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Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 6th)

33 million Californians prepare for lockdown, first Pfizer vaccine doses arrive at British hospitals, and Massachusetts field hospital begins to receive Covid-19 patients.


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  1. "The Nutcracker"… Ouch !!!

  2. this covid-19 has made people restless and paranoid. i am just chilling at home looking at all the comments. lol

  3. Sheriffs that won't do their jobs should be fired or not voted in because they are unwilling to do their job. The government must come up fast with help for small business and people who have lost their jobs. We should never have come this bad that the virus is out of control and so many people are dying. Life is the goal here.

  4. A speedy recovery for Rudy this is not a hoax


  6. More lies. Don't tell me the Queen isn't getting special attention of course she is she is the leader of Britain, not the ( primary) Prime Minister

  7. So, … "tin foil" hats are in the future for Diplomats

  8. Georgia republican officials proved they CAN manage a fair election but WILL THEY put that effort into the Senate race since it means a Democratic win could give Democrats a TIE in the Senate and those officials have publicaly embraced those insider trading Republican Senators

  9. What did Covid 19 say to the government???? Answer: do the people it's us. Government replied no I don't so, let's go on with the plan

  10. What was that provision T rump in Valdosta wants his supporters to demand be put in the Pentagon budget? What would it do? Is it being put in any bill to become law?

  11. Got to say California, I feel bad for you guys.

    As for Sheriffs not enforcing mandatory policies past by your governor, that's completely understandable. You shouldnt need a mandate to tell you what you can and cant do. If you think you'll be exposed, stay home. That simple.
    In fact, my grandparents havent left their neighborhood in 7 months and we dont have a single mandate telling them to. Further, if businesses need to stay open, let them. They have all the same rights to operate as the local Walmart. Similarly, your neighbor has all the same rights to travel and have freedom of movement as the police enforcing those mandates. Shouldnt be 1984 when its 2020, just saying.

    Additionally, the Midwest has -15°F winters and too many boring cornfields, dont move here please. Id rather you guys stay on the West Coast.

  12. If there is any covid19. Only Democrats policitician would die Rudy Giuliani he will heal.

  13. It is easy to understand people need to mask and social distance. Covid is not killing people it is the amount of people getting it that is. Because hospitals cannot deal with dozens of people at once

  14. Is true? Or just another bs..

  15. Good idea.Oldest first and front line workers.

  16. Why lockdowns in Cali and everywhere that sucks

  17. I hate John William negru and his rude judgemental family I hate Aaron Jon bebee and his judgemental family in the mafia in HB and blairsville Georgia

  18. 15.4M cases
    290K deaths
    America First in the World on Covid Disaster.

  19. Time to put the shutdown on these hillbilly sheriffs

  20. I volunteer to give up my vaccine. Don't need it. The vaccine is only 90-95% effective where the virus itself has a 98% survival rate, I'll take the virus, I've got better odds.

  21. Im not locking down or preparing too…for Flu thats always been here that they are renaming…Mankind has never eradicated any virus on earth in history…locking down wont do something thats never been done.

  22. Fire the cops who refuse to follow the governor s orders. Fire them.

  23. The number eeported by the states do not natch the numbers reported as national and none make sense for exponential spread. Its all lies. But hope is coming. Ok?

  24. Masks arent enough to fill a theatre. Stupid.

  25. That governor is a shill and a liar

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