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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 29, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Florida residents on high alert as Hurricane Dorian approaches, Inspector general finds Comey violated FBI policies, DOJ won’t prosecute, and St. Louis families demand action for child victims of gun violence.

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1:48 Hurricane Dorian Tracking To Hit Florida As Category 4 Storm
3:56 States Of Emergency In Florida & Georgia As Dorian Approaches
5:05 Force Of Nature: Feeling Impact From Hurricane-Level Winds
7:04 Justice Dept Watchdog: Comey’s Memo Leak Violated FBI Policy
9:10 Trump Administration Moves To Roll Back Methane Regulations
9:38 Report: Biden Told Inaccurate War Story On Campaign Trail
11:37 St. Louis Offers $100,000 Reward To Solve Child Killings
13:07 Health Officials Warn Vaping-Linked Illnesses Are Growing
13:47 Stop Vaping ‘Immediately,’ Milwaukee Health Officials Warn
14:57 Surgeon General Warns Pregnant Women & Teens Not To Use Marijuana
16:00 Video Shows Pregnant Inmate Giving Birth Alone In Jail Cell
17:34 Massive Weapons Arsenal Seized From Philadelphia Home

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 29, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The vaping and marijuana parts are a joke. There were almost no facts presented, only telling you not to do them.

  2. Gosh guys you don't need to pay for time in a wind tunnel to know what hurricane winds look like, just watch Mike Seidel. The Weather Channel is requiring all their reporters to wear roller skates to cover Dorian so they can roll away in the slightest breeze. Mike will have to get some of those goggles, that's a nice touch.

  3. Think twice before stealing someone's identity so you don't end up in jail in the first place.



  5. NBC is racist filth. Look what they did @1:10 through 1:25 . If you don't see it you're brainwashed.

  6. It does not matter what laws Comey broke, Democrats will support him because "orange man bad".

  7. sue that jail's workers while u r at it….. poor lil mommy, prolly was doing idenity theft scams to pay for baby related needs… now she will get a settlemnt n the baby will be good

  8. Kudos to Kimberly the mother who adoptedl!

  9. That all they care about 💰.without lives theres no money.

  10. Everything tRump says is PROJECTION, when he accuses someone of anything, he's has done it himself. He really thinks the rest of the world is as corrupt as he is.
    James Comey is a HERO…

  11. 13:26

    When my family asks how I’ve been

  12. Biden cant even keep his stories right.

  13. when 'private conversations with Trump' includes the illegal demand that Comey commit crimes on his behalf, then it's no longer just a chat, it's criminal activity. If Comey hadn't exposed this fat stupid gas bag, he'd be a criminal too.

  14. He still has more weapons hidden for this exact scenario !

  15. Having to give birth alone in a jail cell with no medical care after constantly letting staff know you are in labor???? That literally hurts my heart to see someone go through that no matter what they did to be put in jail. Is that suppose to be considered punishment? Our jail systems are horrible.

  16. Comet liar….traitor….what about TRUMP & ALL HIS ADMINISTRATION?!?! Give me A BRAKE LOL
    To say ALIVE with orange you have to record everything (or he will blame you FOR HIS LIES.BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY

  17. Whether war ……with time travilers

  18. Whatch people flying and dying when it hits it's limit

  19. 14:45 I was concerned about the vaping until they warned about the Marijuana risks as well… Propaganda crap

  20. "comey did what he had to do". Lie, cheat, leak. Head of the fbi, what a joke you are comey. No wonder American people have absolutely no respect for law makers.

  21. Trump caught lying again…of course! Wasn't his mouth moving!? That's all he does! Shame shame on you people who voted for him and plan to vote for him again! He is the worst!!!! The absolute worst!!!

  22. I bet you that half guy, take pic only to waist to cat fish girls online! haha

  23. Treasonous toxic tongue trump the demonic pedifile demogouge!!

  24. Trumps projecting again. Nasty psychopath he is

  25. Trump and his treasonous deplorable Republicans are the only meatheads and political hacks I see.

  26. Hold my beer…let me crank up the solar wind level just a tic…that'll fixed that pesky storm…you're welcome.

  27. Sadly the case proven of lack of medical ATTENTION to inmates ….yet perplexing that this particular incident was completely video monitored but Jeffrey Epstein was not. Hmmmmmm…….go figure. Ha!!

  28. I thought that newscaster was STUPID for subjecting her body to that hahah. SHe's WHITE too so you KNOW she slacked up the skin on her face and it's not bouncing back!!! All I can think of in that prison video is slavery!!! I think there's a correlation with the jailer/slave holder mentality!!! I'm never surprised by man's inhumanity to man especially WOMAN!! Think how this government is allowing immigrant young girls to sit in their bloody pants because they give them 1 pad a day when they have their periods!!

  29. He spent all that money on guns and he couldn't spend it on his mental health

  30. Please research your stories before spreading fake news. There are millions of vapors and only a small number of people are getting sick. These news agencies are not reporting the actual products used but instead making a blanket statement. The actual story is "DO NOT BUY TAINTED DRUGS FROM STREET DEALERS". These stories point to the fact that it was illegal THC cartridges in the end of the story but attack regular nicotine type electronic cigarettes in the start of every story. Why not tell the whole story #nbcnews ???

  31. How about this for a desired outcome Trump's a traitor to the United States and James call me might have been seen as a hero when Trump demands loyalty and can't you just let the investigation go that is the people's business it's not privileged anymore it's not about other people it's not about third parties and revealing their status and investigation Etc it's about the man running this country asking the man running the FBI to just forget it I feel Comey every right to do what he did

  32. Foster's Australian for home. LoL

  33. Okay fine then I think you idiots want me to go back to smoking two packs a day. So now I don't think it's safer than vaping. Once again more fake news. Oh gee and you can't forget to throw in more leftist gun control propaganda. You guys make me sick.

  34. Doesn't Trump have anything else more important to do than sit and tweeter fight with Comey. If he does not have anything more important to do than fight with someone who disagrees with him. Trump needs to be fired. We need someone in office who will focus on RUNNING THE COUNTRY, not whining about who hurt his feelings or catching him in his lies.

  35. The e-cigarette vape is a lie.

  36. Only 2000 rounds? Where is the rest?

  37. So Comey is going to skate???


  39. Comey is telling the truth! Donald Trump is a pathological liar and a criminal! ### COMEY! YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT! GET THIS CRIMINAL RATS OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE!

  40. They should have the tech to give Zion prosthetic legs by now.

  41. Democrat controlled black nieghborhoods will always be deathtraps for our people. But the people aretoo blind and stubborn to see that so the violence is never going to end. you can cry to police all you want but the problem is the way the collective thinks acts behaves and lives. The police cant help you. you have to change yourself to change your situation. The system cannot change your reality for you. you must change it yourself.

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