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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 23, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump ‘orders’ American companies to look for ‘alternative to China,’ adult hospitalized with breathing issues after vaping dies, and Cindy McCain on husband John McCain’s legacy one year after his death.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:18 Trump Threatens New Tariff Hikes On Chinese Products
1:48 Trump Orders U.S. Businesses To Find Alternative To China
2:20 Trump: ‘Who Is Our Bigger Enemy,’ FED Chief Or China’s Leader
2:51 Trump To Attend G7 Summit In France This Weekend
3:03 U.S. Businesses Caught In The Crossfire Of Trade War
4:47 NTSB: Landing Gear Collapsed On Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Plane
6:09 Florida Student Arrested After Threat To ‘Shoot Up A School’
6:42 Police Report 14 School Shooting Threats This Month
7:49 Health Officials Report First Death Possibly Linked To Vaping
9:06 Brazil Under Pressure To Stop Intentional Fires In Amazon
10:28 Two American Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan Returned To U.S.
11:01 Cindy Mccain Speaks Out Nearly A Year After John Mccain’s Death
13:38 Billionarie Conservative Activist David Koch Dies At 79
15:53 Witness Disputes American Tourist’s Account Of Hotel Killing

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 23, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  2. That's right democrats let the media do your thinking for you. I can ask any Democrat anything and already know the answer because none of you think for yourself.

  3. Wirmon hackers offered me a legit hack transfer of $20k I am so excited

  4. Wow President Trump!
    This isn't good at all.
    You messn up bad mannnnnn!

  5. NRF: ignores crimes of china for profit is what that translates too

  6. Kenny did nothing wrong! Scott is a crazed racist lunatic!

  7. how can those holes at the vape companies claim its safe to inhale steam from melting chemicals?

  8. I seen a cashnasty video when he was in China and they were taxing tf out of him for shoes lol

  9. Want to hear real news tune into Paul Begley!

  10. Does nobody get he's trying to wreck this place.

  11. If a man is protecting his family from an attack at knifepoint, well, whatever happens happens. Moral of the story: don't attack people with knives. Duh.

  12. That's just fine, taking all potential threats seriously, regardless of how they're worded. Gotta make examples of threatening texters/posters! It's the fact that we Americans have been too lazy and tolerant of these "mentions" of violence online, whether "just jokes" or completely serious… That's what's led to the actual doings of these mass-shootings. Why? Because the "just jokes" are tests to see if law enforcement cares, or is even watching or not. It's boundary pushing. Put 'm all in juvenile hall!

  13. Trumps always been Israel first since 1996 when the Zionist bailed his casinos out of debt for like 10 billion dollars he's been more pro Israel than an pro American look wheatgrass done!!! Benjamin Netanyahu is more an enemy than chairman xi!!!

  14. John McCain was a traitor i heard real veterans tell me tales of his cowardice real Americans ask their elders real veterans who lived these wars questions and you wouldn't understand the truth…sad tales of pows abused tortured and John McCain laughed as he ate real food and sold out the American pows he gave just as much secrets to the enemy as Hillary clinton!!!

  15. Trump is part of the stablishment. All this about China and US economy colaxing, was announced even before China was seen as the new global superpower.

    There's a preacher propagating his vision of the last days especially around 2008 and 9. This preacher died soon after in a car accident.

    At least, this is my opinion.

  16. Cindy McCain is so beautiful…

  17. 20% thats it 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  18. Trump is doing everything Putin wants him to. He acts like a dictator as he destroys our economy.

  19. Where's the Aug 24th Nightly News broadcast?!

  20. Let's say I was interested in running for political office and I can assure I am not. I wouldn't exactly be rough talking, but you would know I mean what ever it is I say. My slogan would be: A chicken in every pot and a paycheck in every pocket. There is a reason I say this. One of the main reasons is you either work or have a disability so severe you cannot work doing anything. Trust me I have no desire to run for any type of office at any level. If I had to get voter approval to simply catch a cold, I would never have a cold.

  21. Why don't the worlds super wealthy multi billionaires buy up huge sections of the rain forest and protect them? Oh yeah forgot, they don't care and actually pollute 1000 times more than the average people…Yet virtue signal and pretend they're "eco warriors" None of the demonrat leftists live off grid either.

  22. 2:40 "respect the Federal reserves independence" Yup that's because the world globalist bankers own the federal reserve, not the United States government…No american politicians are even allowed inside…JFK was the last person to try and fight against the federal reserve and look what happened to him…If you don't respect the federal reserves independence you end up dead. Just like this comment will be deleted, MSM is the enemy of the American people.

  23. So much for first amendment freedom of expression.

  24. Hit Thumbs Up if you are a Patriot and are against Socialism and the Far Left and are going to vote for #Trump2020 in 2020

  25. Where's the august 24th nightly news??

  26. A lot of talk about one possible vaping death but no word on how many deaths are caused by smoking cigarettes (480,000 per year in the USA alone).

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