Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 17

President Biden denounces hate and pushes for stricter gun control during his visit to Buffalo. We look at how the grieving community of Buffalo is left without access to groceries due to Tops’ closure. Pennsylvania Senate candidates make their final push to vote for them on a critical primary day.

00:00 Intro
01:25 Biden: “White supremacy is a poison”
04:43 Salon shooting investigated as hate crime
05:06 FDA under fire for baby formula shortage
07:46 Mariupol falls to Russian forces
09:38 High-stakes primary in Pennsylvania
11:51 FDA authorizes boosters for kids 5-11
12:17 Amber Heard faces cross-examination
14:40 Historic UFO hearing on Capitol Hill
16:44 Buffalo rampage worsens food desert
18:43 Baby giraffe able to walk with the help of human orthopedic group

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  1. Shouldn't have been released

  2. Here's what I see. Bad guy comes in airs out a place. People lose their lives. They catch the bad guy or he loses his life. Them there's a briefing like this and then thats it. Some time goes by like nothing never happened. Then there's some funerals maybe some high official dude shows up and layout some stupid speech saying evil will never win. Then everything dies down and it happens again and the process repeats itself 😐

  3. OMG too damned funny.. DR. OZ??? It's almost what the other half deserve, HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Russia is officially a terrorist country with no credibility

  5. If Biden really hated white supremacy he would stop arming and funding the white supremacists in Ukraine . The buffalo shooter was sporting the Nazi black sun on his shirt. The same Nazi black sun that appears on the Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine that America trained armed funded

  6. MEANINGFULL CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, ala the Watergate hearings, including aerospace/defense contractors and Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson must be held to address a vital issue that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing-constitutionally illegal,

    EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say? Dog n pony shows just aint gonna cut it.

  7. Can't eat accountability

  8. I think we all know in our hearts we'll never recover from that traitorous POS Trump. We're DONE.

  9. Im taking my crown!
    Do u know, what time it is?
    U r not the bride,
    Where is your proof?
    Here is mine!!!!

    Yes, but I am called new Jerusalem. And I am the bride who will bind them to me as ornaments like a bride doeth! Isaiah 49:15
    I will tell you what He says when He speaks , just as Moses did! There is always one who is sent!

  10. Mass media lives off of racism…thrives from outlining stories of matching shooters. 1st was "White" killer of 10, then a "Black" man that shot in a Texas salon. Purposeful insertions of topics and skin complexion…balanced coverage for the vermin needing solace and an excuse to target (i.e. stand your ground or go berserk).

  11. Why do we. need. a. better. world people

  12. It's nor enough. There needs to be a severe crackdown on the fascist/white Supremacist ideologies. Congress must be cleansed of it and militia groups need to be dismantled with force

  13. The curses of Deuteronomy.

  14. This 'Baby Formula' shortage is ABSURD! What did people do 100 years ago, before this product EXISTed?! There were WET-nurses, who fed the babies whose mothers could, or would, not!

  15. I am praying for the Ukrainian people and soldiers ……


  17. my guy should have went to a cop station or a judge chamber or a da

  18. If I was a grieving family member I would probably get r€v€ng€ on one of his family members just for the principle of the thing cart€l style you respond violence with more violence it's sad to say but it's just the way it is until we start showing these people that we're not afraid of them they're going to continue to do this it's time for people of color to raise up against white supremacy

  19. Wow this sounds like one of those false flag that they do n people eat it all up

  20. Did he get to go to McDonalds before he was booked too?

  21. Back in the days old day there was no baby formula come on mother.s animal don't have baby formula for the baby animal s so figured it out mamas