Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 22

First shipment of baby formula from Europe arrives in the U.S., Ukrainian President and First Lady appear in rare joint interview, President Biden addresses monkeypox outbreak during Asia visit.

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  1. Goats milk , my twins were premies and allergic to regular milk and formula. It another option

  2. Are yall sure you want foreign baby formula? JS!

  3. I love ❤️ segments of inspiring America 🇺🇸 bravo

  4. What a sham… so Nestlé gets a baby formula contract? Nestlé that is known for slave labor making cheap knock off Chocolate n Candy ? What happened to breast-feeding and mashing up peas and carrots, Bannanas and asparagus and broccoli? There’s also goats milk …. and a variety of plant based milk alternatives. Instead, they want to dramatize lack of some creepy formula made in the science lab, give the contract to some giant wealthy company, wait till our kids are old enough and then sells them crappy candy that rots their teeth out costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at the average dentist. Even the average Toothpaste is full of garbage. Thank god despite my mom being a single wasted drunk and on pills, she still had more sense than that 🤬🦉

  5. What happened to good ole BREAST FEEDING. Hard to believe that there are that many dried up human udders.

  6. Idk the "heartwarming story" of businesses giving out scholarships when if the rich and businesses were just taxed more this wouldn't be an issue in the first place. Not the feel good story you think it is…….


  8. Why dont you cover the Sussman Trial ?

  9. with all this formula women wont need breast anymore ,i wonder why they have them in the first place when we can make formula?

  10. Mother's breast milk is still much better for Baby 1to 3years old……

  11. I'm sure glad the Republicans voted yes on getting Baby Formula, Oh Yeah ! – They Didn't ! – Sure glad the Republicans are Voting for Women's Rights & Civil Rights & Voting Rights & Rights in General ! – Right ? – OH, Yeah ! – Heil Trump !

  12. Wonder how many babies are going to die from this load of formula,,?

  13. Black men told God to put another log on the fire, We at high risk than white folks in the heat what joke

  14. Just amazing how far our society has strayed from Nature: whatever happened to giving babies their MOTHER's milk, the perfect baby food designed by God? Next in line would be some real food pureed or mashed according to the infant's age. Real food does not come from factories or laboratories . . . .

  15. Hey for some lightheartedness! Go “Rammstein airbase” been watching y’all ever since 9th grade world history class! 20mins of our 50 mins class was reserved to watch NBC Nightly News. The ENTIRE class had Tom’s greeting timing down.

  16. Third Grade?
    …alright there, Michael Scott😳


  17. Kate Snow is lovely, well dressed and has such a sweet voice.

  18. ….did Taylor Swift graduate from University😳


  19. did she say "….and Black Americans?"
    Which Americans are they?😳


  20. Don't be bringing no Monkey Pox here, Joe😳


  21. "Come on Man! Monkeys are people too!" Dr. Faucci needs to sell more vaccines"

  22. Rosztoczy Foundation, thank you for what you are doing for these young people and the community! Education and career development are the most important assets our future generations will depend upon to maintain a healthy, happy, free and democratic society.

  23. Starting at 4:00the girl is full shiP for blaming someone else, it’s your baby,

  24. Will only the Democrats receive it or any other opposition party would be able to have a chance at it that is a question will it be picked by racism and racist to go to a certain race group or will it be chosen by demographics that who would vote for the Democratic party or who will vote for the opposition parties

  25. my question is if people don't buy for food or shopping they will die without food or drinking Biden has a warning and Donald Trump And Obama

  26. ^^^ Understand Your Existence … EXISTNC

  27. For those who can breast feed, please feed your baby. This is our future for a while. We need to depend on our government less. Look at the mess their making. This is ridiculous. If you can work for yourself, do so. if you can grow your own food, do so. What ever you can do to look out for yourself and family, make it happen. These lunatics are destroying the Planet while humanity is caught in the middle. This crap is no longer about race, or country, religion or wealth, its humanity against these oppressors. Gas, Food, viruses and plagues. This poop show is not coincidental. The President of Ukraine is safe and sound, not a scratch on him, even looks well fed. Meanwhile; people are lying dead in the street. Like; what is this ? One day future Humans (if any) are gonna going to read of our demise much like we read about the falls other civilizations that destroyed themselves.

  28. it's memorial day week

  29. The worlds poorest countries never struggle with baby formula.

  30. This whole formula thing is stupid my mother never used formula her brothers and sisters never used formula they are breastfed and then went to soft baby food at a very young age why do all these people need formula is because they just don't want to breastfeed that's ridiculous why waste money you have natural food I understand if you have three children or if you have some problem medically other than that people should just breastfeed their children as it's been done for hundreds of years that's ridiculous that there's a shortage you can even go on YouTube and just make your own for the rest of you can find this whole thing is stupid

  31. This why I don’t want kids

  32. Open the Abbott plant that closed. Have OSHA inspected the plant before, during the operation for making baby formula.

  33. I hate to see what's in this crap or who made it !!!!!!!!

  34. What happened with breastfeeding.