Wednesday , August 10 2022

Nightly News Full Broadcast – June 25

Protests erupt for second straight day after Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade, How abortion access has changed already in many states, President Biden heads to Germany while Americans respond to Roe v Wade being overturned.

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  1. Why can’t we see this is all being done to us on purpose. Our government does nothing but take from us. If we don’t rise we will lose it all to corruption and stupidity. Your children will be living in the days of the camel. Easy days create weak men.

  2. All 3 lied under oath to get their seats on the court. We do not have a court if they are allowed to keep their positions.

  3. Thank you Lord🙏for leading me to Dr Osaba on YouTube who was able to restore me & my husband back to life by curing me & my husband from HIV

  4. If someone has a life threatening diagnosis during labor and chooses to abort they should be allowed people who think it will stop ppl they are crazy ppl will turn to way more risky ways look at the history of the subject

  5. Condoms are about to sell out here in Houston

  6. Save lives?! We are over populated now.. let’s see all the people adopt these kids that no one even knows exist now.

  7. Justice Thomas, while we're stripping people of their rights, what say we outlaw interracial marriages?

  8. Gun laws will never stop crime. Criminals and evil people don't listen to law! You only create more victims

  9. What I want to know, who is going to take care of all the unwanted children? Step up you so called Christains!

  10. Why not just change your entire CONSTITUTION [advisable]. It's quite OLD and clearly ill-suited to address the present trends in American culture. They say "you will not know freedom until you STOP clinging to the OLD ways."

  11. I don’t care which side you’re on- you do violence- you’re going to jail.

  12. You the way white people just help each other with out asking that's what white people do it was just a white thing nothing big.

  13. Imagine if all the baby killers were aborted….

  14. What about the choice of the unborn? Who’s right is it to take away their right to life?

  15. And all this abortion stuff is really selfish it's gonna backfire on politicians watch they act like they not human. And they never gonna stop gun violence it's all talk.

  16. We all know why they helped that family out with cutting the grass i surely know.

  17. It seems Robert Frost was wrong in this case: "good fences make good neighbors" (The Mending Wall). Thank you once again for reporting the happy ending!

  18. Killing babies is a right?

  19. Fate of women decided by hi paid rich men and women who are political plants. Democracy not in action 2022.

  20. Appears some demonstrate in roadways and get in front of moving vehicles.

  21. The snowflake thing clone garbage

  22. Wrong but it’s become a natural thing in our land to be a jerk and think you’re righteous!

  23. Overthrowing this country does sound better as our leadership isn’t there . Where are the VA hospitals there to help out vets. Thanks for your service right go away they’ve earned. What you don’t offer! Bad policies and rule of law isn’t being served here. Justice is not what’s found in our land. Civil defense could house homeless doctors could study here in the US . And if it’s properly done get paid before attorneys and insurance companies do. Who’s doing the treatment to whom here? Thinking up ways to be into it must be a ritual anymore. A care providers life is dedicated others and I’m seeing it as it is just a killing field for those elderly people being locked into institutions a the very end of thier lives. They’ve experiences and wisdom that’s being lost in case you didn’t understand what’s at stake here. Dignity isn’t a issue for they’re bodies are failing and now it’s where they’ll require time to make it thru by others that do care.

  24. Thanks NBC for showing me that rich people can mow other rich peoples lawns when they feel bad they didn't buy a nice lawn mower with all their money. That was the hope i needed in the world

  25. Gowns are a joke, court ,church, weddings …Biden you could do more but your holding back on gun control, Germany and europe are making frogs instinct, their eating them. Hate hate hate is an American cheer