Thursday , August 11 2022

Nightly News Full Broadcast – June 27

Tonight we’re covering the political divide deepening across states following Roe v. Wade reversal, the deadly Amtrak train derailment in Missouri, Russia attacking a shopping mall in Ukraine, and more.

00:00 Intro
01:23 Abortion rights battle shifts to states
05:05 Biden under pressure to act on abortion rights
07:11 Questions on abortion pill’s future after ruling
07:42 Court sides with coach in school prayer case
08:14 Amtrak train derailment turns deadly
10:20 Death toll rising after Russian missile strike on crowded mall
12:33 Inside Texas crisis pregnancy centers
17:16 New tech keeps workers safe in record heat

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  1. I'm so ready for these old people running the country stuck in the past to retire and go take a nap.

  2. Why do people think they have the right to end the life of the unborn?

  3. No is t have consciences. That a baby is a human !!! And that abortion is murder !!!!

  4. This is why I could never live in the slow south .. slow as in stupid .

  5. Hello Mr. Holt someone needs to come visit the GE plant in Louisville, KY because the heat temp in those buildings is way to high for their workers. OSHA or whoever the department is should investigate this location because they have people working around ovens melting plastic, and no way to cool down their workers at all.

  6. You should include that BNSF owns the railroad.

  7. Why is NBC focusing on killing babies and stoking fake rage when they should be focusing on RECORD high inflation and super bad crime. NBC and other liberal media outlets are THE cause of our moral decline and lack of civility in our country.

  8. So, will you do a follow-up report on why the crisis abortion centers have such a great satisfaction rating? Or does your ‘objective’ reporting stop where your bias ends?

  9. Stealing minds is an obvious choice for a game.
    "Republicans" want to force conditions on others.
    Sounds like Nazi 1938 Germany, and Rome.

  10. Nbc news is complete garbage.

  11. Nbc stokes liberal hate and rage. It's the law. The court used to be biased and liberal for 30 years and everything was fine with liberals then. Finally what the bulk of America feels it should, liberals don't get their way and rage out.

  12. I don't care what her father says I'm going to marry her anyway. Or else a drive by

  13. There's no way that Amtrack has any fault, and just because there's no crossing alarms (lights, gates, etc) is no reason for a train hitting a vehicle. The vehicle drivers are completely and solely responsible for the train crashes. How can you not see or hear a train coming? Why would you stop on the tracks? Why would start crossing the tracks before you stopped, looked, and listened first? Trains are bigger than you and can not stop. Why would you take the chance?

  14. Aren't all these new laws a form of sexual harassment just curious

  15. I don’t really care if women murder their babies. I just want gas prices to go back down, kay? 🤔💁‍♂️

  16. I disagree to have abortion

  17. Why is there such a thing as an unprotected railroad crossing. Lot of fuel road taxes collected, maybe they should spend some on roads. Trains have got longer and more of them, must be making some money. I live in a small town that it took them years to ever install guards and two smaller roads with none. Here they could put in a tunnel and feed the smaller roads to it while keeping the smaller roads passable in case of need.

  18. Abortion is not good and cause cancer after remove the kid out of the body many year later

  19. So the Governor of South Dakota, is going to put doctors and caregivers in jail? Good luck with that, the Supreme Court majority thought they would have the final say on abortion, and, it would let the states decide. This idea was one of the root causes of the Civil War. We can not have some states where women's rights are preserved, and, some where the state chooses to deny that right. They are in effect affirming, the old and discredited "states rights" argument.

  20. Hey honey what you want to do today. Ummmmmm I don't know how about the mall. But honey it's an ear going on. So honey they won't attack a mall in the middle of a proxy war WTF

  21. So if they start letting prayers in the classroom, will you be OK with Muslim prayer? Or Buddhist or Satanic prayers? Because if you let one be ok. You will have to let all of them be ok

  22. I think Russia is being brutal and pointless and using fear mongering because if they can't take Ukraine then they can't take us they can't take the United States they can't take any world power without using nuclear a nuclear arsenal so they resorted to fear mongering and the most weakest tactics to get what they want
    Cuz if the USSR cannot take Ukraine then they most definitely cannot take on the United States American military force in any country we decided to defend so you know losers pick cowardly tactics

  23. How is it misinformation. "Alternative" means instead of. Bogus take on this one. Pushing a narrow narrative here nbc. Shame on you.

  24. Hey the government will force you to have your baby regardless.

    "Yea, but what about inflation?"


  26. We can hear Blaine Alexander today 😅

  27. But its ok to send 73 billion to Ukraine?

  28. Pretty easy to keep your minds off the real trouble. Whole country is a train wreck .good job old Joe. This idousy clogs your minds when they should be asking the real???

  29. America is in danger of falling apart. We need to act now before it's too late.

  30. The M777 howitzers supplied by the West to Ukraine turned out to be real rubbish and anti-advertising of Western NATO weapons, not only have a lot of them been destroyed by the Russians, but they are also massively breaking down. Of the 108 howitzers, Ukraine now uses only 38, this is a complete anti-advertising of NATO weapons, the Russians are safely studying NATO weapons, sharing information with China in order to more effectively crush NATO in the future. The same will happen with HIMARS systems, they will be destroyed and will not change the course of the war, in addition, most likely the Russians will capture them as trophies, they will also study their features, together with China

  31. stopped this working in hospital for abortion that's not good.

  32. that's true you must stopped this abortion all over the world that's not good for our Lord and his Son Jesus Christ and Queen Virgin Mother Mary.

  33. States don't need a reason to control a substance. Place the drug on controlled list. Problem solved.

  34. Another train derailed in less than 6 months? These companies should be more regulated and start giving maintenance to those train tracks. They know what I mean.

  35. What about Thermogenesis! he's overqweight so will be higher! 🤦‍♂️

  36. Disgusting. Immoral, convenient.