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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 20, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Florida teen arrested for making ‘joke’ about committing school shooting, new guidelines advise more women need to get breast cancer gene test, and Connecticut man accused of killing Anguilla hotel worker claims self defense.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:37 15-Year-Old Arrested For Chilling School Shooting Threat
2:37 New Arrests For Threatening Deadly Attacks On Social Media
3:50 Trump Says He’s Considering Payroll Tax Cut To Boost Economy
4:57 Trump: Jewish People Voting Democrat Show ‘Great Disloyalty’
5:57 Pompeo Warns Iran Spreading ‘Terror And Unrest’ In Mideast
7:35 Russia To Nuclear Watchdog: Mind Your Own Business
9:15 High School Students Caught On Camera Giving Nazi Salute
10:49 New Guidelines Say More Women Need Breast Cancer Gene Test
12:40 Juul Accused Of Illegally Targeting Minors In New Lawsuit
14:13 Dangerous Heat Alerts For 51 Million Across Several States
14:34 Father Accused Of Killing Resort Worker Claims Self-Defense
15:56 Armed Man Killed After 37 People Taken Hostage On Public Bus
16:33 California School Requires Students To Lock Up Cell Phones
18:08 Bear Breaks Into Home With Teens Inside And Raids Fridge

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 20, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. i cringe everytime i hear him say 500 billion

  2. These blk kids meed to pay close attention to ths… 15 year old white boys threatening harm to people in their own Society violent harm… White teenagers who are actually Nazis showing themselves not even hiding and of course their president don't let them tell you that slavery and all that came with it should be ignored when they haven't forgot that they want to rule the world. By your weapons learn to shoot.

  3. Our lungs are made for breathing in fresh oxygenized air…which is, in turn, transported into our blood stream to all of our body's cells for breathing…Not smoky gases…which clog up and damage your lungs…😜

  4. I think that those highschool students are not saluting Hitler…but rather… Trump…😆

  5. if jews love democrats so much why did they ban the 4 squats..?

  6. Who in their right mind watches this crap? Is it the same people who think soap operas are real?

  7. The jr. cave beast are wild. Keep your head on SWIVEL

  8. These White people have lost their plum minds. Their murderous hearts are overflowing.

  9. What do the peoples leaders of the world want for the people? The end of humanity? Really? Time for real change people. It's no longer popular to live in fear of the few.

  10. If everyone in the history of mankind that made threats carried through with them society would already be living in a nation that we're headed for one with no constitution. OMG we are having a snow storm of epic proportion.

  11. Cancer is a medical creation.

  12. These white kids they need discipline their no f**** good

  13. Put Peter Alexander on the air as lead anker. He is an excellent journalist and super easy on the eyes. Time for change.

  14. Yeah, a little boy, tell that to the parents of the columbine shooters🙄

  15. yall know thats a serious violation of the constitution right???

  16. WOW i actually cant believe how stupid americans are….

  17. who cares if the kid was making threats its just a little kid…. either way you cant just arrest him …. its not a crime… its a violation of the law.. therefore he must first be detained, questioned, then allowed to be put on bail, then have a trial, then the court will decide

  18. Sorry. Your kid is crazy if he is saying that he is bringing a rifle to school.

  19. 1:54 That threat was too descriptive not to take seriously. Maybe his mother should pay attention to what he's doing.

  20. @10:17 that your trying to push and promote and push i dont think we need your help identifying racial behavior and so your point is?


  22. Bravo! Arrest all of their behinds. Don’t take chances with none of those threats.

  23. Great idea banning phones in school; students need to focus on their studies. Let's hope parents don't complain. The 15 year old who made the threat should be arrested and his mother should stop treating him like a kid.

  24. Kudos to the San Mateo, CA school that requires students to lock up their phones while at school! Yay!

  25. (@9:14) Re: Pacifica H.S. in California,… simply horrifying that students would use a nazi salute. Maybe the schools need to amp up their history class content to let them know just what they are doing.

  26. Trump's comments on Jewish people voting democrat is so very ignorant. He is a dangerous man!

  27. Re: The boy who threatened to shoot up his school,… that mom needs a serious wake up call! Your son needs help!

  28. Show those American Nazi's faces.

  29. ..define little boy..ages 1 thru 5…NOT 15…this mom is probably this LITTLE BOYS problem..this country covers free speech but not this kind of freedom…poor stupid mommy…🐩🤕🐩🤕🐩🐇🐇🐇

  30. Pomtardo!!! Shouldn't even be head of an elementary school!!

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