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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Suspect in custody after deadly shooting spree across Los Angeles, 16 Marines arrested on human smuggling and drug-related charges, and European heat wave breaks records and raises concerns.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:25 Shooting Spree Suspect Taken Down After At Least Four Killed
2:58 16 Marines Arrested On Human Smuggling & Drug Charges
5:01 Jeffrey Epstein Placed On Suicide Watch After Jail Cell Injury
6:46 Southwest Cancels All Boeing 737 Max Flights Through Holidays
8:26 Democrats Divided On Impeachment After Mueller’s Testimony
9:20 Democrats Condemn Migrant Child Separations At Fiery Hearing
10:19 Migrant Teen Describes Appalling Detention Center Conditions
10:58 Puerto Rico’s Governor Resigns After Days Of Protest
12:34 Deadly Heat Wave Sweeps Europe And Shatters Records
13:40 Alaska’s Glaciers Melting Under Record Summer Heat
16:14 Growing Number Of Cities Laying Down The Law On E-Scooters
17:50 2-Year-Old Boy Injured In Wild Ride On Airport Conveyor

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Epstein will be killed this is how the powers that be keep secrets secret Trump will never be touched because of the ties to the Jewish groups that have all the get out of jail free cards. Buying Islands and numerous mansions around the country and world. This man is the perfect example of privilege that this group of people have. Most deal with pedophilia very sick people from the individual in the White House down.

  2. so you sent someone on an airplane to go to alaska to show us how ice melts? cant imagine why all the ice is melting?

  3. so marines are now human smuggling? I cant imagine whos shooting up the schools, selling guns to gangs, bringing drugs into the country……. could it be marines?

  4. Epstein – it is because he is wealthy that he is in so much trouble whereas a common pedo would do a few months years and not be smeared all over the smuckey news

  5. Is the suspect an illegal immigrant, or would NBC hide that?

  6. Can't believe this guy said shooter had a high power 9mm. Can anybody explain this?

  7. Everyone is on here complaining about things instead of being in aw about the expression that little girl had of complete joy when she got to use her new hand

  8. Hey marines i have 4 girls from Russia need to cross the border…pay is good..holla back!!!!…duh

  9. 90 degrees in Alaska Thanks Palin and co. You now have a few years to enjoy a day at the anchorage beach. But then it will get worse. Will those reps wake up and join the common sense driven public or are they still just going to market the idea that a warmer world is better so that they can continue to push oil onto the market. And just to note; Why are E-scooters considered the danger when tens of thousands die on the roads in America every year due to motorised vehicles leaving literally millions injured? And yet the clean electric mobility gets targeted for a few deaths. Most notably those where the pilot has simply lost their bearings(as if car drivers never do that). None of the accidents on scooters was the fault of the scooter itself. They should be viewed no differently than push bikes. And drivers still moan about them as if they don't deserve a place on the road. Well neither then do pedestrians so how are people supposed to get around town when every block is separated by a road. The blinded petrolhead community loves to see progress attacked as they naively see them as a threat to their chosen form of transport. It's blatantly a sponsored link spiting progressive mobility to subliminally promote the clearly more dangerous yet highly profitable combustion engine version of transport. Profit over safety. And they soil the memory of all those who are more environmentally conscious that have died on a scooter just to promote the big-oil idealism which is, in turn, killing all life on Earth. It's an f'ing sickening, vile scandal…XR. Peace.

  10. Global warming is not a joke… mankind has destroyed God's amazing earth.. Almighty God will destroy all mankind… Biblical prophecies are taking place as we speak…..The beginning of End of Days at hand…. People repent of all your sins & plead for mercy… Praise Jesus, Praise Almighty God of holy Israel….Amen 🙏!

  11. Drive is u traveling Cuz this Airplane are dangerous so don’t Fly this Company if u wanna Live this Airline doesn’t care about people only Money so Open ur Eyes used ur car if ur traveling and if u flinging use Spirit Airline 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. Hopefully the Airline sues the mother.

  13. Wealthy and rich small business owners have to hire documented they’re losing their minds no wonder they want Trump impeached.

  14. #wehavebeensold I am Mankeba Live. Sent from God. To tell you to get ready God is calling. #mankebalive

  15. Everythings legal in California…. dont know why they're complaining.

  16. OMG!! 😱That lady had no neck.

  17. Is there any good news here

  18. Just know you're never to big or rich to be reached. Desperate time will bring more desperate action. The elite didn't want to play nice and so they all fall down. Do you see the ground moving do you see the signs of implosion yet?

  19. When you too cheap to buy cable and watch delayed news on YouTube. 😂

  20. only 2 people died on scooters? i think that many die every hour from vehicles dont they?

  21. I cannot speak for everybody but it sure seems like to the majority of us two life sentences or more should equal the death sentence seems just.


  23. Yall making it melt with your weapons in the sky

  24. Hmmmm.. strange how the mass killer was apprehended and not killed by the LAPD after slaughtering his family, his girlfriend, and an innocent person on a city bus.

  25. Oh give me a break .. This Screwed Up World in So many ways. Nice ending, so many helping hands Needed.

  26. scooters should not be on the road… its common sense.

  27. Marines was getting to dat bag lol

  28. Sad. Marines are suppose to be the best!

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