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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 4, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Thousands stranded in the Bahamas after days of Hurricane Dorian’s brutal winds, relentless rain, Michigan now first state to ban sales of flavored e-cigarettes, and Atlanta woman finds newborn baby girl at her front door.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:35 Inside Urgent Hurricane Relief & Rescue Mission In Bahamas
3:36 Dorian Gains Strength, Targets Georgia & Carolina Coasts
6:32 Investigators Search For Cause Of Deadly Boat Disaster
8:04 Lyft Accused Of ‘Sexual Predator Crisis’ In New Lawsuit
9:55 Schools Crack Down On Vaping As Students Return To Class
11:31 Lester Holt Goes Inside Largest U.S. Maximum Security Prison
15:48 ‘VIP’ Emails Shine New Light On College Admissions Scandal
17:30 Suspect Charged In Connection With Rapper Mac Miller’s Death
17:52 Kevin Hart Car Crash 911 Calls: ‘He Can’t Move’

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 4, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Those vesicles are death traps. I have been on them in California. Been on the freedom out of San pedro or long beach cant remember. But I remember the vessel. The way they are if you are down inside the hull and there is a fire. You are in trouble. That is why I stayed in the galley on the trips. I been on a few trips On different vessel. San Diego to. They are almost all the same.

  2. 5:00 when it rains, water falls from the sky.. then, when it stops, water doesn't fall.. huh huh…. Then , if we can't get to you, you may not have anybody to get to you.. then, when you feel the urge, you scratch your back.. then, the sun comes up, that means there's light shinin.. then… 🙄

  3. All the propaganda published about Uber and Lyft and similar business being extremely safe, bears heavily in the facilitating of this crime. Similary, the purported safety children afford simply because they can call home whilst in danger, or their parents can contact them at will.
    The illusion of safety is the real danger!

  4. Bahamas people should all move to U.S. and never come back to Bahamas ever again

  5. Disaster happens more to rich countries as they consume more energy and emit more CO2. Maybe it is karma: cause and effect?


  7. Inez Qtaish is writing" I dreamed i took a TEST in school , the regular school had more fun things to do like swimming, I did not pass the school test so, me and another person, had to sign up for college at Kennedy king college.

  8. Behind Bars with Lester's Hole

  9. why was she standing in the water..stupid . Al, those glasses, why?

  10. Disturbing to me, they pick up a white family in a helicopter in the Bahamas to interview. Kevin Hart's wife sure sounds high to me.

  11. Those kids are dropping dimes so bad. See something shut up!

  12. The news should be how they let that fat pig Kelly Clarkson get a show over Steve Harvey

  13. Good old cabs… you get what you pay for. Call me old fashioned but never had a problem with cabbies.

  14. Such interesting reporting from Lester Holt! 🙂

  15. Softball news …barely scratch the surface of issues…then spend time on a comdiens car accident ?

  16. Wheather the passengers could get out? Try flying in the USA with comfort animals….

  17. Thank you nbc and Mr Holt it's about time this is put under the eyes of all Americans

  18. All of these distractions take away from getting a good education.

  19. I don't feel bad for them white folks, they are on their way back to their half a million-dollar homes in the US

  20. Bahamas is 99% black and they interview Caucasian vacationers.

  21. When referring to the CRIMINALS driving for Lt.
    PLEASE do NOT use actor's as a description for CRIMINALS. It gives a feel of NO personal responsibility. As though there could be an award-winning performance.

  22. Ms.Freida Burston I pray you get to have a new adopted granddaughter. Your daughter may have been given this huge blessing. Let the world know how this turns out! God bless you for finding the baby girl!

  23. How can Lyft and Uber send you a driver that is a waste case. Yet Taxi drivers have had to be checked, Licensed insured, Bonded. AND had to have their name and ID posted for passengers to see
    These two companies need to be put out of business…

  24. White people get inside the helicopter, black people stay behind we will send you help. Smdh.

  25. These girls standing in beach water just look Stupid.

  26. they are lettings the people die.!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. What’s so sad about Lyft/Uber is they really don’t care about anyone of us. They are only about the bottom line And they are willing to risk anyone. Drivers are the most in danger because there are no background checks on passengers so we do not know their real name or any information. We are risking our lives every day while Uber and Lyft continue to take and decrease rates while the executives are making millions of dollars instead of protecting all of us.. The public only hears about the bad things that happen to Rider’s but they don’t hear when drivers are murdered or harassed or stabbed or robbed. Here is an example of what drivers are going through. During the week California passed AB 5 and now 1 step closer to become law relabeling Drivers considered independent contract workers to employees which will cost the companies billions more per year and this is all happening because Drivers are just tired of the abuse and are fed up . Over the last few years Drivers continue to ask for A livable wage but they continue to ignore us and now when everything is hitting the fan they want to propose something to us and no one is listening because we are sick of the lies. Think of it they are putting together $90 million dollars to fight this in court instead they could have paid us a livable wage. I hope the public now understands what drivers are going through with both of these companies. Truthfully I would love to see both CEO go to jail for all the harm they have done to the industry. They really need a reality check and I’m sure that will wake them up. Nothing but bullies

  28. Ugh 😒 Kate Snow is SOOO much more pleasant to look at and listen to.

  29. This aid seems like just for news.

  30. To the families in the victims and people that were on the boat family of the people that were on the boat I'm so sorry I hope you the best of luck and may God bless you all until the people that are being affected by the storm my prayers are going out to you too

  31. Justice for all pleaseee famous people get a way with murder

  32. Great series Lester, hope it can open minds and make changes.

  33. I blame you law makers for this baby, because of the new no abortion laws! I said before that this will happen and there will be more baby's like this to come.

  34. I love Lester Holt. He is this generations Walter Cronkite

  35. Old Testament, real Wrath-of-God type stuff!

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!

    Rivers and seas boiling!

    40 years of darkness!


    Insane network meteorologists!

    The dead rising from the grave!

    Human sacrifice!
    Dogs and cats living together!

    Mass hysteria!

  36. Lester finally a good reporter

  37. Amazing devastation, and trump concern about a stupid wall ?these people must be help.

  38. 60 years for manslaughter? In Texas they don't even serve 30 years.

  39. Crap, crap, crap , public transportation and taxi cabs good old-fashioned taxi cabs anything outside of that is garbage and will be a never-ending platform for predators and creeps ,get rid of Uber, Lyft and all the suchlike. get rid of them and stop putting innocent people at risk,!!!!!! After seeing this stuff anybody who gets in one of them is putting themselves at risk and your blood is on your own shoulders

  40. I knew that vaping was going to turn-out bad.

  41. My elder brother lost everything twice to hurricanes when living on Guam. House, property, SUV and boat wiped down to the cement slab and into the Pacific. Moved to the Philippines just in time for Pinatubo eruption…..

  42. And trump takes away money from Puerto Rico recovery this week.

  43. Angola 'is' a Slave Plantation 🦁✌

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