek, not good.

  13. Barr is the culprit. He is a liar just like trump. The are all in on it including Clinton's. Period. It will come out.

  14. FBI head to Epstein private island for clean up 😂😂

  15. Attorney general William Barr is a disgrace a trump shill he will cover up to protect the rich and Trump William Barr cannot be trusted and should be impeached along with Trump

  16. so the money is gone and now the claims are poping out.

  17. you KNOW it's a cover up as soon as they say "conspiracy theories"! they said that day ONE of the death, THAT is how you know it's BS time!

  18. Omg people wake up!! They keep blaming global warming (by the way thats your fault for using plastic straws and bags lol) for the algae blooms and crazy weather and planet heating up but there are more nuclear accidents than ever in the last decade and surely more to come. The radiation couldnt have anything to do with anything. Just take iodine if you catch some. Wow!

  19. Clinton must be breathe easier but slick is in trouble

  20. 6 days is enough to remove a person from suicide watch? Females are capitalists. They marry into what they need. What's love got to do with it? Epstein was a boy growing up who somehow could arrange trysts with guys with curious abundance of cash made available to enthusiastic charm schools. They were more than willing to run away from home (that's why they were able to be in his circles already). And he had friends who could help them stay out of dumpsters.

  21. You wouldn't believe what goes on at the MCC!

  22. No wonder why Newark has so much crime…
    Damaged by lead brains..

  23. I dont that Virginia Something,prostitute..

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