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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

American Airlines mechanic who allegedly sabotaged plane has ISIS ties, prosecutor says, Pompeo says attack on Saudi oil fields an “act of war,” shocking new public service announcement by Sandy Hook advocacy group goes viral.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
1:33 Prosecutors: Airline Mechanic Accused Of Sabotage Has Isis Ties
3:50 Pompeo: Attack On Saudi Oil Fields An ‘Act Of War’
4:22 Trump Threatens New Iran Sanctions After Saudi Oil Attack
5:40 John Bolton Blasts Trump’s Foreign Policy At Private Event
6:40 Fed Cut Interest Rates For Second Time This Year
6:57 Million Under Tropical Depression Flash Flood Watches
7:09 Tropical Threats: Tracking Six Named Storms
7:57 Democratic Donor Charged With Running Drug Den
7:49 Chilling New Back-To-School Psa From Sandy Hook Group
11:38 Trump Revokes California’s Authority On Auto Standards
13:11 Lester Holt’s Inside Look At California’s Homeless Crisis
16:47 Health Officials Warn Deadly Mosquito Virus Spreading
18:18 FAA Chief Says He Will Personally Test Boeing 737 Max

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Did Trump just throw a bone to GM 😱

  2. Can they study the blood of the survivors of the EEE virus to try to form a vaccine against it?


  4. PSA video: clearly the school shoots are a social/ mental health issue. Its not going to be solved by banning our rights to have a gun.

  5. He's going to fly it in a Simulator

  6. I'm sorry, but giving $$ to a person while millions are homeless and living under dire circumstances is "pure foolishness!" "America" is a backward nation.

  7. Wish Georgia could get some rain. It's dry as a bone here.

  8. How's about tuffer sanction against ah i don't kno Russia?

  9. My god! Our kids should not have to be afraid to go to school and we don’t need radical Muslims working in our airports.

  10. Trump is the only one who wants a less fuel-efficient vehicle. WTF?

  11. The last bit about everyone donating to the children's hospital was amazing, we need more news like that. People are awesome!! :')

  12. Abdul looks white. Pretty pale for an Iraqi.

  13. How come we just don't run schools like airports?
    We need SSA
    School Security Administration.

  14. Of all places, especially California, with such a large population and so many Cars, it should be the last place to compromise on pollution standards. They need stricter emissions controls than some parts of the Nation. That it will make
    Cars cheaper, don't believe it for a second!

  15. Not our country not our war. Saudi Arabia has the U.S in its pocket.

  16. Drumpf fell in love with Kim … Is he sympathetic?.. 😂

  17. If the 737 flies downward, fly inverted to gain altitude

  18. ,see they don't need to be in America

  19. California is already a pile of garbage..

  20. Iran deserves a thumping…..

  21. big mouth Bolton needs to shut his beek……

  22. Working 30 years just to be fired in the end 🤦🏽‍♂️ good job dummy, now you got all the overtime you want 🤣😂🤣👍🏽

  23. Dirtier air? How bout the dirty air your constant flights emit? Or the private flights of ceo's that pollute the same in three hours that a normal person does in six months? Yeah, maybe focus on the energy or industrial infrastructure first, or take a few less vacations.

  24. Now with a name like that red flags should have been going off and he should have been getting a background check every year just like school teachers do in certain states.

  25. is Dylan Dreyer pregnant again!??😮

  26. California asks for help with their homeless crises & claim it's not a partisan problem. They declare in the next breath that they will fight to keep its exspenive pollution regulations to keep California clean. I guess the drug needles and defecating in the streets, largely due to homelessness caused by ballooning cost of high taxes and massive regulations put in place by Democrat leaders, isn't part of their need for clean. This, of course, is all after California Democrats declare themselves a sanctuary state and welcome all immigrants through a preferably open border. Better still, California Democrat leaders fight for free healthcare for said immigrants. California's struggles will only continue to worsen as long as they keep voting in virtue signaling Democrats. It is very much a partisan issue when one parties governing practices are literally sinking an entire state.

  27. that missile they say hit the Saudi oilfields would have melted in that oil fire. this looks like propaganda.

  28. that missile they say hit the Saudi oilfields would have melted in that oil fire. this looks like propaganda.

  29. Saudi sleeping with their billions and billions military defense

  30. Children will never be safe unless we surrender our Liberties to Big Brother Government.

  31. Most of those homeless in California are from other states around the nation, as it is always " outdoor" weather there

  32. California you should be ashamed of yourself all of you!

  33. Parents please double lock up your guns. The NRA fights all gun safe storage laws.

  34. You left out the Oklahoma teen who also was arrested for threatening to shoot up her high school " for fun". Why would any human be against background checks? We are terrorizing our children. For what?

  35. A Direct result of sending plane oversea to get cheap labour and hiring worker oversea worker for cheaper labour.

  36. The homeless issues are due to liberal policy’s. Look at every place with a liberal mayor.

  37. Where are the same sanctions for MBS killing Khashogi?

  38. A 1000$ monthly dividend would go a long way towards helping many homeless. Andrew Yangs plan makes sense

  39. Solve the mental health problems – make the family string again! Secure weapons in the home from teenagers. Everybody knows that teenagers go through changes and have issues, why is today any different?

  40. Homeless Solution: Housing Projects and Refurbished Abandoned Homes-and-Buildings…🏡🏚️🏘️🏚️🏢🏘️

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