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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Iran’s Foreign Minister makes a surprise appearance at the G-7 Summit, a report from the Amazon rainforest on the effort to fight the fires burning in the region and a NASA astronaut is accused of committing a crime while in space.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

0:37 White House Blindsided By Iranians’ Arrival At Summit
1:39 President Trump’s Mixed Messages On Trade War
2:22 Trump And Allies Engaged In ‘Lively’ Discussions
2:58 Republican To Take On Trump For Nomination
3:20 On The Ground As Fires Destroy Amazon
5:44 Policeman Accused Of Sniper Shot Hoax
7:39 Viral Video Teen Completes Triathlon
8:26 Astronaut Accused Of First Ever Space Crime
10:36 Gas Explosion Destroys Maryland Office Building
11:08 Preserving African American Heroes’ Legacies

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. How does a (rain forest) burn so quickly??? Why not utilize the trees vs incinerating them.

  2. Walked all that and looks like he's been on a couch drinking beer.

  3. SeCoNd ThOuGhTs AbOuT eVeRyThInG.

    Not good.

  4. Wait… You mean G8 Summit? Right?

  5. He was 21 years old lol. Way too young to be a cop

  6. Greta from Switzerland welcome to the Americas. mother earth.

  7. unbelievable that balsonaro should change his mind like that, I'll bet his troops are killing indigenous people right now, under the guise of helping. and that cop in LA. proves my point, that nothing will really change anywhere. mother earth will

  8. Since when can an incumbant be of the same party of the sitting president?

  9. See the end of the world is coming just like the bible is saying. Rumors of wars. Nation against nation and sea ANIMALS will come to shore to die. That's happening already.

  10. Kate Snow looks just like the presenter in the Onion's newscast from 128 years in the future here! Same poses, same motions, same presentation style except the skirt is much longer.




  12. Steven Mnuchin is proof robots are improving far faster than anyone thought possible

  13. She was a Lesbian Astronaut ?? Gross

  14. This Slavery is a crux of Deuteronomy 28:15 – 68

  15. What do you expect to happen when you put somebody in space just because they are a mentally disabled lesbian.

  16. It's all fake propaganda. WTF about the Amazon burning behind us?

  17. This is ridiculous with what's going on in our world and cause you people have not learned it's about to get even worse this will not only effect the poor it will effect us all

  18. Technically the four hundred years will be in 2120 not 2019

  19. Thy never came to America Plymouth was settled in 1620 and slavery was in 1700's four hundred years puts the date at 1619 someone needs to go back to school and learn history of the united States of America

  20. The Leftist Libitards are American Hating, Raciest, and Antifa Terrorist!!!!

  21. Veterans DESERVE more than 6% of US taxes. They should NOT have to sue for VA benefits. 54-57% of US taxes goes to Military Spending NOT for pay raises across the board but for wasteful, expensive, weapons systems.

  22. That's what we got for putting someone with a mental disorder is space.

  23. I blame LAPD for hiring this nut. Clearly they need to raise the bar on who they hire.. could you imagine a psycho like him "policing" you, or your family menbers?

  24. And i am shore DEMO-RATS are behind that destruction

  25. Why is the thumsail is Taro Aso?

  26. The World Loves Trump And China knows it! God I LOVE WINNING!!

  27. More people should take long walks. What an awakening to the world around us!

  28. You mean we can supply room and board for our troops when they're overseas placing their lives online for this nation to whom they love, but we can do nothing for them once they return home? despicable.

  29. My teacher told me to use the word "who's the boss" in a sentence:

    "Mark showed his classmates who's the boss when his degree in Space Law got him a spot on the news."

  30. Soy beans for China's pork production..

  31. so trump is the son of god…( unproven) but global warming is a myth ( proven by science, and common sense) meh.

  32. um…who cares what Trump wants…the world is not his office.

  33. Best to close a door before opening another (T). Russia wants lower Pipe (Y) and may puzzle well in settling divides. A victory for Russia but the Controls will not be found in the wonderings.

  34. FAKE NEWS ! When trump said "I have second thoughts about everything" it was not said in a manner nor could it be interpreted to mean that he softened on china if you listened to more than just that sound bite. This is so obvious – you LIARS at NBC need to do a better job if you want to spread FAKE NEWS to hurt this president.

  35. Yet it's just fine for trump to promote Putin. Trump is inept and we all know it – and that's one of his better qualities.

  36. What good is food with out oxygen!?

  37. Macron and the rest of the world are showing Trump that you are either in or you are out with our allies… Trump is out!!!

  38. I live in California and Donald Trump says he's really good at putting fires out so maybe he should put them out

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