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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Exxon plant inferno triggers shelter in place order outside Houston, Federal Reserve cuts interest rates for first time in over a decade, and Trump administration reveals plan to allow drug imports from Canada.

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1:26 Massive Inferno At Exxonmobil Plant, At Least 37 Injured
3:10 Fighter Jet Crashes In ‘Star Wars Canyon,’ Pilot Missing
3:53 U.S. Officials: Osama Bin Laden’s Son & Heir Has Died
5:09 Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For First Time In Over A Decade
7:06 Severe Storms Threaten 51 Million, Trouble In Tropics
8:03 Biden & Harris Face Off In 2020 Debate Rematch Tonight
8:40 Democratic Party Divide Exposed In Fiery Debate
9:53 Trump Admin Unveils Plan To Import Cheaper Canadian Drugs
12:05 House Explosion Injures At Least Five People
12:33 Body Cam Video Shows Man’s Final Moments In Police Custody
14:18 Broadway Legend & Tony Winner Hal Prince Dies At 91
14:31 Pro Football Hall Of Famer Nick Buoniconti Dies At 78
15:32 Lyft Driver Fatally Shot On Anniversary, Gunman At Large
17:08 American Teen Suspected In Officer’s Death Has Violent Past
17:56 Father Of Second American Suspect Says Son “Devastated”
18:24 Giant Wave Injures 44 People After Water Park Malfunction

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Did you notice how the EMT was looking at the cop while taking off his gloves… "when are you guys going to stop murdering innocent people"… WOW

  2. It’s a schizophrenic high on cocaine. Of course they’re going to restrain the guy. Whether the man could’ve been saved we can’t know since the officers weren’t paying attention to the guy they restrained so they never tried.

  3. NBC News are quick to show tweets from Trump but wouldn't show that Sanders was the one that went with Americans to Canada to buy medicine. Maybe they would of showed the candidate if it was Biden?


  5. What is insulin?
    You body produce enough insulin to keep you healthy.
    But you put extra gumbo large unlimited soft drink in your system what do you think gonna happen?
    Your solution put animal (cattle) insulin in your system to be able to drink more sugar. Where is logic?
    Corporations using you while you are slowly dying!

  6. I hope someone murders those cops

  7. “Who would do something like this to someone you don’t even know?” A black man killed Harold. That’s who. Totally senseless, yet totally their m.o.

  8. I wonder how many Emergency Paramedics.. see the aftermath of officers of the law.. and can't do anything… that paramedic looked angry.. as he pulled off his gloves! shameful

  9. No we need to stop American drug company charging so much thanks the Bush’s Obama for that

  10. I'll NEVER vote Democrat again… Thats horrible the way the police treated that poor guy

  11. If ALL the immigrants & Asian black, Latino & Brown people will all unite for arms themselves for a new American revolution? This will be the outcome of the racist issues cannot be controlled?????

  12. Our policemen is over egomaniacal over their heads thinking?? This officer's must need to learn & educated!!! Common sense for a start????

  13. Another man dead from excessive force smh…..

  14. Why don't the dems want to show the debate?

  15. As long as you include POSITIVE features like the pianist from Afghanistan you will be TRUE NEWS and NOT a “lying press.” Well done in giving inspiration to a country seeming to face desperation: the USA.

  16. I really hate to say it …. but she is a communist… sweetie you've been taking to much insulin


  18. Yes off duty Officer killed a Special needs man at Costco and shot the parents when they were trying to explain that he is Special. It's so disheartening.

  19. Tulsi 2020 she is the real choice!

  20. Part of the world everyday, and many leave it up to the news, to tell them how the world is. Shame many leave it up to a political government, to do for them, when they can't seem to do for one another. Probably why. The biggest joke in the world. Thinking you need a political government, when it's them, who need you, and your tax dollars. Sure you are just making a living for yourselves? Probably why many have to work so hard. You are supporting your political so called leaders to. Can't wait for you to grow up. Probably why you are learning how to use voting booths in school, when you were still children.

  21. Wow, on one hand I'm excited that medication will become cheaper with competition but on the other, why wasn't something like insulin not included. I still beleive the politicians are in pharmas pockets and that's why they did it this way.

  22. NO REGULATIONS!!! Then we wonder why we are seeing more and more explosions of oil refining plants.

  23. SO , IS THAT ONE LESS MEMBER OF THE ''SQUAD'' ???????????

  24. The real question about Harold Treadwell, why does a 71 year old retiree have to work on his 52nd anniversary driving Lyft? Could it be because the banks wouldn't let him save for retirement by offering him loans all his life using up all his potential savings?

  25. So, the dude had a heart attack from cocaine use, but It's the cops fault?

  26. Trump said to the police "rough them up" so they did it and the man with mental illness dies.

  27. Funny thing about EMT's calling codes nowdays. I'd be sueing them for at least not proforming CPR!?
    #PullsOffGloves. "He's dead"?🤔

  28. Osama bin laden's son is working for the CIA and the Saudi Royal family. 911 was an inside Jewish job.

  29. Amazing! I posted a report on this site regarding the EXTREME corruption in the MURDEROUS LAPD with reference to the Dallas police story of killing a civilian and NBC saw to it that my post be removed! The truth apparently OFFENDED NBC or law enforcement that ordered my post REMOVED. CORRUPTION AND SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION IS A PRACTICE AT NBC.

  30. Sounds like Phoenix…where when you get home your suprised you didnt get shot. I took a lift Thursday and Friday to Phx and the drivers were not afraid of their fares…now its who they dont see

  31. He called them for help and instead of calling an ambulance they restrained him and laughed at them before they called for medical. that's really sad.

  32. Ilhan Omar was deeply saddened to learn that Osama Bin Laden's son had been killed.

  33. Let's be honest bernie will win the 2020 seat

  34. Osama Bin Ladens' son dead…GOOD!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. Tulsi Ninja assassin Gabbard😂🤣😄☠❤Kamala almost in tears sputtering unable to address Tulsi's very specific accusations . You could see on her face how surprised and shaken to hear the truth on national tv. She can dish it but can't take it. Man Wonder Woman Tulsi Gabbard!

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