Nightly News Full Broadcast – Nov.19

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter dies at age 96; New hope for release of hostages held in Gaza as U.S. official says deal ‘closer’ than it has been; An inside look at U.S. drone operations amid search for hostages held by Hamas; and more on tonight’s broadcast.


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  1. My deepest condolences to President Carter and the Carter Family. Rest In Peace Rosalyn Carter, and thank you for your Service and Generosity to This Nation and The World!!

  2. what happened to Lestor Holt

  3. Whats up fake news? Just saying hello

  4. A great couple with great character. RIP Rosalynn.

  5. God 💪 Bless 👊 Ukraine 🇺🇦

  6. "…and the discounts even deeper than in years passed." Well, sure, when you artificially inflate the prices you're charging, there's a lot of room for "deep discounts" to make you look like a hero. 🤔🧐
    And did I hear something about "buy now, pay later 'deals'???" 😆😂🤣 DON'T fall for it! Because the 'pay later' part of that deal is gonna come back to you bite on the – well, you know where, later on.

  7. 50% of marriages ends in divorce in 3 years…the Carters seems like forever. God bless both of them. Rosalynn was a class act and should be emulated.

  8. Thank you Kate. You look lovely as usual.

  9. And how did they build these elaborate tunnels with Israel watching harder than god

  10. Why isn't anyone asking why doesn't palestine have a military or any structure to combat Hamas?

  11. Black Friday is boring. Why always go shopping?

  12. For the past week, NBC Nightly News has been showing premature babies in the Gaza hospital and telling us that they are in jeopardy because the Israelis don’t allow fuel to run generators.

    Tonight, we see inside the hospital in which is well lit with ceiling lights!

  13. American Financed Racist Genocide In A Blood-Thirst For Oil and Gas.

  14. tAt 2:53 Biden talks about being in communication with the Carter family.

    Any time I hear Biden doing a first-person narrative I automatically wonder if it ever happened.

    That’s what happens to a guy with a life-long history of plagiarism and lying.

  15. Israeli Liars. Release the thousands of Palestinians you've arrested the past many years if you want your Zionist Hostages Back.

  16. I notice that none of the “newborn babies in distress” in the Gaza hospital have been decapitated like Hamas terrorists gleefully did to Jewish babies on October 7th.

    NBC Nightly News shows problems in Gaza hospitals as if the problems are caused by the Israelis. However, per NBC News on 11/14/23:

    “Israel’s military said Tuesday that it was offering mobile incubators to evacuate the newborns to safety but that the offer had not been accepted. The Gaza Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas, said it was prepared to evacuate the babies to Israel or Egypt to save their lives.”

  17. So let me get this straight: drone pilots suffer from stress because their job involves killing people, so the solution is…more mental health resources?? How about making their job not involve killing people, instead of hiring people to tell them it’s okay. Their stress is a perfectly natural response.

  18. Beautiful! Lovely tribute to Mrs Rosalynn💖💐
    I was fascinated with them in the White House because Amy was near my age (I'm 53 yes old). When I lived in Atlanta for a time, I worked briefly for the President's brother (book publishing).
    The entire family is just wholesome, kind, fair, down to earth good Southern folk.✝️

    Thank you for your service to our country.🇺🇸
    Rest In Peace.🕊️

  19. Turn Eminem in for murder in Kentucky

  20. and not one mention of their Christian faith that motivated their love for people.

  21. And his wife is nuts and you all need to look in to some of these people because I just realized someone of these old druggies and plastic survey nuts are going crazy thinking that they own there names and they don t how did these people learn to walk

  22. So is Thomas Ellis the actor

  23. It wasn t just the parents that killed those kids it was emiem it was

  24. Is there any way that Marshall Mather's can go to prison for a few murders and the cast of Lucifer going around causing car crashes and bus crashes, killing kids in Kentucky all because of the names and looks because emiem and some nuts from California all think there kids were reborn empaths nuts like emiem need same as Epstein and never public my put anyone that

  25. Voters: I'm so worried about the economy!!
    Also voters: Black Friday sales break records.

  26. Remember thay Rosalyn Carter was a huge supporter of Jim Jones and the People's Temple?👌

  27. attention, attacks by Indonesian netizens are more painful,

  28. Abbott makes Texans look stupid. And they are stupid if they support trump

  29. I'm ashamed of Gregg Abbott for endorsing trump. Shows Gregg loves this sick man

  30. Mrs. Carter was the epitome of grace & classy, refined elegance, certainly one of our most beautiful First Ladies, with the most glorious of smiles. Seeing the film footage of the Carters' White House years makes one realize how young, not only THEY were, but how young this nation still was in the 1970's, a rocky, unsettling era, to be sure, but with an underlying positive energy, helped along enormously by a national sense of humor, back in a time when when we COULD laugh. Watching the footage, I painfully realize how much I'VE aged & it's not a happy thought. Mrs. Carter's passing makes for a very sad day in U.S. history. It's comforting at least to know that all the acrimony created during Jimmy Carter's presidency has passed into oblivion, one now which seems a mere blip in time, & that his time in the Oval Office can be evaluated objectively & with a mostly positive analysis. We were a totally different nation in the mid-70's, still recovering & sorting things out from the tumultuous 1960's, a nation we never will be again. In retrospect, and truth, we hardly deserved Jimmy & his lovely wife Rosalynn. She was a great lady, a great patriot, a great American. I fear we won't see her like again. As for drones, golly, they sure are ungainly looking things, aren't they? Almost like a badly-designed science-fiction toy!

  31. >>>>> 
    Understand Your Existence 
    … sea rch EXISTNC

  32. Why do you televise military topics that could possibly inform the enemy?

  33. Hoi NBC Fam!! Still watching! o.o

  34. Jesus is a biggest joke ever 😂

  35. Dont use her name but show her face. Amazing thinking….

  36. I'm glad Matt is all grown up now, but can he go buy pants that fit?

  37. The hospital staff and doctors that helped Hamas bring in those hostages 🤔

  38. How many hostages have been found dead so far? Killed by Hamas 🤔

  39. Why do you tell the location of our military secrets. What is to stop an enemy from targeting that center of operations? Lord Jesus, please protect us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏💔😢💒❤😇🙏🙏🙏🙏 John 3:16-18