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Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 20th)

First Moderna vaccine doses on the move, mutant Covid strain blocks British from traveling, and California hospitals overwhelmed: “I’m not going to sugarcoat this.”


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  1. But food not bombs is probably still illegal 🙄

  2. Oh look, covid-21 is already here right on time, big surprise right?

  3. Real reason for more hospitalizations: primary doctors refusing to see patients with any obe of the bogus cv19 "symptoms". The tests are a FRAUD.

  4. Congress spends more on dinner
    And drinks than 6oo..
    Give me a break

  5. $600 doesn't even cover a month of rent for almost everyone…

  6. Honestly, who cares if the packages make it by Christmas?! So what if you’ll have to celebrate the holidays a bit differently this year?! At least if you’re not being selfish and having a holiday party and you are wearing a mask, the people you love will understand-oh and they will be around for next Christmas, too!
    (By the way, I mean literal packages not the relief package)
    Wear a mask, save a life- it could be your own!!!!!!!!

  7. @Sweet Salvation  Communism May Ten May Kin G Love Say Ten Capitalism, Ezekiel 20 1, M.S. 13 Roe n Oak, Pilgrims, A Fat Boy and A Little Man created Anu Kin, He Roe S He M A, S HA T I AN D EVE EL, M A Lamb of God. ADA M EVE, S D D S, N.I.N.TEN D O D S.
    D PART MEN T of D S FENCE. T HAN D HER S TRUCK. U.P.S. D ARK S KIN, S HA D O, I T.S. on the Side of a Truck. 🌞 🌝 🌍
    I T.S. T HE EM 🐝 LE M. SE A T T LE M EVE

  8. What's so hard about calling for national guard mobile hospitals again? Oh doesn't help the fear narrative, gotcha, ok we'll let people suffer instead…

  9. Who is going g to let Santa Claus know that Christmas is cancelled?

  10. Trump demanded to open up to save the economy – this is the result! Everybody with a brain knee this would happen!

  11. Gee. Do you think police escort gives away the truck shipping it

  12. FexEd, so those vaccines will be lost or just empty packages arrive.

  13. I thought covid was a hoax?

  14. Let them travel I hope the hispital worlers go home and leave them where they fall.

  15. The British Isles is not the same as the UK. Ireland is part of the British Isles, that being the geographical name of that group of islands. It is NOT part of the UK, that being a political union that IRELAND IS NOT PART OF. Get it right! Ireland (The Republic of Ireland, that is) is not the subject of those new travel bans.

  16. LA, New York, Chattanooga, huh? Got the vaccine, still staying at home except for work at a hospital.

  17. Save your selling to the end of your videos. Show some class

  18. this is so sad i hear at least 4 ambulance sirens per day passing through my neighborhood, friends of my grandma have tested positive for covid i wish i could just keep ignoring this and pretend it doesn't exist and hope it goes away but it won't..

  19. Yay…people being coerced to jab a rushed through experimental mRNA vaccine into their bodies for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate and manufacturers will have no liability…
    Who is smart enough not to be corrupted by big pharma?

  20. Translation: Watch yourselves become even more poor, so that when we finaly give you some semblance of freedom you will depend on us and do whatever we tell you to, even if you don't agree with it (You can't fight us when your children are starving). – Your Government

  21. Shipping from 'Olive Branch' Mississippi? That seems appropriate.

  22. American government and response are legitimately poor in this epidemic.

  23. I heard that our voting rights are being stolen. If this is true, our next generation will lose their freedom.
    Here is a group of people from socialist China. That country has never allowed the people to have the right to vote. We may be able to get some truth from them.

  24. How much money can you put on life !!!!!!!!

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