Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Nightly News Broadcast – Full (August 31st) | NBC Nightly News

The latest on a shooting that left at least 5 dead in Texas, preparations continue for Hurricane Dorian and what the China tariffs that are about to kick in mean for you.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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Nightly News Broadcast – Full (August 31st) | NBC Nightly News


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  1. God bless y'all I hope you make it through the storm😭😭😭 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Good job Odessa pd and state troopers on taken down the supect prayers

  3. 911 operators, like DMV workers, are some of the most ignorant and rude people on the earth. I believe it is a job requirement.

  4. You are FAKE NEWS    THUMBS DOWN FOR NBC!!!!!

  5. The killers know their going to get their 5 minutes

  6. I'm sorry but this doesn't even surprise me anymore I wouldn't even visit the states if someone paid me

  7. How about stop passing the price of goods on to the people.

  8. Corporate America isn't grateful for their consumer business they have taken aim at the general public. Time to use the power of your hard earned dollar. Business should stop getting their inventory from China and America should restart the factories to make the stuff we are being forced to buy from China. Make America great again.

  9. "They aren't taking any chances".
    Maybe don't wait to get water and sandbags a day beforehand.
    Prepare ahead of time.

  10. President Trump, please I respectfully request that you allow me Ms. Westerhouse’s job. I’ll do much better and I’ll obey by any NDA’s!

  11. OMG the 911 Operator, instead to calm the victim she disturbed her even more…Donna the 911 Operator is an unhappy , Mean and Feia e Gorda, person!

  12. Another shooting an Politicians will still do NOTHING !
    Trump made it easier for the mentally ill to get guns when he rolled back Obama regulations

  13. All the time we hear about a Gun Shooting in Texas…What is wrong with Texan people? The Gov. needs to bann Guns for Civilians in USA!

  14. It's not Trump's trade war, it OURS.

  15. This is a [DS] trap to manage gun control in Texas State.
    Thank you to Texas DPS for a great job of sacrifice an obtaining the criminal who has a long record.
    Who bought guns illegally….
    Thank you Texas DPS..

  16. WOW! These Democrats are at it again. They are so very determined to take away our Guns. "Manufactured Shooting!"

  17. only country profiting from death in every conceivable way….America!

  18. If that 911 operator was black or Hispanic she be on jail or fired


  20. With Trump's trade 'war' (where would the poor, little handed, rich boy find fun without a war to get excited about) the Chinese are not longer buying soy beans from US. Instead from Brazil. So, the Amazon is being burnt for soy beans. GD Republicans and their love of money is killing US.

  21. gun control for this stupide country

  22. why are we paying $145k for that position …(gatekeeper)

  23. 😳Sad. My heart goes out to the families. God Almighty please comfort and give peace to those hurting.

  24. Texas AGAIN..,. SMH These SMALLVILLE people never been to Starbucks…

  25. I sure the police can figure out what set that guy off because they are the same as the shooter is except they have badges….

  26. whitey are crazier everyday… i hate them.. 😁


  28. this incident would have never happened if the police didn't make a contact … they need to stop there warrantless fishing!!

  29. From the standpoint of crap, Twisted Toxic Terrorist Traitor Trump is full of it.

  30. Tyrant Trump is cracked. The only question is, will he become completely cracked by 2020, or put out to pasture before then? Who cares what Trump thinks or worries about? He doesn't think, and he should be worried!

  31. Total Loser trying to turn the White House into Trump Casino with all the emoluments…thought it was the Santa Clause!

  32. So what about that Epstein ring? My oh my the timing of these shootings has been convenient.

  33. My child lives there. Shame on Texas for making it even easier for lunatics to get and carry guns.

  34. I love watching NBC News I think the style and the way they do their broadcast is superb. However, when they were doing the story on the lady that perished going into the water and the horrifying disrespect and lack of compassion from the 911 operator is appalling. The problem I have with NBC here is that after they gave that story why wouldn't you cuz you guys ad-lib all the time just simply say very sorry this is just a horrifying story our prayers are with the family then move on to the next story. Not just go from that into an ice bucket challenge is it respectful. That meant nothing. That meant nothing come on people you can do a little better than that I think. My prayers are with her family. May God Rest Her Soul.

  35. That poor woman – having to hear shaming and "Shut up!" in the last few moments of her life… Notice also that "God" didn't do anything to help her. So, what was His "reason" for letting this happen to her? Did he enjoy her murder? That's what it would be, you know, if He "took" her "too soon" and all that "thoughts and prayers" crap…

  36. Stupidity each nation pays another equal tariffs and taxes. As it should be. Stupid to import yogurt and dead animal flesh from A slow boat from China. Stupid.

  37. Hello 911, a man with a gun is trying to break into my house !!
    911 operator: Well you shouldn't of moved into that house .
    Most likely the lady driving at night/dark seen what appeared to be only a small amount of water on the road….. By the time she realized it was much deeper and fast moving flood waters it was too late….Who would look ahead at flood water and think, "Hey that water covering the road looks about 4 feet deep and fast moving, I think I'll try to drive through it anyway"


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