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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 1, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Mandatory evacuations ordered in Florida after Hurricane Dorian batters the Bahamas, death toll of Texas highway shooting climbs to 7 and Kevin Hart suffers major back injuries after a car crash in Malibu.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:57 Evacuations Along Florida’s Coast Ahad Of Dorian
2:25 President Trump Visit Fema Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian
2:46 Georgia And Carolinas In Dorian’s Path
4:58 7 Killed In Texas Highway Shooting Spree
6:20 Gunman Identified In Texas Shooting Spree
6:55 Movie Theater May have Been Target Of Gunman
7:20 Police Searching For Gunman’s Motive
7:45 Remembering Victims Of Highway Shooting Spree
8:19 17-Month-Old Recover From Gunshot Wound
8:44 At least A Dozen Shooting Victims Still In Hospital
9:57 Texas Loosens Gun Laws One Day After Shooting
11:24 Protesters Try To Shut Down Hong Kong Airport
11:45 Pope Francis Get Stuck In Elevator
12:27 Dangerous Close Calls As Kids Board School Buses
14:05 American Airlines Cancels More 737 Max Flights
14:24 Jonas Brothers Surprise Teen In Hospital

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 1, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. God is great.Accept Islam.The Quran is Sunnah Mahdi.Kazakh

  2. That's how you know how much of a President Trump is not how do you have several Category 5 or 4 storm and you never heard of that before come on people get it together this man is not a president he can't keep s*** straight and he doesn't know anything about running a country… Period

  3. Passing a school bus with a stop sign out… driving while using a cell phone….. If I were dealing out punishment for people doing this it would be automatic 5 years jail time with 2 years of community service afterward with a 20 thousand dollar fine on top of all of it all …. My life has also been threatened by these idiots.

  4. You can make all the rules you want, if a bad guy wants a gun they will get one and do as they wish. The law abiding citizen is the one who faces the most danger. Like gun free zones, that's just an invite for a armed bad guy.

  5. I don't get it, every year there are hurricanes. Why do people wait until the last min. to leave or to protect themselves??? Why don't they prepare during the off season???

  6. WHERE IS THE CHICAGO MASSACRE BY BLAACKS !! the (((media))) only interested when it makes whitess look bad

  7. More guns isn’t going the right way ,must be a Republican

  8. Mass shootings are gonna keep happening as long as you keep voting republican. Make sure you tell your kids you love them before they leave home for school tomorrow.

  9. White men have gone mad, too much video game I recon

  10. We are in jaxsonville and we say bring it Dorian bring it😎

  11. The media says all hurricanes are the strongest on record 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Nosy Americans jammed the roads to watch! Curious georges killed the citizens.

  13. You know you guys could start a cash 4 guns business right now and not sell them back to people , no? Why not? Oh you secretly like the problem and only want to make $$$

  14. A thousand dollar fine plus traffic school and a ticket, maybe that will slow them down

  15. I don't get it, I just watched a military video of a C-130 flying into the eye of the storm and they said that it dropped from 185 mile an hour winds which is a category 5 down to 135 mile an hour winds. I don't understand why the media is reporting that it's going to be such a devastating storm when it hits land unless it's because of the flooding.the gentleman flying the plane sit at the I went from 12 miles wide which is the smaller the eye the more powerful the storm is. The pilot said that it's 35 miles wide now and it's not going to have near as intense storm

  16. 12:00 Can't people be arrested for stupidity?! 14:20 "Jonas Bro's Rock"!!!

  17. Texas is flooded with guns and angry white men…….. yet we act like we don’t know the cause.

  18. Trump says there is no such thing as a cat 5 hurricane…what a moron

  19. Look odessaa police admit it ..you done f*** up..let him go driving away to another city change cars and you pulled people out in his oath at the movie theater…you done f*** up


  21. Let's drop some nukes on that hurricane and see what happens. LOL!

  22. NBC news nothing but crap always spread fake news

  23. U.S.A. The Land down Under the Guns. Another tragedy

  24. Why doesn't trump nuke the hurricane???

  25. trump has tweeted that hurricane Dorian is NOT serious and that the media is acting it up.
    So who is the Liar??

  26. We need to round up all trump people!!! Conficate their guns, and send them to camps, until we figure out if their dangerous!!!🎈🎈🗽⛺

  27. So awesome for the Jonas Brothers to visit this young lady! Very nice guys!!! Praying for all those affected by evil people.

  28. But why is Nassau not touched?

  29. Another day another mass shooting but yet TX decided to even further lax its gun laws. It going to be like the O.K. Corral in yeehaw Texas.

  30. Awesome., oh my our work is going bonkers!! Yikes!!!

  31. OMG, NBC, please, PLEASE choose a better voice-over announcer. Nobody needs to hear all that nasty smarm with their daily massacre report. And it's intentional, because he speaks almost normally when he's live on camera.

  32. Who else thought at 2:04 that the dude saying get out was the police officer 😂

  33. Rest in Heaven Mr Arco and all the innocent victims

  34. Stupid jackasses! Stop for the fuC1<¡n9 bus!! Idiots!! 🤬 So you'll get there 2 seconds later!!!

  35. Praying for the Bahamas, I really hope they get through this. Pray and stay positive y'all. Better days are coming.

  36. The west has decided to withdraw from China. You are only seeing the beginning of that trend. The terrible events in HK are just a side show to the grand event, which is probably a 10 to 20 year process. That said HK outcome could influence the speed of that event and eventual outcome. There will be stormy seas ahead with far bigger waves than HK, however what's happening in HK will no doubt shape international policy towards China going forward. That appears to be an unavoidable truth.

  37. Actually those hurricanes have been down graded to 4 then back to 5 then down to 4 again up to 5 . How is a person supposed to know what category it is ,when NOAA has trouble making up their mind?

  38. The motive is hate. STOP white washing this and call it what it is.

  39. Damm very sad. We just want to go home to our families. 🙏❤️.

  40. Texas is just acting stupid by relaxing laws. Aren't you seeing that more guns means more shootings ? Increasing impulsive behavior is stupid and it is ridiculous that Texas has even discussed this in the legislature. America HAS TO GET RID OF SSRI ANTIDEPRESSANTS THAT CAUSE VIOLENCE IN SOME AND HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MOST SHOOTINGS. IT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. I give up on America who will always put profits before benefits. By the way Jesus and guns are in-congruent. Jesus was not packing you ignorant gun loving evangelists. Bring back normal Christianity.

  41. Still waiting on that good guy with a gun story… ban all guns now.

  42. People in Texas do you really want to live like that?

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